Earthing Shoe DIY Kit

See our new kit search: “Earthing Shoe DIY Kit 2.0.”


  • Have you felt a noticeable different after doing this with your shoe(s)? If so I would be interested in hearing your experience.

  • Hahah very nice! Had this idea for a while now as well xD

  • epic man!!!you rock!!

  • Keep it up brother, mad respect.

    Asalamwalaikum (may peace be upon you)

  • is this kit still available?

  • Great video and idea! Quick question though. Have you tested the conductivity with sock between negative and positive?

  • thank you!

  • You can do a lot more simplier, with a band of copper painting from the inside of your shoe to the outside

  • Hi, do you figure we should buy 10mm tape, 15mm tape, 20mm tape, or some other width?

  • Cant bloody see the last minute because video suggestion boxes pop up…. grr

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