Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman’s Beard for Charity

On Sunday our next guest
won his third Super Bowl and was named the game’s
Most Valuable Player. From the New England Patriots,
please welcome Julian Edelman. [MUSIC – DJ KHALED, “ALL I DO IS
WIN”] (SINGING) All I do is win,
win, win no matter what. Got money on my mind. I can never get enough. And every time I step
up in the building, everybody’s hands go up. How are you doing? Hi. How are you? (SINGING) And they stay there. And they stay there. ‘Cause all I do
is win, win, win. And if you’re going in,
put your hands in the air. Make them stay there. Congratulations. I mean, that must
feel good to hold it. That’s why you play
the game right there. Yeah. Right there. Yeah. Does everyone get one? No. But you can buy one. Yeah. Really? You can buy one. I think it’s actually
Tiffany’s as well. It’s crazy. No. Yeah. Is that true? I think. I’m like 38%. No, they’re saying it is true. That’s crazy. Tiffany’s. Yeah, yeah. So you win the Super Bowl
again, but the most important, I would think, is Most
Valuable Player, right? Honestly, just winning
the game is what you want. I mean, the heart
failure almost that I have every time we go into these
games is just out the roof. And getting the MVP is
kind of a win for me and my other family, or my other
team, and that’s my family. Getting to experience this
with them, because they’ve been in my corner. They’ve kind of
made me who I am. My father was a
tough hard-nosed guy. He didn’t have a father. And he pushed me to limits that
I never thought I could get to. And my mother, being the
loving little lady that she is, I was never late to a practice. She was always there. This, that, and the other. I mean, I had a bag lunch
until junior college. So she took care of
me for a long time. So this is like a full
family kind of win, I feel. Yeah. Well, I would think especially
for them to work that hard, and to support you, and then
you get Most Valuable Player. You didn’t get to
take it home, right? They didn’t give the
Most Valuable Player. What do they give you? I get like a silver football. Uh-huh. But I don’t even get
to take it home yet. I think they send it to me. Yeah, they did. They sent it to
me to give to you. It’s here. Yeah. Yeah. Is it? Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it. That’s cool. Oh, we’ve got a little– You can put it on there. We’ve got a little
mantle for it. Yeah. That’s how they– It’s got a lot of hardware here. They sent that, too. Oh, man. I appreciate that. Yeah. It’s awesome. Yeah. That’s awesome. Well, you’re awesome. You’re an amazing–
so we have– sorry, this is your first time here,
and you probably don’t know. There’s a tradition we have
to show a shirtless picture. So it’s just– uh, yeah. I’m sorry. It’s just a tradition. Hey. That’s– and there. How’d you do that? What’s happening there? I mean, literally, you
just jumped in the air and they took that picture? You know, it was a crazy day. The temperature was
just right, though. That was a good thing. It was– they said it was
going to be a small set. And all of a sudden,
there’s 35 people there. And you’re naked for four hours. Right. It was fun, though. It was a comfortable, cool set. Yeah. We were just jumping
and doing crazy things. And you’d look at the
proofs, and say, ah, well, we can’t use that one. Yeah. But you could use that one. And you know, I mean, like
you’re a powerful guy. And you wonder why you
can keep going when they’re trying to tackle you. And then you see those legs. And you’re like, oh,
you’re very, very strong. I mean, your arms, I
always look at your arms every time you play, because– do you wear shorter sleeves
than the other guys? Because your arms
somehow stick out more. I do. So I actually have them– I got my guy new. He’s the equipment manager. He always takes care of me. And I was like it cut
extremely super tight so there’s less surface area
that they can put a hand on me or grab. So I like mine. It takes like two people to
put my jersey on, literally. And it’s like– afterwards,
it’s like the worst thing ever after a game. You’re sore. Getting it off. Getting it off. Yeah, it’s the worst. Because it’s so
tight and sweaty? Without a doubt. Yeah. But we definitely
have that going. Yeah. We definitely have
it pretty tight. Could they just grab your
beard and haul you down? Because I mean, I was watching
you throughout the season, and it’s just sticking out
more and more of the– it was– Yeah. Anyway, don’t worry about that. We sent Andy to the Super
Bowl a couple of years ago. And he got too close
to you, I think. We have a clip of this. Where’s Edelman? I want to meet Edelman,
the only Jew on the field. Don’t be nervous. Edelman! Do you remember that? I do not remember that. Yeah. I do not remember that. But uh– That was risky of him. You know what? On the football field,
that’s like a, what’s up? That’s what everybody does. That’s what it is, you know? I mean, it’s just a,
hey, good job, buddy. It’s that. And then let me
ask you this, too. Whenever someone does
something really good, like especially a touchdown,
the way you reward each other is slamming your head
into the other person. How is that helpful? It probably is not helpful. No, I mean– But I mean, we’re– Y’all are so hyped up. Football players are like we’re
missing some screws, probably. Yeah, I see. Yeah. Well, that’s why, because
you celebrate by going, rah! The studies are not
well for that one. Yeah. So we probably
should change that. Yeah. I think you should just go,
good job, and shake their hand. Hey, it was swell. You did it touchdown. You don’t do a touchdown. We’ll take a break. We’ll be back. We’re back with Super
Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. All right. So let’s talk about the beard. What made you decide
to grow it that long? And is it like– have you cut it at
all this season? Well, I have not, Ellen. Coach Belichick has
this thing that he says. Put everything in the
drawer, and worry about it until it’s done, till
the season is done. And so I put my razor,
actually, in the drawer. Right. Do you think he meant razor? I don’t know if he meant that. He said everything. Yeah. He’s a scary, intimidating man. We’ve only had four
conversations in the 10 years I’ve played there. That’s not true. No. Kind of. But nobody else put
their razor away. Anyway, my point is, do
you plan on shaving it? You know, I don’t know. I’m just kind of feeling it out. We’ll see, you know? Can I touch it? It’s kind of grown on me. It’s very– it seems
high maintenance, because it’s very, uh, bushy. I mean, do things get caught? Yeah. Eating is a nightmare. Yeah. I have to shower after I eat. But sometimes you had some good. You get a little flavor saver. That’s disgusting. All right. All right. So I know that you support the
Boys and Girls Club of America, right? I love them. Yeah. I love what they do. Yes, you do a lot for them. And I thought it would probably
mean a lot if I would donate $10,000 to them, but you need to
let me shave that beard first. I have a chair. I have a razor. And I’m sure you’re going to,
at some point, trim it anyway. Why not let me do it? It’s like a child. It grows on you. Yeah. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Yay! How about I match 10? Really? Yeah. All right. So now he’s matching 10. So $20,000 for the
Boys and Girls Club. I’ll do it. There we go. All right. Where are we going? Come on over here. You know what
you’re doing, right? All right. Well, I’ve used these
before on my dog. So I do know how they work,
but I’ve only done my dog. Oh. I’ll look like a different man. All right. This is exciting. Are you nervous? Uh, not really. OK, good. Kind of. Hmm. Are you? No. All right. Here we go. Yep. Except– wait, wait, wait. This is like nine
months of hard work. I know. Do you want to say any words
to say goodbye to your beard? I love you, beard. It’s been a hell of a year. Goodbye, beard. It is a lot of hair. I don’t want to hurt your neck. You got this. You got this. I’m just going to do a half. No, I’m going to
do the whole thing. This is so fun. I can see why people want
to do this for a living. Do you want anything else cut? You know what I mean. Are we talking Brazilian here? All right. Lift your head up. This is taking a long time. I think I’m going to let
somebody else clean it up. Do you want your mustache? I’m going to leave
your mustache. Oh. We’re leaving– It’s great. Hold on. I need– there are
some stragglers. Yeah, I think we should leave
the mustache for now, right? And then I’ll let
somebody else do it. I’m scared to do the mustache. Why are you scared? I don’t know. Do you want me to do it? Might as well. We’ve got to finish her. All right. I look like a different person. You’re very handsome
under all that stuff. I’m going to sell
this to somebody here. All right. We’re going to auction this
off for some money for the Boys and Girls Club. Shutterfly cares about
supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. So they’re donating
$10,000 in your name, and you’re doing
another $10,000. So that’s $20,000. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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