El De La Guitarra – Botas Ariat (Official Video) | REACTION

SUBSCRIBE Okay Maybe about me Hey What’s the deal gang wants to deal Ganga I know what time it is. I know it’s how do you Feel me this your boy tiger reacts and we back with another bang You know I’m saying hey if you are new to my channel, make sure you subscribe Make sure you turn post notification home for you boy. Smash this like button. Let’s get the light with 400 lights, you know get way more than 400 views, bro Let’s get these lights up and it’s gonna start pushing my video even more what I girls gonna grow even more I’m gonna have some more giveaways Fill me next up as you read the title We got LD like good quarter buttocks or if you feel me if I said it right funky You know I’m saying he knows all of I hope y’all enjoy this video make sure you our comments below on the lyrics Or anything that can help me out understanding the video even more than what I am You’ve been supporting me you’re real to our squadron brothers. Gotta say thank you for always being there It’s been a long road almost been a year. It’s been a year March the top blue. Sauces. Y’all probably been here It’s been in March. You know, I’m saying we’ve been doing this we gotta keep going Shout out to all the Credo reactors out there I’ve been seeing a lot of more burrito reactors that’s jumping out here at a game you filming us Constantly uploading videos. I’m not bringing no hate to anybody that’s taken away for anything if anything your help We help the whole community and everything. That’s a part of social to your account Everybody part me but I don’t know man Make sure I comment below once again, make sure y’all smash that like button while waiting and subscribe and hit that bill But y’all can know when I drop my hottest videos how to do actions out here. Dr Covino you to me really the only one that’s constantly doing it like this. It ain’t gonna stop me Thank you all for always supporting me and let’s get straight into this video We restarted ok Retarder, I’m the masked man yummy The funny thing is I saw him at the estimate or you know I didn’t get to speak to him because I didn’t really know him like that. You feel me and there’s a lot of Opportunities that I didn’t get to do that I’m definitely gonna do this year and I’m gonna try to you know Just and talk to everybody to get a reaction out of everybody cuz I want to start doing Reactions with the people you feel me? That’d be awesome and with artists y’all. I’ll pray love it, you know say even more but Man, the masked man don’t the man behind the mask I don’t know nothing really much bottom stuff, you know stuff about him Make sure you’re going and comment below And tell me what it is about you feel me as I can see this videos about to be crazy already So let’s get straight back into it. Let’s get it We can look at ammos how sweet Okay No plans no play you gotta keep your tule It is crazy, I’m not gonna lie bet nobody saw his face You know, I’ve said nobody really know his face, but two people that you know, I’m saying us, you know, you know But that’s crazy that every time I see him you gotta you know I’m said bingo and the fact that they cropped a whole emoji singing this whole song. It’s crazy you know, that’s very creative and whoever editors a To you bro. This is a banger. I love a voice of the truth Sube la Oh Yeah You ask arrows maro Scots. Kannadi, oh, I wish I knew there was Sandman’s bangers, bro They got some beautiful women in here as normal, you know I’m saying Hey my 1001 minutes. Just you know, I’m saying I don’t know what it is, you know Doing a thing. The masked man is back again with the head Banger bro, you know make sure you smash this like button, bro Pause the video right now smashes like button subscribe to you boy Tiger reacts for always dropping these bangers then. You know I’m saying dropping reactions to videos. You don’t want to see you feel me It’ll be more better if I can understand this shit completely. They’re not gonna like bro. Did he just say this? He just you know, but that’s when I look into the video a little bit more And if y’all want me to start doing translations all my videos, let me know You feel me I go out of my way and just do that for y’all for y’all I can understand me cuz I know it’s a lot of people that don’t even understand me that don’t speak English at all. So I Think that might be the best way for me to grow as much as I can But hey back to the video. This video has a banger. I learned of vocals. He got this like vocals. He got this voice That’s just it you feel me? Story behind Good day graphics from Mona They mess up right there oh I think they messed her right there. That’s that hill right here. Oh Snap, bro, you know, I don’t know if that’s him bro, but they ain’t black his face. Oh, I’m thinking about it Bro you didn’t black his face. All right, dude, I don’t know Barbara hello horses still got room We both desire Wow that was fire, bro Okay, you feel me they’re dead like a Tata I Definitely liked that video. I loved the creativity. Whoever ended up video bro hats off to you Broca’s man He was dead in his face He was drinking and everything that the crop that out are there people don’t know Otto, you know I’m saying time. We put into the editing these videos, bro so that’s why I give so much love to the penis behind the scenes because You got to understand though. I’ll be looking at the engine. Like how do they do that? Just me personally book Hey, man, that was badass. Alright Alright, I’m said ro hey, you know, this is all hey if you are new to my channel, make sure you subscribe I post notifications for your boy hit the bail join the family the TR family on a road to 50,000 subscribers than that today in the road to 100,000 subscribers which is Amazing, you know, then imagine a plaque that says YouTube 100,000 subscribers when tiger we expect that will be crazy, bro I can’t wait I get that plaque and a million plaque because I’m going to get it and never stop inside Do you know I’m sensing. There’s also you’re often giving me the motivation How do you notice that? It’s telling me keep going to accommodate different videos to do if you are here right now I make sure you comment below The video to do notice in the next video to do and I’m gonna get straight to it. Hey shout to y’all yeah, I know there’s minutes all of Hey STW. Merchant is coming sold february 7 make sure y’all be on the lookout for that Kill me that merchants gonna be you know soon fires ruby is no longer, you know My value film easily boots illegal stuff you feel me? I’m not no longer making zoo the merit turn on like test FTW mercy is to do merge so if you ever supported me, make sure you grab something some speakers or I should put the other fundraiser taco reacts In help Tiger reaction would come funny I do when I miss and go to California There’s just you know, I’m just going through life like everybody else. There’s a lot of ups and downs and The little things get in the way, but eventually I’m going to get there because my strive and my wife would never stop So hey you regular dudes man. Thanks for everybody this important I’m gonna get straight into this video the next reaction video. Let me know if y’all want me start going 10/10 reaction videos a date again. I love my marathon So let me know if you I want that back if anybody good idea, you know what time it is you go Talk to react make sure you subscribe try another phase No keyboard smash that like when I’m gonna have a heart attack on consulship sent time. All right


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