Evolv Phantom climbing shoe – new for 2019

my name is Mike Turner I’m the sales
manager here at Evolv and I’m here to talk about the new Phantom this is our
ultra performance shoe that is designed in collaboration with Daniel Woods and
Paul Robinson and we have a lot of technology in this shoe so I’ll start
with the closure system it’s a six-point velcro pull and a single pull closure
system fully adjustable and the nice thing about this too is it’s not
stitched in anywhere so you can unthread it just like a regular lace-up and we’re
actually going to sell different colors so you can swap out your laces then we
also have our patent-pending Neo Flex technology and the toe box that looks
like this in the upper it’s an actually a separate piece that’s a neoprene
laminate material and what that allows you to do is as you’re in a crimped
power position with your toes it allows you to flex up but then it actively
compresses back down so you kind of maintain that compression performance
fit regardless of the position of your feet we also have a combination of two
mid soles underneath the abridged variable thickness midsole so abridged
meaning that’s cut off here and you get some sensitivity in the toes but with
extra support underneath the ball of your foot and that works in combination
with the TPS plus our tension power system Plus which is this rubber is
stretched all the way to the edge of the toes and up into the arch so that
maintains the downturn shape and sucks up the arch this also has the darkspine
heel midsole it’s a dark spine s because it’s extra sensitive and the outsole
here a little bit more sensitive than the Oracle and Agro heel the Oracle
and the Shaman have a stiffer midsole and will give you consistent edging
power throughout where the Agro and the X1 have no midsole there our most
sensitive shoes this is kind of the perfect balance in between those shoes
still giving you the maximum amount of power but with sensitivity and support
underneath so this is a pretty asymmetrical shoe even compared to our
well known Shaman there’s a lot more recurve in this shoe to really again drive
the toes to that one specific point give you a lot of edging power it’s not
necessarily a sensitive shoe it’s kind of the perfect combination of support
and flexibility just in the toes where you need it so it’s a really powerful
shoe this is going to be the most powerful shoe in our line Paul and
Daniel have a different fit so we needed shoe that worked with the narrower foot
like Paul’s and a wider foot like Daniels so that had a lot to do with the
neo flex technology kind of maintains that compression fit regardless of the
type of foot you have this is kind of a do all shoe for steep sport climbing
steep bouldering gym or outdoors this would be for the most advanced climbers so that is the new Phantom


  • pricing?

  • Spring 2019 I'm assuming?

  • I have a pair of Agros, I just wish the top rubber wasnt as hard/stiff.

  • How is it for Greek feet? Seems like the neoprene would help with that…

  • I wish rock climbing was a bigger sport so you guys would get the high amount of subscribers you deserve. You guys rock!

  • i just ordered a pair of cobras

  • Its past January…when are these shoes going to be released?

  • *Update: It's now looking like a April Fall 2019 release for the Phantom.

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