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(upbeat music) – Please welcome D L Hughley (crowd cheering) Hi Thank you for joining me. You got em right? You got em right there We will do the shoe cam you
got now you look right there and twist em around. People like to see what
you’re working with – These are Skechers
Joe Montana wears these – No no we love to know where you get them how much you paid the whole big deal. Now are those yours or
are you borrowing them? – You know well I borrowed them but they ain’t never getting em back. – Perfect, perfect – What happened to those shoes? Who knows – Who knows well happy belated birthday – Thank you thank you I appreciate that – I had no idea you just turned 55 – Yup – I thought you were younger than that – No well if you took an
x-ray you’d know how old I was – That’s what I always say – They say black don’t
crack but just take an x-ray what’s all that cholesterol? – But you’ve been around for a long time – A long time long time – A long time and happy anniversary – Thank you thank you – I don’t know that much about
you I had no idea that you 33 years married – Yeah – That’s all of your life – That’s my whole, I’ve been married since I was 21 years old – You owe her – Yeah I do for real that
that why she gotta stay – Yes – She gotta stay – Children? – Oh yeah my children
are what, I don’t know – There something older
and out of the house? – Well not really cause
now they millennials you know millennials never leave – Oh okay – Like its hard to respect somebody when they still sleeping in a double bed – Exactly – I graduated from college
but you still don’t have Spiderman sheets so I don’t get it – Where’d you meet your wife? – I met her at the LA
Times I was a sales rep and she was a sales rep too and I knew I would marry
her the first time I saw her – Did you want – She didn’t know she didn’t know – Did you originally
want to be a comedian? – I wanted to be something I didn’t know – Where are you from? – I’m from 135th and
Avalon so I grew up here – Oh right here – No, in Los Angeles – Oh right there – And when you say 135th
black people they’re like oh – White people are like I don’t I don’t I see it on the news sometimes – Is that the hood? – Yeah well I think
everybody I grew up with is either dead or in jail – Oh okay – I think it’s pretty but I always knew I would be something I just
didn’t necessarily know – Know what? Well you’re a pretty big deal look let’s talk hot topics. Now we talked about you here
on hot topics awhile ago. You were at war with our love Terry Crews and I couldn’t figure out
what you were fighting over so then I did some digging and
it was something about Terry not punching a man in the
face because a man grabbed him in the (censored) – Right I don’t think that’s unreasonable – Do retell Okay nevermind – Like like like he got
mad because he thought that I was a emasculate which
I wasn’t I was tellin him you know his agent grabbed
him and he was shocked and obviously that’s – They were at a public event
and lots people were there people were dressed in suits
Mrs. Crews Terry’s long wife was there as well and
the agent out of nowhere grabbed Terry in his privates
and Terry was talking about it on TV. On Hot Topics and so DL said well why didn’t you punch him in the face? – Right – As apposed to just swatting
him and you know being like ew ew ew – The thing was that’s your
agent your agent works for you like you can’t touch my (mumbles) But I that’s not This is not gonna this
is my general philosophy there are few a very few
things that black people own. – Yeah – We can’t, we’re told
where to live and what to do and how far we can go the only
thing we own is our person and you not gonna put your hands on me. I don’t care who you are
you’re not gonna do it – And terry’s thing was that
he didn’t wanna perpetuate being that big, angry black man – Right but you can earn it like if you violate my person you’ve earned everything
you finna right get. Everything and I don’t
think like this whole notion that we all have to think
alike and process things like they made he’s a big man but they made more than
just one like it’s the my father said never start a fight but if somebody touches
you you’ll finish it that’s good I don’t think that that’s – Very popular saying
from fathers everywhere so have you two made up – No we haven’t – You haven’t made up? – No cause we didn’t
ever have a conversation it was just a Twitter beef – Is it a conversation or is it like everybody’s over 50 come on – Listen I don’t, I
disagree with the notion that you are emasculating somebody because you defend yourself. People they have laws in this country you could get scared in Florida shoot somebody just cause
you scared I’d be damned I think that there’s this notion that we all have to have the
same ideas and thoughts I do not – No we like different thoughts here I’m just shocked that
it’s you two going at it over something that seems to stupid – It is stupid – But okay let’s talk about R. Kelly – Yes – Alright we’re moving on Hop
Topics here with DL Hughley Gayle King did the
interview and your thoughts? – That looked like every
black woman who heard a man that was full of
(censored) I’ve ever seen. You know why I know that look Wendy? Did you see Gayle? Uh Robert – Yeah yes yes yes yes – All she didn’t say was do I look like BooBoo the
Fool? That’s all she would do and I know that look because
my wife has done that before so you don’t know this
bitch huh? You don’t? Okay You don’t? Alright. I’ve
seen that look before – How guilty do you think R. Kelly is? – To me it says a lot about a society like if you look at the
charges they’re from 98, 99 it says a lot about
society that waited till something was on a documentary
before they got enraged it says a lot about society. Our level of empathy and
rage should not be connected to a remote and that
seems disingenuous to him. – And how about him being illiterate? – Yeah I am too so (Laughing) – I mean – He believe he can fly but not read – I think we live in a
horrible situation and I think people get mad at this all the time. Fame allows you a lot – Yeah – We knew what he was doing to Aleigh we knew what he was doing in that video Michael Jackson we knew
he was sleeping with now whether you believe
that he did it or not I think they in the same
in that whether you believe R. Kelly did it or Michael Jackson They’re both horrible babysitters I don’t think we’re gonna argue about that both horrible babysitters – What were your thoughts on the Michael Jackson documentary? – I think that it’s horrible
again that society allow I don’t care who you are nobody’s sleeping a grown man is not sleeping
with my 7 year old son it’s not gonna happen
I don’t care who comes. And I believe if we love our
children like we say they do I think if we’re going to
like people always ask me and I still love I’m fans of their music. Like when you’re black – Yeah you can separate – Yeah I can’t when you
black you gotta separate like like how could you listen to R. Kelly and sing R. Kelly and
Michael Jackson songs the same way I can sing
the national anthem that’s the same way I can do that same way I can do that so – Wow When I grew up if a
piece of bread was moldy You cut that mold off that
you are the rest of that bread – Right right – You don’t punish the whole bread – All the bread ain’t goin away – Do you feel that, oh nevermind look you’re kings of comedy he’s one of the original Kings of Comedy. This is where I think we first met you I don’t know you before Kinds of Comedy and you landed with
this great lot of people all of you did well on your own – Right – Are you still touring? – Of course I still tour everywhere yes – Do you, would you tour with them? – Of course I love those guys – Like an organized tour
if they just happened to show up and pop up and then – Well I’m touring with Cedric
and George Lopez right now so we do that all the time but – That’s good – I’ll say this, when you love each other and you’re brothers you
don’t always have to see things eye to eye like I but I did resent the notion
like when Steve and Monique had that conversation I can’t say you know what everybody else’s
perspective was but when they – What conversation? Refresh us – Like when they were he was on our show and they went back and forth
and a lot of people felt like he was tellin her how to ya know I can’t say – I haven’t heard I don’t know – Wow you (laughing) – What is going – We gotta switch seats here – What is going on? – They had an argument
on his show about ya know her process and selling out
and all this other stuff they were intimating each other about it they took a 10 year they took a 20 year old
joke and put it to today and took him out of
character I’ll tell you this two men I know Steve Harvey
and George Lopez have done more for people like I’ve known
them to save peoples houses I’ve known them to loan
people money and bail them out and never talk about it so
to kinda reduce him to just that was insulting to
me it’s insulting to me – Well congratulations on
oh by the way by the way cause I’m from radio, you do radio did Stevie Wonder fire you
from his radio station? I used to work at that station I was (mumbles) at that station What happened? – Cause Stevie like I was the
morning like I was a sidekick and one day I said – To who, who was the lead kick? – It was Cliff Winston Cliff
the body was he passed on now – Okay – So he was And I said do you think
this station would this bad if Stevie could see? And 45 minutes later true
story he came down and he called me into his
office and he said we think I think you’re being disrespectful and I was (mumbles) like 20 seconds and I said Stevie I’m
over here and he’s like and then he fired me
then he hired me again then he came to my Christmas party – Okay – In December this year – So this is wealthy DL Hughley now – And he at my Christmas party and I said you remember when you fired me? And he said I would do it again – That’s how grown people fight you know what I mean? – And then I said I’m over here and he didn’t like that either (laughing) – Congratulations on your new – Its really nice I have to say – I know – It’s a pleasure meeting you I think that – We’ve never met but I always heard – We met before when you
were on radio and that was – I always heard you didn’t
like me and I didn’t know what – I heard you didn’t like me too – No here’s how I am I’m fair I like everybody until I you don’t like me – That’s how I am – And once I hear you don’t
like me then I don’t like you – That’s right – So when I heard that you were booked to come on the show I
was like oh he likes me? Or are we gonna fight
like how is this gonna – But here’s the thing, I
wouldn’t of came if I didn’t like here’s the Thing – I would of invited
you though just to see how it would go down – Here’s the thing I’m
not too different than you I’m not scared to have people dislike me or I think that you have a
right to your perspective and it the most expensive
piece of real estate in the world is what’s between your ears – Yes – You can’t get a and I I respect what you do
I just to me you know things got out of misunderstood but I’ll say
this it’s been a pleasure meeting and talking to you – Thank you don’t be a
stranger and by the way okay so your new show you’re
gonna you’re on the radio and they’re capturing
you with the TV cameras – Right – Now who are the people that
are gonna be on the show? – Jasmine Sanders is my co – Sidekick sidekick – Don’t call her a sidekick
cause I’ll have to hear it when I get home – Oh okay okay co-host – When I get back to she’s
my co-host and I have you know several people
I don’t really care about their names cause I don’t care but – They’re people who
help you with the show – No my kids are on the show
my daughter is on the show – As a regular or do
they float in and out? – Yeah – Well you know they won’t leave the house so they might as well get a job – Now will you be having celebrities? – We’re gonna have celebrities – But its not gonna be celebrity driven? – You know I think celebrities
aren’t all that interesting I think, you know what’s
interesting to me? – You know what? Very few are and you’re one of the good ones – Thank you – That’s DL Hughley everybody the DL Hughley show
premieres Monday March 18th at 11pm on TV1 (upbeat music)

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  • Lol, I love it when people are real and speak their truth!

  • This was a pretty shady interview. "I don't know you" how many times??? He got her back with "we should switch chairs". You don't get to be a King of Comedy without earning it. And who was responsible for briefing Wendy on the teassss? #foolish

  • Now i'm not tryn to be a HYPOCRITE cause I said I am DONE with Wendy but, I HAD TO SEE DL HUGHLEY! My own fuckin opinion yo!🙄

  • Personal opinions aside, why the hell is DL commenting on what everyone else is doing? Why does he even matter? Clearly he doesn’t have enough going on to fill an interview.

  • DL is “The best”❣️ His honesty and candor are amazing. Love his ability to share his family with the world. I would love to know more about his daughters and wife. He is a great father to his son who has Asperger’s. He has been fighting for his son since he was little. He is respectful even when he disagrees with you.


  • Great interview!

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  • One of my favorite comedians!!! Going to see him on March 23 in Sarasota. Early birthday present!!!!

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  • He change people life

  • This is why the whole world love Hugh. He can not be broke. Is a powerful writer n publisher. He made things. Clear to understand period. We need to see u in Africa period.

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  • She so damn messy…. it's so many other things she can talk about. Like why bring the Terry thing up now after it was already settled ….. wtf

  • Love Suzzane😂😂 and I loved Hughlys interview too. He is really honest and says it with no apologies.

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  • Oh my gosh this enterview was the booooomb! Best 12+ min of entertainment I've had in a while …Wendy and DL had me laughing Trippin choking covering my mouth ….love love love this show!!

  • Did anyone see the " jagua-R Kelly skit" on Jimmy Kimmel? It was a parody of a black man dressed in a Jaguar Costume reacting like R. Kelly in his interview. This aired around the time when the lady was attacked by the Jaguar at the zoo. It was hilarious !
    If you have the clip please post it on YouTube.

  • I enjoyed that interview! Very professional of Wendy and DL!!

  • I DO NOT CARE of what these celebs are saying today about R Kelly and MJ…they might not go to jail but they are all guilty to me by not being vocal about what was happening. I'm sure they were protecting their kids from being in R Kelly's entourage but we're letting other kids to be manipulated….so dear artists and celebs, have several seats. U are nowhere better than R Kelly little hands.

  • DL is still looking GREAT!! I always loved DL!! He is too funny!!

  • …AND he's married to a Black woman!! YES!!

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  • Have Harvey W, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey on your show instead instead of constantly focusing on our put everyone out there.

  • Nothing was done to Kelly because these girls are Black, no one is holding the parent's or the people around him accountable and that crusty crab wife of his.

  • I just love him, thank you for speaking the truth. That's old school logic which is so shunned nowadays!

  • What's that big cheese cloth around his neck. He like CNN career would be over if it wasn't for hating President Trump. He owes the extension of his career to President Trump.

  • Keeping it real.

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  • DL we skipped your part on kings of comedy!!!! Just a F.Y.I

  • DL is a good comedian, just too opinionated. Leave MJ alone,and those women wanted R. Kelly. Oh, and Steve did say "Money before integrity." Did he not?!

  • i agree with some of the stuff dl is saying in this interview about michael jackson and r kelly. it shouldn't have a documentary for r kelly to get what he deserves . they been known that r kelly did they stuff they say he did . even though he did it. he makes some good music. he on a lot of good songs by other artists . there where babies made to r kelly songs . should i ignore the good songs r kelly have and the good songs that r kelly is on or the artist he made a household name . if i did that there would be a lot of good songs and there would a lot of artists would get lost in their crossfire.

  • If Micheal Jackson has gone through an FBI Team rigorous intensive investigation, knowing the history of the FBI on Black high profile people and groups. That FBI team came to get M J period but they couldn't find no evidence on him after making him stripped naked and examined his private part and other investigations. The California Child Protection service did their own investigation, they did not find any child molestation on Michael.

    Then Michael went through the court system in which he was acquitted of all charges.

    People, 2 State Government bodies and 1 Federal government body (FBI) have all done their investigations on Michael nothing found on him.

    After 10 years of his death, a one-sided documentary is made on Michael, you expect me to believe it? I am sorry, I am not buying this at all. This a MONEY GRAB PROJECT PERIOD b/c they know the man is dead he can no longer defend himself.

    This is like Judge residing on a case and that Judge just listens to one side of the case, in this case, the accuser's side. after that, the Judge finds the accused guilty of all changes without given the accused any chance to defend himself/herself.

    IT IS EASY TO ACCUSED A DEAD MAN BECAUSE A DEAD MAN CAN'T DEFEND HIMSELF. When MJ was alive he defended himself fear and squire right? And the fake news Media went home with shame b/c the outcome of the case did not come out the way they expect it to be.

  • I love DL Hugley

  • By

  • Only watching for DL!!!

  • Good point about comparing R Kelly and MJ's music vs. listening to the National Anthem DL. I know that certain songs can be a bit explicit for some people, therefore, pick and choose what you want to listen to…The bibles says that ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. No one would be talking to anyone if we all held grudges against one another…It would be a SILENT world! First we have to acknowledge our wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness and TRULY REPENT (turning away from sin).
    Just for laughs, I throw out the whole bread if there's any mold on it b/c my body is sensitive.

  • DL was cut off at the end. We didn't get to hear what was interesting to him when he said that he didn't think celebrities were all that interesting…oh well!

  • The shoes..he lost my respect. 🤔🤔🤔

  • If this man can say that " He knew he was gonna marry her when he seen her" what's wrong with the rest of the black men on this society .

  • Think I just fell in love with D.L. How awesome to see a strong black man who can get a message across without being overly aggressive or sounding like a "sell out", and being humorous! I love him!

  • I love this man!

  • When you do research on MJ.
    Just remember this date December 19, 2017.

  • Wendy Williams stay tryna throw a lil light shade on the slick.."I didn't know you were 55" shoulda said "I didn't know your husband was Hugh hefner".
    Great interview tho, they feed off of each other well.

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  • I have to take DL down a notch for appearing on wendys rag show!

  • love that guy!

  • Those shoes, what?! Anyway I believe that DL has just reached the age where you really dont care about what people think about you.

  • Cut that mold off, He might be lying for the joke on that one, if he was that poor bread wouldn't last that long in the house, we didn't do that BS

  • That wasn't Terry C's direct agent, he met him that day.

  • OMG, I absolutely love this man!!

  • Lost respect for DL for being on this TV Whore's gossipy show.

  • Maybe terry crew get a black agent

  • Stevie wonder fired him because they couldn't see eye to eye lmbao

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  • I really like this guy – powerful, great conversationalist, intelligent, funny, poised and unapologetically honest. Shame on me, I have always been very judgmental about what type of man he was/is with knowing very little.

  • I totally love D.L. & Wendy. D.L is one of the most down to earth brothers in entertainment. #TeamDL

  • He got some little feet 😂😂

  • Hey I love everything DL said except how he can’t be more woke about the terry crews situation. And it seems to not bother anyone else? He made some suggestion that terry crews let himself be sexually assaulted when if you actually listened to the interview, terry DID physically stop him in a way that wouldn’t cause a commotion… now terry is smarter than DL and Wendy because he knows if he started punching and slapping, there would’ve been headlines talking about “big black terry crews punches man over “misunderstanding””…… DL is IGNORANT for acting this way towards terry crews. Had terry acted violently, he wouldn’t have been assaulted any less, he would’ve just been framed by white america. Remember PRIDE is one of the 7 deadly sins. Terry did the right thing at the wrong time. Shame on those of you for not supporting him.

  • Wow she said she did not know him before Kings of Comedy. I guess she never watched the Fresh Prince, Def Comedy Jam, Comic View etc.
    I also want to acknowledge the fact that he has been married to the same woman for 33 years. A lot of people shout out other couples but this is a great example of black love!! Congrats D.L. Hughley

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