DRONE UNBOXING AND REVIEW (Radio Shack Flip Flop Stunt Drone & Micro Drone)

Do you see these? They’re drones! Do you think we are just going to leave them up here No! There’s the battery We got a crash pack and we got our drones! Now. I am super excited. I never really wanted a drone. since till I flew one but I have got the Flip Flop Drone. This one can fly upside down. and then Bianca got the Vector little micro drone which is actually the smallest drone in the world Now we are going to unbox these and fly them around a little bit and show you guys how they work and actually at the store where we got these, I was flying them around for a tester and I am actually pretty good at it now. Ow! Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah Ok! Now it comes with a little manual. I don’t need that. OK So. Now here is the batteries. I do not know if my battery is charged. or not. I would think it is but I don’t know Let’s see. And I don’t. Oh we need a screwdriver Brielle. Shoot! We don’t have screwdrivers. Mom! Do we have screwdrivers? Can you go get them? Got my drone out! So I really like mine because it is my favorite color, blue and it’s really tiny, it’s cute and I can actually see inside of it because there is little, like. OK you will just see it when we show it to you So Oh! Brielle look! In the back I know. It comes with um more of these little propellers in case you lose them but I, we got a crash pack because it is Christmas season so it came for free Mm hmm But it comes, mine comes with an extra battery and USB charging cable a a and b propellers and a remote controller Mine is called the Flip Flop because mine will go, it can fly upside down like that. it can fly like this and it can also fly like this and it can flip and Bianca’s can flip as well. Her’s is super little and also you can change out the propellers and when they crash, the propellers might come off But it comes with these buttons and I don’t know what they do so I am not going to do anything with them but these are the buttons to make it flip 180 and stuff like that and 160 and then this makes it go up, down, spin and spin and this one makes it go left and right or forward and now we are just going to get the batteries inside the controller and yeah, so we will see you when there are batteries in here. OK now let’s make sure mine is working Bookie NO! [laughing] [laughing] They’re so frustrated by it I think it’s funny Kaden is just so scared Kaden thinks its so scary He’s like NO! [screaming] Mine can fly upside down, watch OK so my dog is terrified of them One of my cats love them and then my other cat is like ‘what is it?’ I have to plug mine in. Mine died. So yeah, but if the propellers fall off you can just easily put them back on. and also the guy he gave us a free safety kit thing crash pack so it comes with an extra battery, an extra charger cord, and this is my charger cord and it also comes with an extra battery These drones are like so fun. I LOVE them! So like don’t touch the blades See this cat likes it but They are also really durable OK so. Uh, I really like and this button right here. This button right here makes it go up. Down. And if you make it side it will spin and then this button makes it go side to side Now these buttons up here These buttons up here This is a 360. This is a 380. So. If you make it go up OK then Now if you guys enjoyed this little drone unboxing then leave a like and also don’t forget to subscribe to all the social medias Yaassss We will see you later. Bye Bye! Take off!

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