Exclusive Xero Shoes Barefoot Running Sandals with FeelTrue Soles

I Stevens action from zero issues dot
com to introduce you to something them very
very proud that is our field for rubber outsoles that we
use to make up r0 shoes products the field throughout
seoul is the only product made specifically for beer
for running sandals it was could go up to the formerly
designers from Nike and Reebok Giteau releases a special a second but
first a quick history lesson for something like those already for
about the first two years that we’re business we saw the broom shari rubber sheet you traces your foot corral
controls Lisa ago fun products of our Class A Kidd but was
never designed for a pair for running sandals the room price what most the others into
companies are using and this price for bill to the also
replacements for boots and shoes there of a little hyper floppy the top
surfaces is kinda roughed up cities include with
not this are the best thing for your foot again fine product is not made for what
we’re doing whether you’re there for walking hiking
camping et cetera you love what makes it feel to Russell’s
a special in the first thing you might notice is simply that cut or shape it holds your foot nicely but without
providing the necessary support it comes already created a for shaped
shape from different sizes for around really
really tiny to really really not tiny so you gonna
do it from so much in fact this might be the perfect shape of your foot if it’s not you can just cut it with a
kitchen scissors to get that perfect fit like any other product was a look at the top service not sure
you can see that aside from having our logo right here he has a beautiful texture it gives you
great great weather and dry or wet situations and also is really really
comfortable well under bond we have rules Chevron tread the chevrons going in both
directions that gives you good traction with your going uphill downhill
accelerating or decelerating we have reinforced elevated angle holes
the whole the lace in place without worry about
putting them through as he looks up to culture your own place that is true at
this is part of why we have a five thousand mile warranty with their
product people used to ask how well these last we were safe we don’t know those worn out here that
we were getting is manufactured we talk to manufacture whatever abrasion
resistance we want it he says but that’s not what they use with neck
normal rendered with global misuse and we said exactly that’s why we
want to use it for this the field Russell’s comment it let’s
hold this up this way five different colors so you can really express your
personality your match any of that you have as I mentioned different sizes and also
different thicknesses r4 million or two that’s what you get
with the issue which gives you the closest thing there is the real barefoot
feel or the six million or contact which is a
little thicker littlest ever give you a slightly smoother ride that no to that flexibility you can see
have a flexible yell soul is and in that’s why you get
that great and important barefoot feel you really feel the world that have to worry about whether
stepping on eject the reviews on our site you’ll see everyone has done a
comparison as radar feel throughout souls the
closest thing there is to bear for a marketing anything else that’s there
to say other than her happy where it has partnered be working with the people who
helped design it and even more poorly we’re so thrilled
to hear the feedback we’ve gone for over 27,000 people a as a this state we can’t wait to hear
what you experience when you go out feel the world


  • I'm on your website right now, trying to figure out what color combination (the shoe itselfs and laces) I want, but I can't get a good imagine of any of them. The best I could get is you fanning them out in this video

  • I'm trying to get photos of every combination we have… until then, if you go to the page for either our DIY kit or Custom Made Xeros… look under the main image and you'll see some smaller product images … scroll through those and then click on the one that shows all 5 soles with all 9 lace colors behind them (start at xeroshoes(dot) com/shop )

  • Great, thanks! I know you have a lot on your plate these days, keep up the good work 🙂

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