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Give me the dice. Come on, let’s go. Good evening, Dwight. What is this? Good evening, Angela. This is craps. I need to roll an eight. If I do, everyone wins. Then roll an eight. Thank you, Angela. Good luck, Dwight. Dwight, let’s keep it going. Give me the knife! So I broke up with Katy and I haven’t been dating anybody else, so this year I don’t have to worry about Valentine’s Day. It’s gonna be good. I invited a couple friends over, we’re gonna play some cards and I’ll end up winning a lot of money because they’re idiots. It’s gonna be great. What’s this? What is this? I don’t know, it’s on *your* desk. But who put it there? And for what purpose? It was there when I sat down. Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s me, I’m the bobblehead! Yes! Dwight. Dwight! I’ve been doing some very interesting reading Really? Good stuff. Mm-hmm. I was thinking tonight we could read it together. That sounds…fun. I…I…will never say a word. And now, we’re even. Hello, Angela. Did you here that somebody totally rocked the house and got me the best present I’ve ever gotten? Really? I wouldn’t know anything about that, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh, I did. I did. I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day. Oh, I bet you will before the day is over. Really? Well, I hope I do. Pam, hi. How are you doing? Good. Listen, may I ask you a quick question, privately? You can’t fire me, Dwight, just ’cause Michael’s not here. No, Pam, just–I’m–just– You need to get something for your…girlfriend? Yeah. And the reason I didn’t get anything is because this particular person– who shall remain nameless–is, she’s not really the kind of person you’d think would be into Valentine’s Day. She’s kind of… Tightly wound? Exactly. Okay, well, sometimes the gift is really about the gesture, you know, like, what it means instead of what it is. You mean…Like a ham? No. Not like a ham. It’s about doing something. So that the person knows that you really care about them. Right. Okay. Shut up. I know exactly what to do. Is it fine? Be honest. No. It’s awful. I couldn’t hear anything. I’ve had the worst day here. Women are like wolves. If you want a wolf, you have to trap it. You have to snare it. And then you have to tame it. Keep it happy. Care for it. Feed it. Lovingly. The way an animal deserves to be loved. And my animal deserves a lot of loving. Are you enjoying your vegetarian noodles? Very much. How’s your meat? Dry. Delicious. I heard a joke today. Oh! That’s funny! Yes. It was. Are you enjoying your mineral water? I can’t do this. I can’t be with you. Everytime I look into your eyes I see Sprinkle’s stiff, lifeless body. Then don’t look in my eyes. Look right here. It’s an old sale’s trick. I’m sorry. I gave this everything I could. No. Please don’t do this, Monkey. I’m leaving your toothbrush on top of your tire tomorrow morning. Excuse me, Angela. Michael asked me to turn in these receipts for these gift basket items. Thank you. You’re welcome. Is that all? Yes. Elevator. Dwight. You have to listen to me. We are not seeing each other anymore. Can you except that? Fine. Then I just want to be friends. Good. Also a little extra. Also, I love you. Are you warmed up? No. Why is that always my responsibility? What did you do to yourself? Nevermind. Well, it better work. Oh, it’ll work. Stop kissing me. It’s not in the contract. I feel so stupid. I sit next to him every day. You’re not stupid. Jazz is stupid. Jazz is stupid! I mean, just play the right notes! I know. It’ll be okay, Monkey. Pull over! Dwight? Pull to the side of the road! Why? I said pull over! What are you…Dwight! Dwight! What the f**k is your problem? Shut up, woman! Who drives like that? I love you! And I don’t care that Philip’s not my son. I will raise one hundred children with one hundred of your lovers if it means that I can be with you. Can you put that down? This expresses how loudly love you! It’s too loud. This is a ring taken from the buttocks of my grandmother, put there by the gangster patriarch of the Coors dynasty, melting in a foudrey run by menonites. Okay! Yes! Yes, I will! I love you! I love you! And I lied to you. What? Philip’s your son. What? Why would you say that? I just needed you to want to marry me because you wanted to marry me. Get out! I’m a dad! You’re a dad! I now pronounce you man and wife. Release the doves! That’s not… Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming! Now, please take your hay bales to the reception, they’ll be used for seating. Complimentary hay hooks are placed along the aisles. Just stab ’em on in there.


  • Angela's heartfelt confession: I just needed you, to want to marry me, because you wanted to marry ME!!

    Dwight's response: GETTT OUTTTT!!!!!
    Shouts "I'm a dad!!!" and proceeds to laugh like Santa Clause ??

    Their love was truly one of a kind!

  • Dwight has a '78 Pontiac Trans Am

  • When Angela said I have a joke a ad came on and said Jill has heart failure

  • I heard a joke today.
    That's funny.
    Yes it was.

  • You’d think they wouldn’t be good together but they kinda are

  • 2:09 r/WatchPeopleDieInside

  • Jim and Pam both knew about Dwight and Angela from the start even though they thought no one knew about them

  • Dwight deserves the world… ?❤️

  • Dwangela 4eva

  • 2:16 That face you made when you pooped your pants as a kid and didn't want anyone to know.

  • I bet Angela was a horse girl as a child

  • “You mean…like a ham?”
    “No……not a ham…”

  • Angela is my favorite character, I'm sorry.

  • I love how everyone goes to Pam for advice

  • 4:51 imagine watching this without context

  • 9:26 Dwight, a true farm boy would know these are straw bales not hay bales (there is a big difference trust me)

  • “Jazz is stupid!”
    “I mean just play the right notes!”

    Twosetviolin has entered the chat

  • it's not in the contract

  • Its not in the contract.

  • My boy Dwight pulling up in a Ruiner 2000.

  • This the cutest shit I ever saw

  • Is anyone else that had captions on gonna talk about what Dwight said in the captions at 0:28? I think he went lot his sanity when Angela slapped him. ?

  • when i first watched the office i wasn’t expecting them to get together

  • Ah! <3

  • They are both so intense and I love it

  • 8:56

  • 0:20
    Why tho….

  • Best couple ever <3

  • The ending of the video… ?

  • I almost cried when Angela said i love you to dwight and he said it back ;o;

  • Okay did anyone else notice that while they were walking down the isle, they had a piano version of Sweet Child of Mine?

    No just me???

  • 7:08 jazz is stupid! Yes!

  • Anyone else notice Jim's eyes were red as fuck in the bathroom

  • "No, not like a ham"

  • dwight and angela have been and will always be my favorite couple on the office.. jim and pam are perfect for each other but we all literally knew their ending even though i still love them, i love them all tbh. but angela and dwight have been through so much together and their personal journeys and it’s all just amazing ❤️❤️ they’re my favorite characters too- i absolutely LOVE dwight and i relate to angela a little too much (i’m also a huge HUGE cat person)

  • "It's not in the contract!" ?

  • i can watch that car scene over and over

  • As a former member of my high school’s jazz band, I can confirm

    Jazz is stupid

  • “monkey”??

  • Then dont look in my eyes, look here rofl.

  • "you warmed up?"
    "God, why's that always My responsibility"

  • Stanley at 9:32 ??

  • I wanted to f Angela every episode from the first episode to the last one

  • Pam's expression after Dwight told her to shut up is priceless

  • 6:49.
    So Jim & Pam, just happen to have a secret place ? In shelves ?

  • Aight I wanna settle this..
    Like for Jim and Pam
    Dislike for Dwight and Angela

  • 2:00 which esp is that

  • i’m confused as to why the dna results came back negative and then somehow he actually was the father. i’m just very confused..

  • 2:13 Jim was like "Whyyy"

  • They're the best couple on the office, (my opinion) C:

  • There engagement scene is like one of there best scenes in the show. Not comedy wise. It is just……. so adorable

  • God I hated them together they were infuriating

  • 'Are you enjoying you're vegetarian noodles?'
    'Very much, how's your meat?'
    'Dry, delicious'

    'I heard a joke today'
    'Oh, that's funny'
    'Yes, it was'

    'Are you enjoying your mineral water?'
    'I can't do this'

    this is how I want my dates to be

  • And to think they’re getting rid of this on Netflix

  • The best office romance no doubt about it.

  • People in the comments don’t hate but THEY ARE MY FAV OFFICE COPULE

  • Dwight: Are you warmed up yet?

    Angela: No

    Dwight: God angela why is that always my responsibility.


  • When i started watching this i was like ‘okay they are weirdos so this video is going to be funny’, and at the end i was crying

  • “Are you enjoying your mineral water?”

    Same Dwight, same.

  • give me the lnife


  • Angela: I heard a joke today.

  • This fucking show..,… ?

  • Why can't I find a guy like Dwight.

  • “I will leave your toothbrush on top of your tire tomorrow morning.”

    LMFAO ?????

  • Dwangela is the second best couple in the office (Jam being the best)

  • Angela:breaks up with Dwight
    Dwight:I miss you
    We all know what happened in that elevator


  • 2:16 Jim's face gets me everytime

  • Dwight is so weird and a psycho he turns me on! He's my favorite. Que the Freak like me song Adina


  • It’s so funny how Jim saw Dwight and Angela sneaking around 2 different times

  • They are really cute together though and they’re wedding it adorable

  • 8:13 That whole moment is so cute

  • Dwight & Angela are the best couple ?
    So cute and odd ?

  • Angela drives a Cadillac. Did not know

  • Dwight reminds me of Sheldon Cooper.

  • THIS EXPRESSES…the correct way to assert a proposal.

  • I like the at work sleeping spot pam and Jim had lol

  • When you see them look at Phyllis and then you hear her scram out looool

  • When Jim saw Dwight and Angela kissing through the window is the cutest most wholesome moment ever cause that's how I feel when I see people happy together

  • Imma need a compilation of when she yells Dwight’s name…???

  • when dwight proposes to angela i literally started crying real ass tears???

  • I loved Angela since the first time I saw her. So fucking glad she ended up with my fav character Dwight.

  • The way Jim hide from Dwight and Angela making out. Omg I was laughing so hard ?

  • Accept*

  • G I M M E T H E D I C E

  • 7:47 S I L E N C E W O M A N

  • I am also a masochist dwight

  • Hope that toothbrush on the tire isn't dirty now

  • The only person that seemed perfect for Angela was someone who was as crazy as her

  • I love this show, because it proves how important it is, to just be your true, weird, crazy, out there bizarre self. 🙂

  • Where can we see Dwight stick his balls close to a microwave?

  • Jim's haircut at 2:20?

  • How is Philip Dwight's kid they got a DNA test and it was negative like does that episode just doesn't count

  • 7:07 my favorite quote from the office

  • they make my heart melt. the proposal had me screaming lol

  • "I heard a joke today"

    -Cue the youtube advertisment

  • This hayu up again


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