DIY How to Sharpie Tie Dye Kids Shoes AND How to make T-shirt Tie Dye Headbands! EASY! 4K GoPro5

it’s me Tiffany Taylor so excited to show you this video this one was so fun to make we made some the tie dye shoes and headbands so easy anyone can do it but first if you’re new to my channel
subscribe and click the little bell so you know I have a new video check these out what they dirty eww! aren’t they just the coolest? look it the colors spread really fast friends there’s so many ways to wear these, you can wear them like this, peace, or you can wear like this this is my favorite to wear like this now let’s get started with this video this is what you need, marker, white shoes, alcohol a dropper start with any color you want, pink, orange, now with help I added alcohol with my
mommy while this dries you can work on another part of the shoe then add alcohol to that part, add more colors, blue, purple color anywhere on the shoe and repeat the steps it’s looking good once dry, I covered the rest of the white spots alcohol and ta da! all done! this is what you need shirt, marker, alcohol, scissors cut shirt cut the stitching off start coloring them time to add the alcohol once dry, cut each in three pieces start braiding I want them brighter, then add alcohol tie a knot, tada! I love them! so that was my DIY sharpie
tie-dye video if you like this video give me a thumbs I’ll see you later friends, bye friends! you

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