Hi Everyone! Welcome back to BlueprintDIY kids! Today, I am going to show you how I made the
american girl adidas sneakers for Gabby’s Sneaky Mommy Birthday Surprise
gift. If you want to see her reaction to her surprise,
please check out that video as well. And also, if you haven’t subscribed please
subscribe for many more doll crafts. Please also note that these are the first
two pair of these that I’ve done, so you will see imperfections as we go along. Ok, so let’s first talk about how I made the
soles. I have to confess and say that I cheated this
week and I had my husband make the soles on his 3d printer. He is still learning how to work with different
materials so if took a few tries to get them to come out nicely. The blue sneakers were made from a glow-in-the-dark
pla. You can easily create the same effect by gluing
together layers of cardboard and painting it with glow-in-the-dark paint. Ok, so here’s the pattern. You can download from my website linked below. I cut out all my pieces and painted the adidas
logo on the back and tongue pieces. I just printed the symbol out from google
images and cut away the black part like this large symbol you see here. Then I used that as a stencil to paint the
logo. I haven’t figured out a method to make this
look perfect yet, but any tips would be great. Ok, so first I’ll sew or glue down my toe
piece. I added a couple stitches to make them resemble
the Adidas shell toe as closely as possible. Next, I’ll glue down my stripes. I used a pin to apply the glue because the
little stripes are so thin. Now I’m going to sew or glue down the shoe
string pieces. I wanted the blue ones to look more like the
adidas gazelles so I used the all-in-one shoe string piece for these. Next, we’ll sew together the front and back
tongue pieces and then sew them to the shoes. Now we can add the shoe string holes. I gave each side four holes. Next, we can fold each shoe inside out and
sew the back seam. Finally we can sew or glue down the back logo
piece. Now, I’ll use my scissors to make little snips
along the bottom edge of the shoe. Next, I’ll hot glue the cardboard piece to
the inside of each shoe. Then, I’ll add tacky glue to the inside of
the shoe sole and hot glue to the edge because I need a combination of instant and
permanent stick. Then, I place the shoe on the sole and press
down until every part is stuck where it’s supposed to be. So, there you have it. My first attempt at making American Girl sneakers. Let us know what you want us to make next. And definitely subscribe so you don’t miss
anything. See you soon! Bye!

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