Elegant Beachwear: Classy Fashion Tips For The Beach

How to look elegant on the beach? I think we all should master this as elegant ladies. For this reason, I think this
video is going to be very suitable as summer is just starting now. And I’m really happy because it’s the favorite time of the year for me at least. Now, how are we going to be elegant on the beach? You see on the beach, there
isn’t really many styles one can attain, right? We all kind of more or less look
the same, there is not much we can wear because it’s hot because we want to have
a tan and so on. But of course, there are a few hacks that can make you look a bit
more elegant than perhaps somebody who does not necessarily know how to look affluent and sophisticated on the beach. Before I continue ladies, I have created
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so just leave your email and you will receive it in your inbox. Now the first things first that you need to
think about, it’s what are you going to wear, a swimsuit or a bikini? Majority of us wear bikinis because we want to get maximum tan. It’s not fun to have those
nasty tan lines so I personally prefer bikini however, in recent years
I also started to use a lot of bathing suits. I don’t think it’s a must to wear
swimsuit even those swimsuits. they tend to look a little bit more elegant than
bikinis because they cover up and they have usually this kind of more elegant
cut and style to them than what a bikini is. I mean there are different types of
bikinis and I’m going to now show you some examples. I think definitely a must is to have a bikini that is suitable for your body
shape and for your bust size. If your chest is large and you cannot get away
by having a triangle bikini, it’s not really going to give you any support and
it’s not going to make your chest look flattering unless you have had a breast
augmentation. For that reason ladies who have a larger chest
must have a bra that’s supporting their chest. So that it doesn’t look like
something is just dangling around or everything is where it’s supposed to be
and that is what will add elegance when you are on the beach. If you’re somebody
with a smaller chest then you don’t have to really be very concerned because
everything will be staying in place for you. Now if you’re somebody for instance
who have a little bit of stomach, definitely worth taking a bathing suit
over a bikini. If you’re somebody who has a flat stomach before lunch but afterwards, get quite bloated then maybe can be worth thinking about what time
you’re going on to the beach and whether you should wear a bikini or a bathing
suit, depending on how your situation is. It’s definitely a must to think about
these details because you want to look your best right? And you can actually
make it work on the beach even though clothes tend to be minimalistic. But thank God for cover-ups and especially for us who feel a bit self-conscious
with our bodies, we perhaps are not in our best shape and coverup is really
what’s going to save us this summer. There are many beautiful cover-ups to choose from. I think that the kind of very mainstream. Tunic is a little bit boring
because it just a little bit overpowering in my opinion, I’m not dismissing it, by the way, I think it absolutely works and there are many
beautiful like expensive tunics maybe even designer tunics that you can wear
and look absolutely fabulous. You have those who are more mid length,
you have those shorter and you have those who are really long. But the only problem with the tunics in my opinion is that regardless of your body shape,
this is a garment that will make you look bulky. So I feel like there are more ways
and better ways where you can have this kind of elegance and femininity to you
when you are on the beach but you were still trying to cover up. I think brands like Emilio Pucci, Missoni are great for beachwear especially
cover-ups. You can have very elegant kind of tunics but you can also get
like nice like skirts or for instance like some trousers that you
wear as a cover-up. But all of them are in light material and they’re also made to be a cover-up for the beach. You can also have the usual that you just wrap
around your body. But one thing that I really want you to avoid is kind of
these jersey-like, cotton-like casual clothes that you think that works for
the beach because you can just kind of toss around them. Maybe it’s a t-shirt, maybe it’s a long t-shirt,
maybe it’s some like mini shorts of some kind of
some, I don’t know cotton or jersey or some type of material like that that
will make you look extremely cheap on the beach. But I want you to really think
about investing in some very luxurious, if it’s not really expensive but make it
look luxurious. Perhaps maybe, I know silk can be very difficult on the beach so you don’t really necessarily have to get that. Although I know Emilio Pucci does some amazing things in sell for the beach, but definitely maybe something of
like light material, type of chiffon like material. You can find really nice
polyester ones that are not rough polyester because that’s definitely like
a no-go, but some nice more delicate polyester. There are different grades to
polyester today’s, so you’re able to find some that are a little bit more
expensive looking. Now, what about shoes? Shoes are very simple and usually the
standard girl would wear her flip-flops, maybe her Havaianas but they’re not
really going to make you look expensive and elegant. They’re absolutely fine if
you’re very much on a tight budget. I wouldn’t tell you yes go and splurge now
on that $500 pair of shoes for the beach. But the problem is that
definitely is going to not make you look more elegant and expensive with a pair
of rubber flip-flops. One thing that I also want to really mention and when
are we talking about rubber flip-flops is that they are only meant for you when
you are around the pool. I really do not understand those who are walking
around their flip-flops like around town, to run errands and so on. Regardless if you are
in a hot country, it’s really against like dress etiquette to wear them
because they’re not made for you know what running errands and walking around town. I used to also be somebody who would wear a pair of jeans and some rubber
Havaianas so I’m not perfect. But then I understood that it’s actually not
appropriate footwear and you know what it’s not even the most comfortable to be
walking around in a lot. So that’s definitely something that I’ve left in my past. But I really want you to invest in some
proper beach wear shoes, sandals, of course, flats, the ones that you can just slip in with your feet and that
looks casual and chic. And the most popular one for the beach,
you will see plenty of jetset babes wear them, the Hermes slipper. It is a comfortable one
but you cannot walk for very long with it. So for that reason, ladies tend to
wear it like literally for the beach club or the pool area. You can also walk
around a little bit in them but they’re not really that comfortable. So you won’t be able to maybe walk like a whole day doing sighting in these type of shoes. So these are more for the beach and they cost around $600-700. But I really think that this is a good investment because it will elevate your whole look
and it is a bit of a how can I say. it is a little bit of a status symbol,
right? So people recognize this shoe and I see like, okay well she seems to have
the style you know. So definitely go for something like that if you want to look
a little bit more elegant and kind of just elevates your look just a little bit Now lastly and this is actually the biggest and most important part for you to
take into account, the right accessories. Now the accessories is really what’s
going to elevate you to the next level because those are the details that will
kind of add the glamor factor to your overall appearance. I know that you can
create a lot of glamour with just like a bathing suit or some nice slippers and
so on or a nice cover-up but, what really is going to set the whole tone is if you have for instance a really nice hat. I think a hat is very important for the beach. I think it’s actually a must-have, why? Number 1, we need to protect our
scalp from the sun. It’s not good for your hair, it’s not good for your scalp, you burn yourself and you really have to
protect your head. I never used to understand that when I was younger, but as I’m now grown up, I understand. I cannot be without a hat in the sun,
so these days I always wear a hat. And if you’re gonna wear a hat,
do not go for some boring baseball cap. I mean that’s not going to elevate your look, right? Go for something a bit more glamorous. You don’t need to exaggerate and look like a
cliche movie star, but something within those lines, right? We want to look sophisticated so maybe we want to have a little bit of a bigger hat but I personally prefer Maison Michel Hats. I think they’re gorgeous and they’re not
too much, they’re just perfect, they look very sophisticated, very old money chic, so you can definitely buy a Maison Michel Hat and you’ll be totally on point. But perhaps the accessory that makes a very big impact is the beach bag. Now when it comes to the beach bag, I really think there is a lot of room for
improvisation if you do not have a budget to spend on like a designer
beach bag. So it’s actually not really a must. There are many beautiful straw bags. You can even get like a very affordable high streets bags that are perfect
for the beach. But as long as they’re not in some textile, okay? I think if you want to go for a textile beach bag, then Chanel is the one and only. Those textile bags are beautiful and very chic, so you can definitely get away with one of those. But do not go to Zara or another brand and get a textile bag, that is just not going to look very expensive. You want to have this kind of expensive
factor because that’s kind of what makes you look a bit more glamorous on the beach. And I would personally say the Chanel tote bag is probably the most
popular beach bag for you know, glamorous women for jetset babes. But it doesn’t mean all of them are wearing it. There are many variations and there many
fashionable women who feel like, okay maybe the Chanel tote bag is a
little bit cliche, I’m gonna go for something that is a not too much logo,
not too much in your face and so on. So, you can decide which direction you want to take, whatever budget you have and so on. But there are ways to go around it. And as we’re speaking of budget, of course, there are things that I’ve mentioned today here that are expensive, Maison Michel Hat, the Hermes slippers,
the Chanel bag and definitely a few brands
that I’ve mentioned throughout this video. So yes, it does cost when you are
on the beach, if you buy this hat, if you buy this bikini or something. It’s not something you necessarily
go to throw away the next day. So I think this is
definitely an investment and a lot of the times ladies asked me,
but how am I going to finance all this? Well, this is the thing, an affluent lifestyle, it requires finances/ Of course, you have to acquire finances somehow and I talk about the financial strategy a lot in my online finishing school because of course, it’s a big topic. There are many ways how you can make this lifestyle work. Of course, you can acquire all of this
by yourself through hard work and through saving money and so on, but you can also have a man spoiling you,
looking after you, your husband paying for you and so on. So it really depends on what situation you’re in and what direction you want to go. Having said all these, if you still haven’t watched my video, How To Look Expensive On the budget, then make sure you watch that one. It’s one of my most popular videos,
so don’t miss that because there I speak a little bit more about fashion
hacks that can make you look more expensive but still be on the budget. Now make sure you watch my other videos and if you’re interested in my online finishing school. I will see you in the next video!

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