Ellen Surprises the Amazing Sanders Family

All right there is
an incredible family that I want to tell you about. Chris and Christina Sanders are
a couple from Cincinnati, Ohio who have 11 children, 11. But here’s what’s amazing. In the past A– this
past April, they adopted six of those
children after meeting them in the foster care system. They’re all siblings,
and the Sanders wanted them to be able to
stay together as a family. So they adopted all six at once. So right now– I know. [CROWD CHEERING] Right now the whole family is
on the Warner Brothers Studio tour. But what they don’t
know is they are about to drive onto this stage. And they’re going to
be guests on the show. So everyone has to be quiet
when they start getting close. There– that’s not them. We just have a cam– a
random camera just to let– Here it is. Here they come. All right, so as
they get closer– All right, so they’re turning,
so they’re going to be here. Oh, so we have to be very quiet. Because they’re going
to pull into the stage. So what’s also just kind of
really exciting about this, and this is what I
love to do as well. First of all, we’ll head
in through stage two. Are you guys fans
of the Ellen Show? Yes. Awesome. Ellen’s show is cool, bro. I know. I know. They finished filming earlier
today, which I say is exciting. Because that actually
gives me the opportunity to give you guys a really
behind the scenes look. Sweet. Kind of get up
close and personal, which I cannot wait
to do for you guys. It’s going to be great. Man, this is pretty cool. Yeah, so this is behind
the scenes, guys. This is as behind the scenes
as it gets in stage two. So you know, so a
lot of equipment, you know, we were talking
earlier about how many people it takes to make a show. Yeah. And I think this is one of
the best examples of that. Oh my God. It’s great. Man, That really cool. You love this show, right? Man, Ellen is the best. It’s happening here. Yeah, it’s a great, great show. We’re all happy to be here. So– [SCREAMING AND SHOUTING] Come on. [CROWD CHEERING] Guys. [CROWD CHEERING] Hello. Oh hello. Hi. Hi. Oh, my God. Hi. Hello. Hi. Ellen. Hi. Oh my God. Hi Christina. Hi. Oh my goodness. Hey Chris. Oh my goodness. Hi. How you doing? All right, good job, John. All right. Come on over. [CROWD CHEERING] Christina you sit here. Let’s get– all right. Every– somebody
else sit back there. Let me sit right here. Let’s get Chris on
the sofa as well. All right. I know, everybody wants
to be on the sofa. Nobody’s going to give
room for mom and dad. Oh. All right. Here’s some microphones for you. Surprise. Oh, my goodness. [CROWD CHEERING] Oh my goodness. So I was just telling everybody
about y’all and then you accidentally drove on here. Oh my goodness. So, oh look, you
want to move closer. Hi. All right. So how did you hear about the
siblings in the first place that needed to be fostered? Oh, my goodness. OK. I know. it’s exciting. There’s water by the
way, if you want water. OK, OK, thank you very much. You know, in the
beginning, you know– We always want to be
foster parents, always. You had four children
already of your own. Five of our own. Five. Five of your own. Absolutely. All right. And they– It’s OK baby. OK, so we, you
know, my wife wanted to be a foster parent early on. Because she always liked
to take care of kids. She always like to give
back and help people. And so, you know,
I just– you know, it was just a natural
progression for us to foster, and, you know, just– OK, excuse me,
I’m a little bit– We got the children. Yeah, that’s all right. It’s OK. It’s OK. So you fostered. Yes. And that was the
intention, just to foster. Just to foster these, and we
took the classes in December. December 3, 2014. we had an emergency
phone call to ask us did we want to take some kids. We did. We just– We did. So you took the
boys, and then you didn’t realize they had sisters. We round out right after. We did not. They had two sisters. And we were, like, OK,
we’re getting them. We’re going to find them. I found them. Right. And I said, from that
point on, we were gonna– Keep’em together. Keep’em together and we were– At all costs. Holiday, birthday, every
weekend, we made a commitment. That’s right. OK so– [CROWD CHEERING] All right so, Chris
Ju–who’s Chris Jr.? Me. All right, hi Chris Jr.
Here, you take the mic. Nice to meet you. OK, nice to meet you, too. OK, so suddenly you got a whole
bunch of brothers and sisters all at once. Yeah. Yes, I did. And how was that? At first, it was
just, like, wow. I mean, one thing,
my responsibility definitely went
through the roof. Uh-huh. I had a lot of way more
eyes looking on me. Uh-huh. So I had to make a lot
of– a lot of things had to change we’ll just say. Yeah, yeah, your behavior. Yes. You have to be a
responsible person. Yes, I did, I did. Yes, yeah. OK, and so who’s Caylee? Where’s Caylee? Hi Caylee. OK, m tell me what it’s like
to be a part of this family all of a sudden? Because I understand,
after six months, they ju– you just started
calling them mom and dad. So you were just– you can’t send them
back to the faucet. You’re, like, they’re
calling you mom and dad. Yeah. So you’re like– Absolutely. So, tell me what it’s like
to be part of this family? Um, I love it. I’m happy that they
adopted us because not so many parents would
adopt, like, us, six kids and they
didn’t know us. And I’m just happy. And they’re always
doing something for us. And it’s amazing. Every word, every good
word, describes them. And I thank you very much. Wow. That’s why you do it, right? Absolutely. That’s why you do it. All right, so I know
that you watch the show. And I want you to watch
the rest of the show. You have the Skybox to
yourselves up there. All right? So you’re going to head up there
and watch the rest of the show. And, you know what? I should tell them now. I might as well them him now. No, I’ll tell you later. Oh. Oh te– tell them now? Yeah, yeah. Before you got here,
I just sa– we just gave the audience tickets
to 12 days to come back. So you’re all coming
back to our 12-day show. Sweet. [CHEERING] Thank you very much. Yes. Thank you so much. Yep. All right, we’re a– Kerry Washington, like,
wants to be my co-host today. I just want– I just had
to meet these amazing– I know. People. I know. This amazing family. Kerry said I want
to be part of this. Yeah. All right. You really are,
you’re incredible. So we wanted to give
someone a chance to win big on my wheel or riches. And we thought, why not play
with the Sanders family. Yes. So Christina, you
are gonna spin. Yes. All right, see clearly there’s
a whole bunch of things that you can win. Also you can lose big
by giving me $100. All right, but you’re going
to get three spins, OK? OK. Go ahead, take your first spin. Let’s go, Mom. Let’s do it. Let’s go. [CHEERING AND LAUGHING] Good luck. Good luck. Get it. Get it. Get it. Get it. Uh-oh. Wow. It’s all good. Um, all right. I’ll give it to
you after the show. You can do it later. You can do it later. All right, two more spins. Let’s go, Mom. Come on. Baby. All right. A little prize. The little prize. What’s that? What’s that? Oh, where’s the little prize? What is it? Oh, look you have
it right there. Oh. It’s a bonsai. It’s cute. It’s really cute. Yeah, that’s like a bonsai tree. I love it. You can have it for $100. Yes, yo– And then that way you’re even. How dare you? I’m just saying. It’s good. All right. Right? All right, I’ll buy
it from you for $100. One more spin, your final spin. Now you’re at neutral. Go Mom. Spin that thing, baby. OK. [LAUGHING AND CHEERING] No, no, th– it– oh it’s– It’s still going. Oh. Little prize. What is wrong with it? It’s– I– it’s– Uh-oh. It’s so weird. What’s happening. Oh. Oh. There’s a mystery prize. I’m so excited. Shall we see what’s
under the mystery prize? We should. What’s under there? All right, what is under
the– it’s $50,000 dollars– [CROWD CHEERING] $50,000 dollars to Walmart. Good job, baby. Good job. Good job, baby. Good job, baby. You did it. Oh. Our friends at
Walmart are inspired by your incredible kindness. Their goal is to improve lives
by making it easier to take care of people you love. And they want to help
your family by giving you this check for $50,000 dollars. [CROWD CHEERING] We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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