Drawtectives: Episode 1

– [Julia] Welcome to Drawtectives, where we solve dumb mysteries
with even dumber drawings. That’s right, we got a brand new show, where I have written and drawn
out a whole big ol’ mystery, but in order to investigate this mystery, I’m gonna need some help from
my friends, Nathan Yaffe. – [Nathan] Hi. – [Julia] Jacob Andres. – [Jacob] I’m always here. – [Julia] And I prefer to call you just by first names, Karina. – Yeah.
– It feels more powerful. – Like Cher.
– Like Cher. – [Karina] Just Karina. – You’re the Cher–
– Just Karina. – [Jacob] Of the group. – [Karina] Hello. – [Julia] It feels odd to refer to you by full name for some reason. – [Karina] (laughing) Please don’t. – [Julia] So yeah, so I have– – [Nathan] And who are you? – [Julia] Oh, well, I am going to be playing both Narrator, literally everyone else, but mostly, my character’s name is PI Jancy True. – Jancy True?
– Jancy? – [Julia] Jancy True. – That’s good.
– Wow. – [Nathan] That’s like
Nancy, but more exciting. – It is.
(Karina laughing) So yeah, so I’m going to be
playing a Private Investigator, Jancy True.
– Nice. – [Julia] Basically, how
we’re gonna start this off is you three are the fresh apprentices, handpicked by PI Jancy True. – Hmm.
– To investigate this high profile case and
this is your first mystery at the agency, so, welcome. – [Jacob] She’s made a mistake. She should not have
brought us on this case. I’ll tell you immediately. – [Karina] Jancy, are you sure about this? – [Julia] Listen, the
pool in which to pick some new employees was very poor. (all laughing)
So congratulations, you’ve made the cut. – [Nathan] I think you’re
gonna do a great job. – [Julia] I think it’s gonna be something, let me tell you that. So yeah, so I’ll explain how
the rest of the show goes in episode two and all that,
but we can’t start a show if you guys don’t have characters, so we’re gonna need some characters. – [Jacob] Okay, a sleuthing team. – [Julia] Yeah, so my character, and let me introduce you to my character. My character–
– Jancy! – [Julia] Is PI Jancy True, back here in the agency. – Wow.
– Fancy Jancy. – [Jacob] She’s so fancy
and so sad already. – She’s just so–
– So tired. – [Nathan] She’s like, oh God, here we go. (all laughing)
– Oh, God. I have three upstart
children, whatever they are, to investigate this mystery. I’ve made a mistake already. – [Nathan] Julia, the
lighting effects in this room. – [Julia] Thank you, thank you. This was the first room I
drew for the whole show, so. – Wow.
– It goes downhill from here. No.
(all laughing) That’s the enthusiasm I’ve come to love. All right, so let’s get y’all
designing some characters. Jacob, you wanna go first? – [Jacob] Me, yes. All right, I’m gonna draw my character for this murder mystery thing, and Julia, you informed us–
– Yes. I informed you ahead of time. – [Jacob] You informed us ahead of time that it’s sort of a fantasy-esque world. – [Julia] Yes, so– – [Jacob] It’s like Fantasy Races, right? – [Julia] Yeah, so there’s elves and orcs and half-orcs, and dragon people. Listen, I don’t play D&D, so. It’s all gonna be real vague. – [Jacob] You linked us
the D&D Beyond Races page. We found all of the animal races. – [Julia] Please don’t. Don’t do this to me.
– And you, you were, you did not want those.
– You did not like those. – [Karina] We are not
allowed to be elephants. – [Jacob] No elephant people. – Or turtles.
– Or turtle people, or horrible bird men.
– Wretched, wretched bird men. – [Jacob] Wretched, unthinkable bird men. – [Nathan] We’re sticking with the classic Tolkien fantasy races. – [Jacob] Totally. The character that I’ve
decided to go with, I wanted to make a half-orc.
– Nice. – [Jacob] Because half-orc
just basically translates to hot orc.
(Nathan laughing) – Yep.
– It’s like the hotness slider unlocked. So you can start cranking that up. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] So I wanted to do
a half-orc barbarian type. – [Nathan] Ooh, very fun. – [Jacob] In sort of the
lore that I’ve been thinking about for this character,
he was, you know, born to like an orc father, human mother sort of situation. – [Nathan] Oh, so he’s a
first generation half-orc. – [Jacob] Yes. But he lived for most of his
life in sort of the orc tribes. – Mm.
– Like on the outskirts of civilization, and he
lived with his father and kinda grew up there,
and now, he has decided he wants to try to spend some time on his mother’s side of the family. – Uh-huh.
– Oh. – [Jacob] And sort of come into society and give that a try, as well,
to experience both parts of his heritage.
– Mm-hmm. I like that.
– So that’s sort of where we find him here at the beginning. – Strong jaw already?
– Yeah. He got a strong jaw. You know it.
– He’s gotta. – [Jacob] He simply must. So he comes from a
barbarian sort of tribe, and he’s trying to sort of
distance himself a little bit from all the smashing
and crushing and crashing that he does usually. So he’s got a sort of the orc
barbarian battle rage issues. – Yeah.
– Like it’s very easy for him to fly into a fury. – Things piss him off.
– Things piss him off, but he’s really trying to
sort of get a handle on it, so that he can fit in.
– In Fancy Town. – [Jacob] In Fancy
Town, which is, I guess, the name of the town. – [Karina] That’s what it’s called, right? – [Julia] Yeah, this is
definitely Fancy Town. – [Jacob] Murder in Fancy Town. – [Julia] Murder in Fancy Town. – [Nathan] Did you say
your character’s name? – [Jacob] I have not yet. – Okay.
– He does have a name. – Is it a–
– It’s good. – [Nathan] What’s it, what’s it? – [Jacob] You wanna know it right now? – [Nathan] Or is it a reveal? – [Jacob] It’s not really a reveal. I can tell you right now. – [Nathan] Why don’t
you tell me right now? – [Karina] You’re being so mysterious. – [Jacob] His name is, his
full name is Gyorik Rogdul. – Okay.
– Gyorik Rogdul. – [Jacob] That’s his orc name, but to make things sort
of easier for people in Fancy Town, he just goes by York. – York.
– Oh, that’s fun. – [Nathan] That’s good. – [Jacob] So you can call him York. – [Nathan] That’s good
because my character also has a G name, and
it would be confusing. – [Jacob] Yeah, I would never, Nathan, use the same name as
one of your characters. – [Nathan] Well, I wasn’t
sure how fleshed out the characters needed to
be, so I asked this morning. – Yeah.
– I said, “Julia, do we need to know
the names of our characters?” And you said, “Yes.” So I came up with a name for my character. – [Julia] Oh, nice. – [Nathan] And it starts with a G. – [Julia] I believe what I told you was, however you wanna fly, my dude. (laughing) – [Nathan] That is, those
were the exact words. – [Julia] Those were the
exact words that I used. – [Jacob] I took that as a yes. I took that as sort of a passive, however you wanna fly, my dude. You wanna come in unprepared? – [Karina] As long as
you’re not a bird man. – Yeah, don’t fly that way.
– Yeah, don’t actually fly. Your character can’t fly. – [Julia] Yeah, please don’t be a bird. I don’t wanna draw birds a lot. – [Nathan] Oh, look at this riot boy. – [Julia] Ah, it’s so nice. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s a former riot boy. You can see he’s tied his hair back, to attempt to be presentable, but he still has a classic
case of anger face. – [Nathan] He’s got nose hacked. – [Jacob] He got nose hacked, absolutely, and he got a case of the anger face, which does make a lot of people, you know, a little bit nervous. – [Julia] Yeah, resting anger face. – [Jacob] Around him. – [Julia] A real problem
in the orc community. – [Jacob] Yeah, a lot of orcs suffer from resting anger face. He’s definitely put on a coat? He hasn’t seen many detectives. – [Nathan] Oh, is he
doing the coat no shirt? – [Jacob] He’s got a shirt, but it’s a bit like a
low cut muscle shirt. – [Nathan] Oh, tight– – [Jacob] Situation. So you know, he’s still,
he shows off a lot of his muscles. – [Julia] This is like a
dude who only just remembered that he has to go for an interview. He’s like, God, I don’t
have interview clothes. Dad, Dad, do you have a coat? You have a coat I can wear? I’ll put it on top of my gym
clothes, don’t worry about it. – [Jacob] His dad owns no coats. His dad is a full orc.
– Yeah, I’m sure. – Tribe’s leader–
– Mom! (all laughing) Do you have any friends
I can borrow a coat from? – [Jacob] He doesn’t fully know how coats are supposed to work, so he
does just sort of have it like sashed around.
– So he hasn’t been out of the orc community for very long. – [Jacob] No, he’s sort of new, but maybe he shows like
an aptitude for detecting. Even if most of his
detecting is done by force. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Forceful detecting. He’s learning, he’s getting,
you know, the gist of it, so I’m gonna have to
shrink him a little bit, so I can fit him on here. Give him a shrink, and
a little bit of a spin. Give him a shrink and spin. – [Nathan] This is gonna be fun, ’cause our characters
are all different sizes. – Yeah.
– So yours is definitely the tallest, I think. – [Jacob] Uh, yeah, he’s gonna
be about seven feet tall. – Nice.
– Nice. – [Julia] Nice. – [Jacob] So he’s a
pretty, a pretty tall guy. – [Nathan] He can dunk. – [Jacob] He can and will
dunk, given the chance. – [Julia] Oh, I was gonna say,
he can reach high shelves. (all laughing) – [Jacob] Julia, how many opportunities in this murder mystery
are we gonna have to dunk? – [Julia] Um, you know what? Whenever you want. You just feel like doing a dunk, confuse some of the characters. – [Jacob] Don’t say whenever we want. (all laughing) – [Karina] That’s the sort
of rule that will lead to you having bird people.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] The bird people
are the best at dunking. – [Julia] Here’s the thing. I–
(all laughing) I have already drawn out the rooms, so you guys can only mess me up so much. If you’re dunking–
– We’ll just say. – [Karina] There’s a lot
of ways you can dunk. – [Nathan] The hoops just
a little bit higher up out of frame.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re behind you. Oh my God, I’m gonna have to do research on drawing characters in dunking poses, jump and dunking. – [Jacob] Well, you’re editing this, so you can just edit this
whole dunking conversation out. – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] And we’ll never have to, ’cause there’s no way I’m gonna remember. – [Karina] Yeah, just censor us. (all laughing) – [Jacob] Don’t let us
just be who we’re gonna be. – [Nathan] Is he wearing
a sleeveless jacket? – Yeah.
– Oh. Hell, yeah, dude. – [Jacob] I thought
about making it ripped, but then it’s like, he’s
trying, he got it together. – [Nathan] No, he cinched it. I would like the sleeves taken off. You make taken in? – [Jacob] Yes, sleeves off, please. – [Nathan] We don’t, okay. – [Jacob] Just right off, thank you. – [Nathan] Just want them off. – [Jacob] I just want them off. Yeah, ’cause he always
has to have his sort of, like battle arms out. – [Julia] His battle arms? (laughing) – [Jacob] He’s got like
scars and things on him. – [Julia] On his regular arms? – [Jacob] He just wants them
to be seen, so, you know, people, all the time– – [Karina] And he does
have rippling muscles, so. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Uh-oh. Uh-oh, Jacob, I didn’t get my tickets. I didn’t get my tickets– – [Jacob] Oh, your
tickets to the gun show? – [Nathan] To the gun show! – [Jacob] Yeah, I mean, you
should’ve considered that, going in here. You know, this one’s got one
of these sort of bands on it. – [Nathan] Sure. Is that a band made from
some of the leftover fabric– – [Julia] What do you
mean, one of those bands? – [Nathan] From the sleeve. – [Julia] He just thought it looked cute? – [Nathan] He was like, wait. Don’t throw out all of that sleeve fabric. Give me one band.
– Give me one band. He says it’s like, you
know, part of his custom, like this is like, it’s
like a mark of a warrior, to have one of these, but it’s not. He did just think it looked cute. – [Julia] I’m just picturing
this dude just staring down Jancy True, and the two of
them are just kind of half-lid, looking at each other, one ’cause of, they’re just tired, the other one, ’cause they’ve got resting anger face, and they just nod at each other. – [Jacob] Yeah, Jancy probably thinks that York has a problem
with her, or a bad attitude. But he doesn’t; he’s
just focusing really hard to try and understand what’s going on. – [Julia] He’s like waiting
for her to get into the details of the mystery, he’s
really eager to start. – [Jacob] And also really eager to learn. – Yeah.
– To learn things. But he doesn’t look that way. – [Julia] Yeah. – Doesn’t at all.
– And that’s sort of a, that’s sort of a problem that he faces. – [Julia] I should also mention that, so all of your characters
are going to have an ability that you can use once in a show. – Oh, once–
– Once per show? – [Nathan] A once per campaign ability. – [Julia] Yeah. Because if I let you do it more than that, that’ll make things complicated for me. – Okay.
– My ability is to dunk. – [Nathan] So you can dunk once. – [Jacob] I can dunk once. That’s not my abilities. – [Julia] I’m gonna
write that into my notes. – [Jacob] No, I want– – [Karina] Everyone
should be able to dunk. – [Nathan] Everyone dunks
as much as they want. Julia already said it, no takebacks. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] All right, I’m gonna
put in, can dunk whenever. (all laughing) That’s official, it’s in the doc. – Perfect.
– Look at this sweet boy. – [Julia] He is a very sweet boy. – [Nathan] Look at this hot orc. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s a hot orc, and he’s really trying his best. – [Nathan] He’s got so much ‘tude. – [Jacob] He’s kinda the
Rafael of the bunch, you know? – Of Teenage Mutant–
– I don’t know. – [Nathan] Ninja Turtle Rafael? – [Jacob] Yeah, who the fuck
else would I be talking about? – [Julia] I don’t know. – [Nathan] Soul Caliber dude? – [Jacob] No, Nathan. I would never be talking about that. – [Nathan] Does he use a rapier? – [Jacob] No! Of course he doesn’t use a rapier. Are you kidding me? – [Nathan] Like Rafael. – [Jacob] Yeah, I know what Rafael uses. I’ve just gotta get his legs in here. He has to have those. – [Julia] Yeah. Well, I guess he doesn’t have
to, but he probably should. – [Jacob] He probably should. I think it would help him. – [Nathan] To ambulate? – Help ’em dunk.
– Help him to dunk. – [Jacob] Help him to dunk. – [Julia] I can’t believe I actually wrote in my notes, can dunk whenever. It’s in there, it’s the doc. – [Jacob] That definitely does
not need to be in your notes. – [Nathan] This is just a
testament to how thorough of notes Julia is taking. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] The dunks have been recorded. Our fearless scribe.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Our wonderful gamemaster. – [Julia] Listen, this is the first game that I am in control
of, so I haven’t learned how to be just utterly exhausted
by the players’ antics yet. I’m not jaded yet. – [Nathan] That’ll come. – [Julia] Yeah. It’ll happen, probably episode two. – [Nathan] Tap into your inner Roxa. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] That won’t take long. – [Nathan] Roxa guest DMs a session, just like, no, we’re eating sandwiches. – [Jacob] Adjust that arm a little bit, and then I’ll write his name in here, so that we have that. – [Julia] Please do, ’cause I have no idea how to spell it. – [Nathan] Are we ware sharing the canvas? Are we all gonna draw our
characters side by side? You’ve left a lot of space. – [Jacob] Well, he’s a tall guy. He doesn’t have like– – [Nathan] Well, no, I’m just asking, should I–
– You have a lot of options. – [Nathan] Should I draw my character next to yours or no? – [Jacob] What do you think, Julia? – [Julia] Yeah, why not? – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] Is that cool with everyone? – [Karina] Yeah, I can definitely fit. – [Jacob] Okay, well, I’m
gonna shrink him a little, so I can write his name above him. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And we’ll have to just, you guys can like–
– Nathan is gonna be so small. – [Nathan] Yeah, I’m a dwarf. – [Julia] You just kinda
have to draw him big and then shrink him down. – [Nathan] He’s gonna be a little squat. Yeah, I’ll start off big.
– Okay. – [Nathan] He’s gonna be in the foreground – [Jacob] Yeah. Base your size off of my guy. – [Julia] He can stand on a box. – [Nathan] He loves to stand on boxes. – [Jacob] Gyorik York Rogdul. – [Nathan] Rogdul, nice. – [Jacob] There’s our boy. – [Nathan] That’s a good part– – [Jacob] Angry detective. Who’s up next, Nathan? – [Nathan] It me. – [Jacob] All right, hop on in. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Julia] All right, Nathan. – [Nathan] So I’m gonna
do the thing Jacob did, where I draw my character
and then shrink him. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s the only way to do it, that I can figure.
– Yeah. – [Julia] Just keep on shrinking. – [Jacob] No one has ever
drawn something to scale the first time; it’s impossible. – [Nathan] It’s truly impossible. There’s no way. So I’m a dwarf druid.
– Mm-hmm. – [Nathan] And I think I fancy myself a bit of a pet detective. – Okay?
– Like Ace Ventura? – [Nathan] Not like Ace Ventura. – [Jacob] Do you get mad
when people bring that up? – [Nathan] Well, I get confused, because I don’t think Ace Ventura exists. – [Karina] Yeah, is that part of the lore? – [Jacob] I think it’s
always sort of existed. (all laughing)
In some way. – [Karina] It’s a concept. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] But I mean, he fancies himself a pet detective, but he’s
really more of a dog walker. That’s sort of his actual
source of income, like– – [Jacob] Right. – Okay.
– He’ll try and be like, you know, I’m a dog whisperer. I learned some secrets of your dogs, and then, the person will just be like, okay, but you walked him, right? That’s the, that’s sort of the main thing I hired you for, he’s like,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘Cause like, I, I’m a
dwarf, I come from a family of blacksmiths, you know,
pretty hoity toity blacksmiths, but I just wasn’t about that life. – [Jacob] Upperclass sort of blacksmiths to the sort of rich and famous? – [Nathan] Yeah, the HighForge clan, I don’t know if you’ve heard of us. – [Jacob] I mean, I haven’t personally. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] I just got to town recently, so. – [Nathan] I’m Grendan HighForge. – [Jacob] Grendan? – [Julia] Grendan. – [Jacob] I love a name
that’s just another name but with different letters. – [Nathan] I was looking up
dwarf names on the internet, and I saw Grendan, and I was like, my character’s absolutely named Grendan. – [Jacob] How could it not be? – [Julia] It’s dog walker
Grendan, here to walk the dog. – [Jacob] Yeah, what’s the, does he have sort of a
hoity toity way of speaking, or does he have a more down to Earth? – [Nathan] Nah, he’s more of like, he’s just sort of like,
I’m Grendan, you know? My parents, you probably know my parents. I wasn’t about that life. – [Jacob] I don’t know your parents. We’ve been over this. – [Nathan] You probably heard of them. – [Jacob] I’ve not heard of them. – [Nathan] But you know, that’s not me. – [Jacob] Are they the skullcrushers? I know the skullcrushers? – [Nathan] No, but they’ve
probably made weapons for the skullcrushers, you know? – [Jacob] The skullcrushers make weapons out of the skulls of their enemies. – [Nathan] Oh, they probably
haven’t made weapons for the skullcrushers, then. – [Jacob] I love his stupid hippy glasses. It looks like he’s fucking
doing a Matrix cosplay. – [Nathan] Listen, we’re designing, we’re just sort of going, you know? – [Karina] He’s got a little fringe. – Oh.
– Is he wearing a hat? – [Nathan] He’s wearing a little hat. You know, he’s gotta keep
the sun off his face, while he’s off walking the dogs. (all laughing) – [Jacob] Out whispering to the dogs. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] Jancy’s just
like, did I, did you, I think your resume may
have fallen into my pile. – [Nathan] Yeah, ’cause
I’m a pet detective. – [Julia] Oh. – [Nathan] I’m great at
solving pet mysteries, but I’m looking to branch out into, well, basically, I’m looking
to branch out into anything besides just walking them, but
like, human-based mysteries are pretty good, too, I think. – [Julia] Listen, I haven’t dealt much with pets but I’m sure
something will come by. I’m not really sure. Why did you apply? We don’t do pet mysteries. – [Nathan] What? – [Julia] That’s not– – [Nathan] Yeah, I know, but
it’s all mysteries, right? Like mysteries are mysteries, you know? – [Julia] I suppose. Okay, we’re gonna see how this goes. – [York] Humans are kinda like pets to me. – [Julia] Oh Lord. – [York] Very small and cute. – [Julia] Oh God, I have quite a group. – [Karina] See how small he is. – [Nathan] Yeah, let’s
do some, oh, hold on. – [Jacob] ‘Cause right now, he’s gigantic. – [Nathan] He’s just on the foreground. He’s just on the foreground. – [Julia] He’s standing
really close to the camera. – [Nathan] He’s like,
oh, is this where I go to get my picture taken for the job? Yeah, yeah. – [Julia] Does he have a fur coat on? – [Nathan] No, it’s like
a, it’s one of them, like, a fur-lined denim jackets. You know? – [Karina] It’s very fur-lined. – [Nathan] You know, one
of them fleece lined. – [Jacob] Yep, I know it. I know the kind. – [Julia] You have to keep
the sun off your face, but it’s still warm enough,
or cold enough, I suppose, to be wearing fur-lined denim? Is this what’s happening? This is my first mystery. What are you wearing? – [Nathan] I’ll wear,
what should he be wearing? – [Julia] No, I love it. – [Jacob] I don’t have any sleeves at all. – [Julia] No, I love it, you do you. – [Karina] The temperature
disparity going on in these designs.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] But he is also
wearing sort of like, like capri–
(all laughing) And like sandals. – [Jacob] So even he isn’t sure. – [Nathan] It’s fashion, you know? – [Karina] I guess so. – [Nathan] He’s trying to recreate that sort of natural elements, you know, the heat
leaves through the feet, but then you keep the torso nice and warm. – [Jacob] The heat
leaves through the feet? I think heat rises. – [Nathan] No. No, that’s not, the feet are
natural coolants for the body. Everyone knows this. – [Jacob] Maybe for dwarves. – [Nathan] Maybe for dwarves. – [Karina] Oh, I thought
he was gonna be barefoot. – [Nathan] No he’s got sandals. – [Karina] Okay, that’s very proper. – [Jacob] I was gonna say
he’s clearly not dressed for this fancy mansion we’re going to, but I guess neither is Gyorik. (all laughing) This is Grendan’s fanciest outfit. Yeah. – [Julia] To be fair, I
don’t think Jancy told you what you were investigating yet. – [Karina] Just showed up. – [Nathan] I think a deep V. – [Julia] She was like, I just got a, I got a job for y’all. You gotta come over.
– Oh, that’s so deep. – A deep V?
– Oh, that’s so deep. – [Karina] That’s incredibly deep. – Deep V.
– Do you have suspenders, too? – [Nathan] And suspenders, yeah. – [Julia] I think Grendan might be fired. – [Nathan] Okay, well, if I
need to make a new character. (all laughing) – [Julia] Nah, Grendan still has a job. Grendan still has a job.
– Okay. Buttons on there. – [Jacob] Grendan
HighForge, Pet Detective. (all laughing) – [Nathan] I guess he’s just got his like, what should he be holding? – [Julia] I don’t know. What do you want him
to be holding, my dude? – [Jacob] You tell me. – [Julia] You tell me. – [Jacob] You tell me what he’s holding. Did you say he’s like a druid? – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s a druid. – [Jacob] So something
natural, mound of dirt? – [Karina] A pet? – [Nathan] Yeah, maybe he’s
just got like a walking stick. – [Julia] How does he
hold the walking stick, and all the leashes for the dogs? Does he have one of those belts? – [Nathan] Well, yeah, he
attaches all the leashes to the stick.
– Oh, okay, I see. – [Nathan] Yeah. – It’s a dog stick–
– What if the dogs start going after the stick, ’cause they think it’s
something to play with? – [Nathan] Well, no, he whispers to them. – [Julia] Oh, okay. He tells them.
– He’s like, hey, guys, chill–
– The dogs get real excited– – [Nathan] Chill out. (all laughing) – [Julia] That’s how you
whisper to dogs, yeah. – [Nathan] That’s how you whisper to dogs. – [Julia] Dogs can also speak
Parseltongue, apparently. (all laughing) – [Jacob] Looks like
he’s just holding a bone. Is his walking stick a bone? – [Nathan] His walking
stick is bone shaped, but it is–
– Yeah, it looks like a big femur. – [Julia] Grendan’s really
growing on me as we go. – [Jacob] Growin’ Grendan,
that’s what we call him. – [Julia] He’s just so
chill, how can you not? – [Nathan] Yeah, and he’s got like a leaf. – [Jacob] He really wants people to know he’s been out in nature. – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s like,
it’s that natural life. You know?
– Yeah. I lived in nature for the
first 18 years of my life. – [Nathan] Yeah, so you know. – [Jacob] I don’t think you know. – [Nathan] No, do you, you know. All right. Grendan.
– There he goes! – [Nathan] He’s a little bigger than that. – [Julia] Oh, okay. – [Jacob] You’re like, what? Like four feet tall? – [Nathan] Yeah, there we go. That seems about right. – [Julia] All right. – [Nathan] There’s Grendan. – [Jacob] You wanna
write his name in there? – Write his whole name.
– Okay. – [Jacob] Yeah, we gotta
know the proper spellings. Just like Brendan. – [Julia] Perfect. I love it. All right, now up for Karina. – [Karina] I’m definitely
coming in the least prepared, and the least knowledgeable. – [Julia] That’s okay,
we can help you out. – That’s fun.
– That’s what we do. – [Nathan] Have you ever done a D&D. – [Karina] Nope. – [Jacob] So this is
your first like any type of roleplaying experience. – [Karina] Yeah, I guess. – [Nathan] You’re good at
clothing your characters, though. I think that’s preparation. – [Karina] Yeah, never nude. – [Nathan] You don’t just,
you don’t just panic, and start drawing fur.
(all laughing) – [Karina] I don’t know, I probably will. But that’s okay. I gave this a little
thought coming into it, ’cause I, knowing the
least about D&D races, and also, being told I
couldn’t be an elephant. – [Julia] Please don’t, please don’t make me draw elephants a lot. – [Karina] You’ll get so
good at drawing elephants. – [Julia] I don’t wanna be
good at drawing elephants, is the thing.
– That’s my thing. – [Jacob] That’s Nathan’s thing. We can’t have two people good at that. – [Nathan] Julia gets good– – [Karina] What about turtles? – [Nathan] Then I have to get
good at drawing handsome men. – [Karina] Oh, no. – [Julia] Handsome, angular men. – [Nathan] Handsome, angular men. – [Karina] I’m also good at that. – [Julia] Oh no! – [Karina] And the balance
is completely thrown, so I am a human rogue.
– Ooh. – Yes.
– A classic. That’s what I call a human rogue. – A classic?
– A classic. – [Jacob] A classic. – [Nathan] Are you playing
a male or female character? – [Karina] I was gonna
do a female character. – Nice!
– Nice. – [Julia] I was gonna
say, we’ve almost done a complete flip of Draga, where we had– – [Nathan] Yeah, close. – [Julia] Just a bunch of dudes, and then, leading them, a woman,
but you know, I like this. – [Jacob] Yeah, we don’t
have to flip anything. – [Julia] We don’t have to flip anything. – [Jacob] Our characters
are gonna be who they are. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] You know? You know what I’m saying? – [Nathan] I do know what you’re saying. (all laughing)
– Sure. – [Nathan] I’ve spent my
whole life trying to be who I am, you know? – [Karina] Rogues are like sneaky, right? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, typically. – [Nathan] I mean, there are
different types of rogues. – [Jacob] Yeah, they
can also be scoundrely. – [Nathan] Yeah, there are
rogues that are like sneaky, rogues that are scoundrely,
rogues that are just sorta like, good at deception and trickery. – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s
all kinds of rogues. – [Nathan] All kinds of rogues. – [Jacob] As long as you’re
engaging in some sort of– – [Karina] The other main
thing, her name is Rose. I decided that–
– Rose! – Rose!
– I love it. – [Karina] She’s a little
fancy, but she got this job mostly ’cause it looked
good on her resume. She was trying to build that up. – [Jacob] Sure, as you do. – [Karina] But she’s kinda
not great. (laughing) At the whole detective thing,
she kinda lied a little on her cover letter, and now she’s here. Isn’t that great? – [Julia] Never expected to make the cut, but here we are. – [Karina] She’s a millennial. – [Nathan] I love how she felt the need to lie on her cover letter,
and also, Grendan is here. (all laughing) – [Karina] Yeah, she was
really worried about it, but then when she showed
up for her first day, she was like, oh, (laughing). – [Jacob] Listen, being able to understand what animals have to say about it is great for solving mysteries. I assume, I’ve never been
asked to solve a mystery. – [Karina] Are there gonna be animals? I mean, there’s no elephants. – [Julia] Jancy’s just
standing behind her desk, just so disappointed already, just so much more tired than ever. – [Nathan] Also, if anybody has any pets, and needs them walked, I do
have pretty competitive rates, so let me know about that. – [Jacob] Do you accept payment in bones? – [Nathan] What kind of bones? – [Jacob] Well, any kind, really. The bigger, the more expensive, typically. – [Nathan] You know, let me take a look at your bone collection.
(all laughing) I know a bone guy who might be able to, I could probably. – [Karina] Of course he knows a bone guy. – [Nathan] Pets love bones to chew on. – [Julia] You know, I
also know a bone guy, weirdly enough, but I think we’re talking about different bones. You know? I know some people in the crime
scene investigation section with some bones, is that,
does it, does that help? Is that what you’re talking about? – [Nathan] I think I’m about to make some, do you have a pet or were you just asking if you could pay me in bones? – [Jacob] I mean, I don’t have a pet yet. – [Nathan] But if you ever do, okay. So once he gets a pet, and I walk the pet, and get the bones, then I can use that, as a conversation starter
with your bone people. I think this is great. I think we’re making connections. – [Jacob] Humans like pets, right? I’ve seen people with small animals. They don’t seem suited for battle. – [Karina] Rose can’t afford to have– – [Jacob] So they must
just like to have them. (all laughing) – [Julia] Rose’s looking
so nervous already. – [Karina] She walked into the room, and that’s what she saw. – [Nathan] The pose you had, and then, really, the face. Oh.
– She’s the type of person who look, like has their
shit together on the outside, but on the inside, definitely doesn’t, and is just making it up.
– Grendan thinks he has his shit together on the outside, but very clearly doesn’t. – [Jacob] York just has
no sort of knowledge of what having it together
is in the human sense. So he’s got it together in the orc sense. – [Nathan] Oh, yeah, that’s a A+ work. – [Jacob] And that gives
him some confidence, some unearned confidence in human society. – [Julia] Jancy’s just thinking
about all of the awards that she’s won in her life, for
being such a great detective and she’s just looking out
over this room and you guys are debating bone cost. – [Nathan] We’re not
debating, we’re discussing. – [Julia] You’re discussing bone costs. She’s like, how?
– The bone economy. – [Julia] The bone economy. – [Nathan] Yeah, I’ll have
to talk to my bone guy, and get back to you. – [Julia] Karina, I love this. I’m so excited already. She’s got poofy shoulders going on. I see that.
– She’s got a hood, so she can sneak.
– Yep. – [Karina] Question mark. – [Jacob] That’s what she thinks you do. – [Julia] I don’t think
you’ll be have to doing much sneaking, but I do
appreciate the option, I suppose. – [Karina] All I really
knew going in to this is that I wanted to play a character that didn’t really have a
grasp on what was going on. So that way, it makes more sense
that I don’t have a grasp– – [Julia] Karina, we
took very similar routes in our first roleplaying campaigns. – [Jacob] Don’t worry. I know exactly what’s going on. I will be able to help explain everything. – [Karina] No, no, like I get it, I just– – [Nathan] I don’t know anything, either, but I’m basically unkillable. – [Karina] That’s good. – [Nathan] So I’m not
too concerned about it. If anyone tries to do killing, at least. – [Julia] I guess this is a good time to give you some information about the case we’re investigating. – [Nathan] What’s a case? – [Julia] Oh, good Lord. Okay, well. – [Nathan] I got a case
I keep my bones in. – Oh no.
– Is that what you mean? – [Julia] Okay, a case
is what we’ve been hired to investigate. It’s the whole shebang, as you might say. – [Jacob] All right, um– – [Karina] No one says that. (Jancy sighing) – [Nathan] How many dogs? – [Julia] None. I have none dogs. – [Karina] None dogs. – [Julia] Who knows if
there will be dogs there, I’m not sure, I haven’t been there yet. All I know is I’ve gotten a
call from the police department saying that they need our help,
and that we should go over right away, and that I should
bring my most available, I suppose.
– I am most available. – [Jacob] My dude’s seven feet,
so you can base it on that. – [Karina] Okay, sure. – [Nathan] My guy’s dwarf proportions, so don’t base anything on– – [Karina] This is really hard. Anyway, what were you saying, Julia? – [Julia] So the case that
you’ve all been handed, and this is all you know, this is all that the police officer over the phone very hastily said that
there’s been a murder from a prominent family in the community, during a very large party
in this huge mansion on Crescent Hill, and–
– Oh, yeah. That’s a neighborhood
I’ve often considered– – [Karina] Yeah, I definitely
know where that is. – [Nathan] It’s gated, right? You can’t–
– It’s very gated, yes. – Oh, yeah.
– I’ve tried to walk the dog in there, and they don’t let you just walk dogs in there, so. – [Jacob] People have tried
to use gates to stop me. – [Karina] That’s good to know. – [Jacob] Do you need
to get through the gate? Is that?
– You know, I believe we will be let
in, but I will let you know. – [Jacob] Interesting. – [Julia] If there’s an issue. – [Nathan] Cool. – [Julia] I do not believe
they have any dogs there, though it is, I guess, nice
that you’ve already met the client, maybe? Have you met them, or have
you just been chased out by some guards?
(Karina laughing) – [Nathan] I wouldn’t say chased. I think we had like a nice discussion. We came to different
conclusions about whether or not I should be allowed to walk dogs there, but you know, I think, you know, water under the bridge, no hard feelings, live and let live.
– Hmm. – [Nathan] Might wanna write
them a note or something, though, to let them know that
I am cool and allowed in. – [Julia] Great, great. You know, maybe I’ll give
them a call before we show up. – [Nathan] Great. – [Julia] And just say,
this is, he’s here, but you know, under my authority. How ’bout that? Would that work? – [Nathan] Sure. – [Julia] Okay, great. So this is all we know of the crime, is just that there’s
been a murder at a party, and we should probably
solve it within a day, or within a night. – [Karina] We should get
this done really fast. – [Julia] Done and knocked out. Listen, I could’ve solved it. I think I’ve already solved it, but. Y’all knew–
– Um. – [Nathan] We’re the
most available people. – [Julia] You’re the most available, I thought maybe this
was a good opportunity to train you all. – [Nathan] I go over to her, and whisper, do you wanna just tell
me who you think it is? We can just sorta get on the same page. – [Julia] I would like to
point out that Mr. Grendan is already trying to cheat
in this investigation. – [Nathan] You know,
I’m just trying to pool the knowledge, you know, I don’t like, cheat is such a strong word. Same issues in school. People would, you know, I
would just try and collaborate. – [Julia] You know,
gathering information is good for an investigation. – [Nathan] Yeah, I would
investigate during tests, what the right answers were. – [Julia] Great, well, I’m
not giving you anything. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Julia] I’ll help you once we get there. – [Nathan] Cool, cool, cool, cool. – [Julia] We have to get there first. – [Nathan] Sure. – [Jacob] I’ve got a quick question. – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] Clarification. Murder, not common at human parties? – [Julia] Very much not so. If it’s a party that goes well. – [Jacob] Typically no murder there. – [Julia] Typically no. – [Karina] It’s kind of a social faux pas. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Oh, okay. – [Julia] A little bit. – [Jacob] It’s different. You know, things are different. – Yeah.
– I’m coming to grips– – [Julia] You know, that’s fine. Sometimes, some people like to partake in a murder mystery dinner sort of thing. – [Jacob] And that, it is
okay to murder at those. – [Julia] Uh, no, they’re staged. – [Jacob] I’m very confused. – [Julia] It’s all fake. We don’t do murder out there. That’s, you can be put in jail for murder. That’s what we’re going to do is that we’re going to hopefully be putting someone in jail
for murder at the end of this. – [Jacob] Jail. – [Julia] That’s a place
with bars that you hopefully cannot get out of. – [Jacob] Well, I’ve not yet met a bar I could not get out of. – [Karina] That’s scary. – [Julia] Like, are you
talking about like a pub sort of bar, or–
– A what? – [Julia] Nevermind. You know, I’ll cover
this in the car as we go. – [Jacob] So we are in a car world. We do have cars. – [Julia] Yeah, imagine it’s like. – [Karina] There are cars in here? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] I can’t drive, so we know. I don’t think any of us can drive. Is that a problem? – [Jacob] I’m willing to try. – [Julia] Uh, nope. – [Nathan] I can’t reach
the pedals on most cars. – [Julia] You know,
maybe we’ll take a taxi. It’s fine. – I mean–
– We’re taking a taxi. – [Karina] I have my permit, but like– – [Julia] Oh. – [Karina] Never finished. – [Julia] Oh, God, well, I
love this cast of characters. Oh, good, one accent. – [Jacob] Does Rose have a last name, or is she just Rose? – [Karina] Let’s just say it’s just Rose. – [Jacob] Fair enough. – [Karina] She’s not
comfortable giving her full name out to these people. – [Julia] All right, well
now that we have the cast of characters, we’ll
start the investigation in the next episode. – [Group] Ooh. – [Jacob] I think it’s gonna go well. – [Karina] There’s no
way this could go wrong. (all laughing) – [Julia] Not with this crew. – [Nathan] We’ve got all
of the skills we need to solve a mystery. – [Julia] Yep, dog walking– – [Nathan] Dog walking. – [Julia] Confused. – [Nathan] Strong, yeah. – [Jacob] And millennial. – [Nathan] And millennial. (all laughing) – [Karina] You can’t go wrong. – [Julia] Yeah, I guess
we’ll see you next time, and sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry.



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