DIY How to Make Knee High Lace up – Cloth Doll Knee High Leather Boots Tutorial – Part 1

yeah greetings wonderful viewers in this
video I’m going to show you how to make a pair of platform thigh high gladiator boots for your doll make
sure that when you pick the vinyl fabric for your to make these doll shoes make sure you pick something that it’s
pretty firm and sturdy that can stand up like this this is video 1 of 3 this is um it’s a very long process but it is very fun. you can pick interesting and fun things
to put in the bottom of your doll’s wedge heel shoes you can pick different colors have fun
with this project thank you so much for watching. I look ot
forward to seeing you in the next video. I am going to go over the the materials
that you will need for this project you will need some clear vinyl you can buy this at walmart and you can
buy it is very inexpensive and it’s the is called clear vinyl covering and
people use it to cover their their furniture so it is really sturdy and
it’s nice and thick. you’re also going to need the you can
get like a a pack of these are just really cute little faux diamond of course we know these are not real diamonds right. but you can get these from joanns or
Michaels or maybe whatever craft store it is near you .I am not sure if this is a good focus so that you are able to see what I have used in the shoe. as you can see this is really cute, I love it. and you can also get a pack of pearls or
faux pearls of course these aren’t real. and you can get these from Joann’s Walmart
Michaels any little craft store nice bag, they are very inexpensive. you’re going to need the thick foam. That I’m always talking about. I love this foam. See how nice and thick it is? You are going to need this. you’re also going to need a glue gun
because for this project it requires a lot of patience and you
the glue gun and it works really fast and sticking things together and you’ll
see but it is very tedious. But I i don’t think any other glue will work. So you are going to need the glue gun. And you are going to need…see what else my favorite scissors for crafting. These
Fiskar scissors which are good for.. they cut through all types of media and I think
these things work that’s when you’re cutting through the thick foam especially when you want a nice shape and you’re going to need some ribbon for
this project to go around the rim of the shoe to cover up the edges where we’re
putting the the glue with the glue gun and you’re also going to need some stick
pins for this project because year when you place the vinyl around the edge of
the soul you’re going to use the stick pins to
hold the vinyl in place and then you’re going to use the glue gun to put the
glue in between where you’re placing the pins. So I think that’s all we’re all of
the materials you’re going to need for this project so we’re going to go ahead and get
started. And oh, we are going to need one more thing. you’re going to need patience and just
you know being okay with getting your fingers
sticky and hot because as you put the glue in you’re going to need to like
softly push it against the foam and you’ll see I hope you enjoyed this project and
thank you so much for watching This completes part 1 of 3 on how to
make these platform Thigh high gladiator boots for your doll. I
look forward to seeing you in the next video and thank you so much for watching.
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