Drugstore Haul, My Top 10 Finds & Not just Beauty & Makeup, Mature over 50 Women

Hi awesome ones, Heather here and today
I’m going to do one of those drugstore hauls and in true Heather fashion I’m
going to do this drugstore haul with not a lot of makeup so it’s going to have a
little bit of a twist, we are at the drugstore… let’s see what I can find Okay, so I got my drugstore haul and I
got 10 great items in here, let’s take a look at what I got back at the studio.
Okay, so we’re back at the studio and I’ve got my haul right here, my drugstore
haul and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t sort of take you with me going
up and down the aisles in the drugstore. If Bill was there with the camera and
the lighting and everything I think they would have probably hauled us out of
there thinking we were corporate spies or something along those lines. So we
decided let’s just not do that What I have here, this kind of
reminds me of Christmas time you know, when you you dig into the bag and you
find out all these great things. What I did on this drugstore haul is I didn’t
just specifically go for makeup. I’m not doing reviews here, in this bag are
probably ten of my favorite drugstore finds and just see some of these
things that I’ve got here. I really, really love them. So let’s just sort of
pretend that I’m putting my hand into a Christmas stocking here and I’m just
gonna pull out things as I do and let’s see what we’ve got.
So the number one thing that I have here is …those are the sponges that I talk
about on all of my, when I’m putting foundation on and I was so happy to find
them for you because they are, they’re super thin and I can sort of
just wash them, so when I’m doing foundation they don’t have an awful lot
of the foundation that they sort of soak up and and waste. So I was so happy
to find these because I was telling you guys to you know get some kind of
compact, maybe reuse them but there you go so there’s my first find and what I’m
also going to do is, every drugstore is different, so I am going to in the first
comment I’m going to link that to my blog I’m going to try something, try to
find something very similar to what I have in my little drugstore finds here
and you’ll be able to get them and and yeah we get a little bit of
commission then and it really helps to help us keep
on making these videos so we appreciate that but if you don’t want to buy online
just go over to your drug store and I hope they have what I’m showing you here.
Alright next thing that I have is probably my favorite makeup item and
that is the anti shine cream. I’ve mentioned in my videos, if I can get it
open, not to use the powder like you know grandma and mom taught us what to do
where you’re just sort of ,especially if you’re over 50, you’re putting on this
powder and more and more and more lines just show up. – they just tend to show up so
right now I probably am a little bit shiny and let me just show you the magic
of this anti-shine cream, it’s a cream and look underneath my eyes it just
takes it right away, tip of my nose, gone and it’s, it’s just
something that you could keep in your, in your purse for during the day and
instead of just putting on more and more powder, here we go we got the shine gone
but we don’t have those wrinkles showing up and drying out our skin as well . Alright ,oh yes these little sockets. Have you tried them? They’re fantastic so this
is kind of like Christmas so what we have here I just got them in the the
beige color and these go, oh there’s two pairs in here, okay so you can see
there’s a little sort of bit of gluey stuff on the back just to keep them on
and these go on your feet, so pretend I’m a foot here they go in your feet hold on
to the back and now you can be wearing, I don’t have pumps or whatever here but
you could wear a shoe like this and you won’t have to worry about your, your
little stocking showing or having to wear pantyhose, you can still have the
bare leg and yeah this is this is a great thing
and also you know when you go into somebody’s house and you take off your
shoes, you’re not wandering around and I don’t know maybe you didn’t give a
pedicure that day or whatever, you got a little socket on which kind of nice.
Hey, I’ve got ten things in here by the way, so these are my, oh yeah
baby, this is great this is it’s kind of an
oil in here I’ll put it on it’s brand-new so I you just turn to…
but this is a great product for all those frizzes that you get, if I can
ever get it out of here, all right there we go
it’s just an oil as you can see here there it is and hopefully you can see
what this can do to your hair. I’m just going to put this around like this and
it literally takes care of all of those frizzes that are happening here. Today
I’m wearing my hair a bit more straight but whether I’m wearing my hair curly or
straight it’s just a great great asset to what I’ve got going on. Okay so what
else do we have in here, ha now this is a nail buffer and it’s fantastic now I
don’t know about you but at my age I’m just, I just don’t want to put on nail
polish every day I don’t want it to chip and have to touch it up during the day
and all that sort of thing so a lot of times I have my nails go au natural and
as you can see they’re natural right now but watch what happens with this buffer, look at that compared to the other nails
so this is just like putting a top coat on or some kind of nail polish and what
I do is it just takes a minute I’m buffing up my nails and it’s just
fantastic so it looks like there’s another side on this I’m gonna have to
study that so maybe this is …oh no that’s a little sander, oh wow
it’s kind of like a little rougher of a sander, let me try this okay this is a
little rougher and this one gives the buffer… beautiful and you can really
really see the difference between, oh I broke my nail there, don’t worry I did it
earlier it wasn’t this thing, but yeah so giving yourself a nice shine with this
buffer. What else do we have here, oh yes, all right let’s go on the same
vein as this and I love a French manicure but you know what, same old, same
old with me I don’t want to get a French manicure all the time in and when I do
of course the little white part on my nail that just seems to break off and I
got a touch it. Yeah, anyway so this, they’re hard to find but it is a little
French manicure pen, what??… all right so let’s take a look at this and what you
do with this pen when you first get it, this is a brand new one, and you just
sort of put it down like this for about 30 seconds and you’re just trying to get
these, there we go you’re just trying to get the I don’t know whether you call it
ink or nail polish or whatever it is now, there is a little bit of a knack to this
and I’ll do it over on this hand here since I broke my nail over there
but um you can go on the outside of your nail and then put a natural nail polish
on. I’ll tell you what I do I just go I go underneath the nail and I find that
if I do that it’s giving me the the lightness that I want you see that and I
don’t know it’s just between that and of course I’d have to clean it up a little
bit it’s hard when you’re on camera because you’re not really doing it the
way you would want to so let me just see if I can make this look a little bit
better give me a second ,here just go underneath here blah, blah, blah there we
go and now I’m gonna buff this nail as well with my little buffer I’m going to
do actually a video on this on how to do this and teach you guys how to do that
but you can see this nail here now it’s really kind of white underneath and it
almost looks like a French manicure as opposed to some of the other nails that
I have, so yeah I really love this and when I was in the drugstore actually the
lady said they’ve been out of these for a long time so look around and you can
find it. I think they’re bringing them back, all right next thing that I have in
my little mmm these are fantastic for your shoes they’re little ball of foot,
yeah… ball of foot pads and what you do with these, I’ve got a black shoes here to show
you but if you’ve got sandals you know how you get a new pair of sandals and
your foot, maybe not even new, maybe whatever maybe it’s an older pair of
sandals and you’ve got a high heel and your foot just kind of slides down and
it hurts after a while, it’s always, especially if you’re walking on
sidewalks and that sort of thing, it’s always pounding on the concrete so what
these little guys do, you just peel them off, you peel off the adhesive here and
then you put it inside your shoe just down there and just be careful when
you’re putting your feet in the shoe that you’re you’re making sure that, that
glue has stayed on. I’ve put them in boots
before and if you wear it off it doesn’t stick it the next time so, but oh my gosh,
I’m telling you if you’ve got foot aches it’s like the worst thing and these
little babies I just love, love, love them. Alright what else do I have in here… aha
clear mascara that I told you about, now this clear mascara I use on my
eyebrows so here we go, just put it like this and after I finished doing my
eyebrows… I did do an eyebrow video especially for us women who are getting
thinner and thinner brows and what I love about this I have put a wax on as
well that you could buy but this is really easy to find in most drugstores
and I just brush them, well yeah, I’ll do it , hold on for a second, I
just brush the eyebrows up and it just looks really lovely. Now for you women
who haven’t worn and I know I’m helping to a lot of you in the comments and
please comment and talk to me. We’re just having so, and talk to the
other women too, we’re having so much fun in our community and thank you to all
the subscribers as well… but for some of you women who haven’t worn makeup in
like 30 years and you just, I don’t know what happened you just decided you
didn’t want to wear it anymore this can also double as if you want to
use it as a mascara maybe you don’t want to use it on your eyebrows I would use
two because this picks up the eyebrow colors and everything so you don’t want
to do any infection to your eyes but you could use this as for your mascara if
you want to keep it a little bit more natural so great, great find there and ok
you know these hand washes these ones that sort of things that sanitize your
hands? I love this little thing I just found this I don’t know if you can find
this everywhere but it just sort of can click on to your keys or
click on to the inside your purse it’ll fit really nicely in your purse but
whenever we’re going to a restaurant I want to wash my hands before I eat now
because Bill and I, right Bill, we just love having those appetizers and that in
thethe restaurant, yeah and you know what you’re all ready
to eat and then you’ve gotta go… I’m gonna go wash my hands,
anyways so I just put on the hand sanitizer and you know what nobody even
has to know and away I go I’m digging into those calamari or whatever we’ve
got going on sliders, and it really comes in handy so there’s one more little
thing in here and it is it’s a teeny tiny and I will link, I’ve already found
out I can get this product for you it’s a little lipstick but it’s a lip balm
and a lot of you were asking me about this lip balm so I picked the pink today
because my um I do have pink on my lips but let’s just put this on pretty, it’s um it has a shine to it oh I
can feel there’s some kind of medicinal thing going on to to really saturate my
lips with something that’s healing but the other thing that I love about this
is I can be sitting in the car and go and I’m not making a mess all over the
place and I didn’t even need that, that mirror there because it’s just gonna put
a shine it’s just gonna make you look a little natural, they do have them in all
different colors I have this in a little darker pink as well and I just love it
one of the reasons that I love it so much is I can put this anywhere, if I’m
bike riding I could put it into a back pocket if I’m going somewhere I could put it
into the front pocket of a jean or a back pocket of a jean I don’t even need
a purse so all those times when you just know my lips are dry and they probably
look like ughhh, this little baby is is there. So nothing more left in here but I
really hope you you enjoyed my drugstore finds I know it had a little bit of a
twist it was a little bit different but don’t go away because I just want to
show you one more little find that we have.. Hurricane how you doing over
there and then we’re going to say goodbye. So here is the cuteness factor
little Hurricane and Hurricane I went to the drugstore today and Hurricane
sometimes at the drugstore they have treats so Hurricane would you
like a treat? A lot of times we can’t go to drugstores or pet stores without
getting this little guy a treat but another treat that we both have and
Bill is our subscribers so you guys are
fantastic you’re just making our day you’re
touching our heart where, we just, we’re… the numbers of subscribers that we have
we’re just overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for all of you so… and if
you do want to subscribe there’s a button down there for you to just
subscribe and I just love the community I love what’s happening here so thank
you so much for that and so until we meet again take care,
stay awesome, and we’ll see you soon Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join
us on our videos


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