Hi everybody, Thank you for watching once again I’ve heard it’s nice weather in The Netherlands and Belgium So today I’m going to make summer snacks I saw several nice recipes on the internet, and now I’m going to do these so you can make them also Let’s get started! First I’m going to make ice With fruit Firstly I’m going to slice the fruit into small pieces I’m using this fruit however, you can choose your own favorite fruit When the fruit is sliced you can divide it over the cups After you’ve done that, add water I’ll put these in the freezer Tomorrow we’ve got ice with a delicious fruit taste! Be careful (Next morning)
The ice has been in the freezer for one night and this is how it looks Now, I’ll put it in my drink The water is cool now and also has a fruit taste The next drink I’m going to make consists of crushed ice I do strawberry sirup over it That gives a nice sweet taste This one is finished! I love sprite However, the color is really boring… So I’m going to add a blue food coloring It goes in here I use one drop And then i stir it with a straw have you ever seen this neon blue well intense blue Sprite drink I haven’t actually I really like to do this and it’s very tasty Because I love sprite You can buy very nice mason jar’s at the ‘action’ or ‘bigbazar’ That’s the name of these special cups I’m going to show you how to make flip-flops from cookies You can buy these cookies in The Netherlands. The brand that makes these is called ‘LU’ You’ll need brown sugar Some decorations and lastly fondant Let’s get started! Slice a little piece of fondant Then, roll and make a little ball of it Keep rolling Make it flat Place the piece on the cookie Press the piece a little bit to the front with the straw Just like a flip-flop! and then you can decorate it To put the flip-flops on a platter in a nice way I’m going to put sand on the platter Of course not real sand but brown sugar So that’s what I’m going to do now I also made a blue flip-flop and I’m going to make a lot more! During a picknick I could imagine you’d like some music So I’m going to show you how to make a speaker In which you can place your phone You don’t need a lot, only these cups You see these red cups a lot in the USA So maybe you already recognized them from the movies because they’re everywhere. Also, you’ll need a kitchen roll. What you can do, is what I like the most: Spray the kitchen roll I am going to spray them gold but you can spray it in every color whichever one you like the most. First, outline the kitchen roll on the cups. I outlined them both We’re going to cut them out now. This is how to start Fold the cup double make a little cut Cut the line Do the same thing with the other cup Draw the width of your phone on the kitchen roll. Cut it out now There you go! My phone fits So now is the time to spray it gold I’d just inflate 3 water balloons We’re going to make chocolate tray of it I melted the colored chocolate Let’s dip the bottom of the water balloon in it You can choose whatever color you like (Next day) The chocolate became hard Let’s bang the balloons, so they become trays. Afterwards we will put ice-cream in it. So, let’s bang the balloons There it goes (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) Get the small rests of the balloon out. Now you got eat-able trays I’m going to put ice-cream, whipped cream and sprinkles in the trays And if you question yourself what the colored chocolate tastes like: White chocolate. I’m going to make popcorn. You can put the popcorn in a normal tray however, I like this tray very much. So this is what I use for this DIY: Chocolate and these sprinkles. I’ve got pink here I find the color very cute and it smells really good, even though I don’t like chocolate. The popcorn is in the tray so let’s melt the chocolate over it. Let’s start. I melted the chocolate and put it in a ‘Zip Lock’ bag. Now I’m going to put it over the popcorn. Let’s cut it. Put it over the popcorn. Now it’s time for the sprinkles. Done already! I find this the best popcorn I’ve ever seen Especially because I like these colors and pink by far. We’re going to make the chocolate lollypops now. I bought these figures for only one dollar. And again, the pink chocolate which you can melt. When finished, I put the chocolate in a ‘Zip Loc’ bag and cut it here. I’ll put it in here. Let’s melt it. I cut the straws right here, so I can use them as sticks. This is what the hard chocolate looks like. I’m going to make a melon on a stick I like melon so much That’s why I’m really looking forward to this one I cut the melon And make a hole in the middle, so this hole fits. Be careful with a knife! If needed, ask your parents for help and put this stick in. I like the result and it’s very easy to make. I did it in a few seconds and it’s also very delicious. You can buy the sticks I use here at ‘action’. And doesn’t it look very cute? I have a very light skin and freckles as well so I can get a sun burn very easily. That hurts really bad sometimes. So that’s why I have a handy tip for you guys Which reliefs the pain a bit and which makes the burn disappear fast! So what you need is, a cup with which you are able to make ice, and aloe vera. Maybe you already know what aloe vera is. It softens & cools the skin, that’s why it’s so nice for when you have a sun burn. So, what I’m going to do next: Dividing the aloe vera over the cups. I’ll do this one in the fridge. This one also. So if you’ve got a sun burn, this can make you feel better really! Thank you for watching this video, and I hope I gave you some inspiration. Did you like this video? Please give this video a thumb up. I’m going to enjoy the sun guys! Bye!

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