Dremon “Super B***h” Cooper Is a Superhero in Pink Thigh-High Boots! | I Went Viral

(upbeat music) – I’m ready. Did it give combo? (typewriter clicks) – Hi, my name is Dremon Cooper and most people know me as Super Bitch. It can give combo. Good afternoon, bitches. 2019 is right around the
mother******* corner. So let me let y’all know something. If any ***** think that he gon come into my life and play with me. I will play right the **** out. I actually made the video for this boy who just kept playing on my time. – [Interviewer] Okay, let’s talk about… Let’s run it back. – I just felt like he kept playing with my feelings, kept
playing with my emotions and I was just like “Okay,
I’m gonna make a video “about it and he’s gonna see it.” Any bitch think they gon
******’ play with me… Ima ask that bitch to pull up. Soon as I picked up the boots I was like, “I’m gonna do a flip in the boots.” Just because I’m acrobatic. If both of y’all think y’all gon play with me at the same time… It can give combo. I’m gonna give you combo,
like stop playing with me. So that video was for a boy. I start to realize I went
viral when my followers went from 8,000 all the way
to 100k in a few days. The first celebrity who I seen repost my video was Snoop Dogg. And it really shocked me because a heterosexual man, you
don’t see that much, them supporting somebody of the community. I seen Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx. I had an interview with
Out Magazine, Fox 5 News, Channel 9 News, WPGC 95.5, 93.9. My life now going into
the public is crazy. Yesterday, somebody was like
“Oh my god, it’s Super Bitch.” And I was looking down like
“I don’t have my pink boots. “How does she know it’s me?” She was like “I know
that face from anywhere.” So that’s when I knew
that it was lit for me. When I made the video, no one
knew that that was superhero. They just thought that
I was just flipping. I finally came up with
the name Super Bitch. There’s no need to fear,
Super Bitch is here. Because I’m super, I have super ability to just brighten up your day. (fist thuds) And bitch because I can be a bitch to you, cause you was a bitch to me before. – Listen to me man, this is
not the women’s bathroom, man. (intense music) What the ****! – Fenty Beauty contacted
me because they wanted me to promote their new Stunna Lip Paint. – You got pink lip? – I don’t have a pink
lip, I have off-pink. – Oh no, let me call Super Bitch. – Super Bitch came to save the day and gave her the pink lip that she needed. Let me help you with all of this. (screams) Everybody in Brownsville
was recording me saying “Oh my god, it’s Super
Bitch, it’s Super Bitch.” I got a Teyana Taylor’s
team, they wanted me recreate the Work This Pussy
video, like dance to it. Her song is about the
ballroom scene and culture. So it’s like vogue. You got your hands, your
catwalk, your duck walk, your floor performance,
and your spins and dips. It’s like a dance where
you can express yourself. It’s an underground thing. (exciting music) I teach vogue classes at this non-profit organization called Casa Ruby. They was really excited when I came in. They were like “Oh my god, Super Bitch. “He’s about to teach classes?” And I was like “Yes,
it’s about to give combo. “Everybody lay out, let’s stretch. “Let’s get to the first step.” Lee Daniels DMed me. We recorded a video and he was like “Remember how I always told y’all “how I wanted a gay superhero?” – Well guess what. – It’s about to happen,
Super Bitch is here. – World, get ready cause… – I’m about to give y’all combo. (snaps) So, in middle school and high school, I dealt with a lot of bullying. People felt the need
to try to tear me down, try to call me all type
of f-words and gay. I’ve got jumped. I would be depressed. I would go home and cry
and talk to myself like, “Is this who I really want to be? “Should I change?” I had to fight to get my respect. It was so much built up frustration like, “Okay, I can’t take no more.” So I would literally beat them up just like in an action movie. – The **** you looking at? Get the ****… (fist thuds) – I gave him combo. – Help! (cries) – Girl, get the **** down. What is wrong with you? – I keep getting picked on
at school for being myself. – Sis, you know these people
are like crabs in a barrel. They would try to rip you down
and then you give a moment. You gotta give their ass… Combo. Now let me see your combo. That’s right, sis, keep the same energy. Don’t never let these
****** bring you down. – That’s right Super Bitch! – Now let’s go find that *****. This is where it all started. And I gave combo on the floor. Combo, to me, is basically, you know, I’m gonna give you
combo, I’m gonna give you something that you didn’t
know that was coming. Combo. Since that video, yes, I
have stuck to my message. People that play too much,
been tryna hit on me, you know, tryna talk to
me, and I ain’t with that. I did have to give somebody combo in 2019 and I definitely stuck to it, yes. Sometimes you have to fight. If you don’t fight, or if you
don’t stand up for yourself, they will continue to bully
you, to think that it’s okay. So you have to stand up for yourself. Even if you don’t fight, because I know everyone isn’t a fighter,
stand up for yourself. Tell them “No, you won’t do this to me.” Or go talk to someone. Don’t just sit there and allow someone to crush you or break you down.


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