Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Shoe

Hi. I’m Jay French from Jay French Studios
dot com. And I’m going to teach you how to draw a shoe. Not a lot of people ask how to
do this because well shoes are complicated. They’re an combination of elements of textures
and fabrics. Let’s get our basic foot wedge here. Just so, we’re going to draw it around
the foot. OK. Here’s your foot outline. Very light. And we’re going to do a tennis shoe
here. Generally, you’ve got to think of how thick they are. You have a sharp edge at the
bottom. You’re going to follow the line from this angle, you will see the line following
the indent of the arch. Again, you have sharpness here, less detail at the toe end. Generally,
you have a roundness to the front of most tennis shoes, sneakers and that sort of thing.
But almost all must indent inward at that point. Slope up. OK. Now here’s where you
get into some nice shortcuts. Before we get into the details of the tongue, that’s the
complicated part. Get the sole. Again, depending on the type of shoe, depends on how thick
that is. You’ll also have some sort of trim at the top here. Now a good thing to do is
now that you’ve got this general placement. Get your knot in first. This is part of the
reason that any type of tennis shoe or sneaker is so complicated. And you can see you’re
still going to have to do some erasing. The quickest way to do laces and it’s not as realistic,
but it gives the impression, is to just do some overlapping X’s such as this. And you’re
really not even going to detail the places in between. Just sort of some curvy negative
space X’s. You can darken in the areas in between if you feel the need to for a little
even more realism. And then your tongue stick, of the shoe sticks out here. Get some shadow
from there. Now, something that every tennis shoe, sneaker and so forth always has, is
an area of trim around the laces. So get that. And get the area that is of different color
on the heel. You can even add some stitching if you want. Again, a little more realism,
the toe often an odd shape. Different brands of shoes have different shapes that go there.
And then there’s usually some type of other pieces of leather. One or two stripes. Or
all different shapes, again, depending on the brand. Add some layer, some some depth
to these. Because they’re actually leather on top of the canvas or fabric of the main
part of the shoe. This is usually in color. Cross hatching works good for this, because
it’s that type of canvas material. It gives that impression. Don’t forget them on this
side. And that’s your basic lesson in how to draw a shoe.

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