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ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of face off! What are you doing? Oh, we are having ourselves a little [dude’s] perfect three-point contest let’s see who the competitors are competitor number one will be Cory! Very nice! Competitor number 2 will be! I’ll smoke coby. We got ourselves a win battle! and the announcer, ME! Assume your role! Hello, my friends identified drop it in Soldiers We’ll be back when you know there’s been quite some time [to] leslie, and you know before we get started There’s a crazed [fan] outside who verbally and physically attacked me when I came in the building You know you [think] it is my name’s made And I’m so bad your job and then what he’s talking about my prevents any [post] remember the NaSa through this evidence Hit me in the [Sunday] And I don’t know why you gave me this all but I don’t I’m going to throw it in the trash because they didn’t piece Of junk is worthless for marrow watching Kids how the point totals [Gonna] work my friends? [what] points [is] a regular bulb okay 2.0 to be so bold [very] [white] for the money ball? Here is the money buddy [is] so much bigger my friend. It’s almost impossible to thank you pirate pizza remember There’s one more fall on the very last rack come with me. Take a look at my backside while he’s coming with me final racket expensive over five points in that you’ve rated both and they did appeal so a V so [amy] I can barely figure but For billing, it’s like this is nothing like a jungle beat yes. I think it’s time to see get an interview from required, okay? Hello, my friends Billy boots crops. It’s so good to be here with the contestants and we have [ups] I remember correctly last time I had with an announcer Did you win or [lose] my friends try to remember what that was [Bill]? I think [I] probably want because we have a man you it May even want to say self not one did not [agree] people [you] have to plan [you] can take them [wat] You know back in the [old] days. We’ve to play a game called a boulder parchment Clippers Omega have you guys play a quick game in that to see who goes first of all their parchment clip? Yes? That is the key you know the game yeah. Yeah, he leaps Boulder Horseman Clifford Okay, so new things we continue Okay, although if you guys want to take a look before we play so I love you. See down lower [got] going on There you see that you see the new shoes that I’m wearing my friends All right, we are here with [Corey] with a [k] corinne. Are you familiar? My name actually [30] [k] oh you leave? Oh, so you already bad one too? We’ll just starting to see doesn’t mean I’m bad bad one, too Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going [to] say go and then you go It’s pretty spray V hello my friends welcome to a special camera angle we have did Billy cam I’m going to be the welcoming like merely. I think about me too [much] Bailey’s [Dollies]. Don’t touch me [cooter] you ready my friend. I’m right I believe Scorekeeper Chloe would know cam you ready ready Okay, my friend boy in three two one oh Four shut up, Johnny suck my big bro. Oh with an air ball my friend. Oh Very nice. There’s an a any money. [hall]. Oh deep Very deep he goes over to [be] [cigarette] strong very nice very number two birthday employer no Sir [ping] [their] [didi] only think with just enough to [meld] read moneyball. Oh no family money for yet No one has seemed your family [moneyball] my friends. I think I’ll stick think it is too big [oh] Oh, wow nice. He needs a moneyball here. Oh Too challenging for him here. He goes for the next shot. There’s a me There’s a me there honey There’s an egg oh Indeed model so easily sit there No, no, my good buddy Come on. Oh many of my friend my friend you did pretty well all [things] considering that in loosing money more I fell apart the big money ball is really started getting to me But you know we’ll see hopefully Kobe does worse than 15 years hopefully because that would be bad because you feel would never have won Let’s see how he does this resetting balls and head on over Hello, my [friends] beautifully struck here with co you would know gay and he is currently has a chance to right now [yes], currently have a chance to take on the victory my friend So here’s the thing you know you have won one battle and meanie face off except some ping-pong Coby Carden football Gonna Winner call this one Oh my friends edit a man who is better than innocence [did] [you] sweet smell of [victory] [you] know it EvI to tasty smell? It’s not so easy to smell the day program you have a better [Shake] 15 If you score be up do you think you can do it absolutely [just] [because] people fly south for the winter Huh doesn’t [mean] he could not stand the test of time in the summer let that sink in for a second update one more time For you. [I] [think] we got it. Okay my friend. What [was] [he] close just because the birds fly south in the Winter thank you My friend does not mean he couldn’t stand the test of time in the summer Kobe caught him with a cake filled Okay, kobe. Good luck my man. Thank you very much [alright]. Get up there. Look really thing no pleasure You know if you guys want to have me back for a few morning You know comment below and tell everyone because the guys think some guy named nate is better than me nice thing We won’t believe it. We won’t billy you know tell them that so that we get more billy time okay? [destiny] Because now is the time we find out it story was no [k] whispers ever faced amore mio continuing in front of this [eight] three two one so For sure [though] I saw Peter strong honey already [elbows] [for] [blogging] it. What’s in the world? Okay? There you go. Oh No, my friends all there’s 100 [31] he is all over to being my friend. Oh, you know [the] Jacket Industry will face off history Thank you, and my friend cory was okay. [I] cannot believe it. This kid need to play in a league with those Big Bowl I’m telling you man those were all great. [I] think I’m gonna switch 360 camera 360 camera. Oh, that’s that’s good It’s also a selfie stick anybody want to take a selfie is the file and the three of the billion billion coding [copy] was okay. I think we have something for [tea] my friends. Don’t go anywhere stay right here Don’t go anywhere. Keep the fans entertained while I go get something for you Yes, the streak for me unfortunately continues on a face off guy. I really thought I had you I’m worried I was moneyball dad you [are] clank clank like money. [oh] ladies and gentlemen the special delivery for come here in no time You’re demanding How many [times] you continue to blow our mind he pays off but not normal video so [no] baby right already so crazy anyways Thanks for watching folks make sure you subscribe So you know maybe any more awesome [day] [top] [videos] through the way so you can click down [here] somewhere? I don’t know the click around till you find it But make sure you click it so you don’t miss out turn it over now found. It. Ain’t no use


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  • Why don’t they just admit that the announcer role is rigged? There’s no way Ty gets pulled every single time

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