Facebook Home and ‘Facebook Phone’ Flop

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Remember the “Facebook Phone” that came out last month?  It was an Android HTC First
phone with Facebook Home pre-installed on it. And it bombed.

After lackluster sales of 15,000 in the first month, AT&T dropped the price of the
phone from $99 to just $0.99 last week. And still sales didn’t take off. (Via Android
So just one month after its release, sources
say AT&T will discontinue the phone. (Via BGR)

HTC and Facebook have tried to team up to make a phone before. In 2011, HTC came
out with the Salsa and ChaCha, which featured a Facebook-centric lifestyle. Those phones
flopped as well. (Via Endgadget) 
And more bad news for Facebook this week.

Mark Zuckerberg debuted Facebook Home at the beginning of April in a keynote, and it’s
not enjoying the success Facebook envisioned. The app just reached more than 1,000,000 downloads. (Via
The Wall Street Journal) 
And its not getting much love the Google
Play store. It has an average rating of 2.3 with the vast majority of reviews being the
lowest, a one-star rating. (Via Google Play) 
The main complaint is that Facebook takes
over the entire home screen, making apps and other widgets difficult to find. A writer
for MensXP calls the experience… (Via Youtube / theofficialfacebook)

”An unparalleled bombardment of notifications, messages, updates, and other things proved
to be overpowering even for the Facebook addict.”  
A writer for Forbes says: “It might be
a great piece of software, might produce a wonderful Facebook experience: it’s just that
the actual potential users of it don’t seem to agree.”

So what does all this bad news mean for Facebook’s mobile initiatives? One writer
for The Motley Fool says these are failures, but the company is heading in the right direction.

”The episode shows that Facebook is experimenting with new mobile strategies. The experiment
will likely prove to be a cheap failure, and lay the foundation for the social network’s
next attempt. Eventually, it’ll get the execution right.”

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  • Xperia phones have Facebook built in.

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