DIY Flip Flop Upgrade!

hey guys it’s Becpie here today it is
really nice outside the Sun is out it’s really warm um a little bit of a breeze
in summer I always like to wear flip-flops because when I wear sneakers
they just make my feet all hot and sweaty so I’ve got some flip-flops here
and instead I’m just wearing these boring flip-flops here we’re gonna use
and do a craft with these and make them look really cool so we’ll go down here
second what you’re going to need for this hour two paper plates one to put
each flip-flop on while it’s drying some glue I’m using the Elmer’s a glitter
glue glitter glue it’s amazing I got some for my birthday and this is like
awesome like it’s just it’s just awesome I’ve got some flip flops as you know and
then you’re gonna want some beads I have these really pretty blue beads that I
got and actually I got these in my Hobby Lobby haul video so make sure you go
check that out you can click right up there and you can that’ll take you over
to that video so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna going to be putting
glue all on the straps and we’ll put beads all over it and cover the straps
with the beads so I’ll give you guys a closer look so I’ve got this flip-flop
I’ve got this other flip up here but I’m just gonna set that aside cuz I’m gonna
show you what to do with this first one so I’m outside to help it to dry quicker
so go ahead and make sure there’s nothing on your flip-flop that is going
to get on the glue and be permanently on there because that would not be good so
I’ve got my things cleaned off here and there are two ways you can do the bees
each of the ways give you a different look with the beads so the first way
which is the way I’m gonna do it you’re going to I’m just gonna do a little
section at a time just put a little bit of glue there and then use your nozzle
and spread it all around on the strap and if you are using glitter glue and
you just like it like that look – look all glittery that’s fine too
I like that look but you can do it however you want and then the first way
which is the way I’m gonna do it pour a bunch of beads into your hand and this
is why I’m doing over the plate you’re going to just sprinkle beads all over
where the glue is and if they’re starting to fall off you can push them
back on and that’s the first way the second way
you can do it which actually I’m not gonna do it like this because I prefer
to have more beads on there if you want it to look like there’s more like holes
from where the beads are not you can put the glue on here and then have a like
plate full of beads and then stick the and stick the glue on the flip flop down
onto it and then I’ll pick up some of the beads so I’m gonna keep going with
this so now that you guys get how to do it
I’m gonna go ahead and finish these up and I’ll show you how they turn out in
just a moment so I finished up with both flip-flops so you’re probably wondering
how they turned out here’s the back of them
drum roll they turned out really good I really love how like I really love this
bead pack with this color the flip-flops because all the beads are kind of
transparent but they all have a little bit of color and they just go really
well with the flip-flops it was really easy to do them and took me about 10
minutes not counting the drying but drying you don’t have to sit there and
watch it every second of the time that it’s trying so they turned out really
good I really love them and when you make your pair I want you to comment
below and tell me how they turned out colors did you use which method do you
did you use did you sprinkle the beads on or did you dip the flip-flop with the
glue on it into the beads I want to know this stuff I want to hear from you guys
and so keep an eye out for some other videos I’ve got coming out I’ve got a
bunch of summer craft videos that I’m planning that I will have out there over
the summer and that’s all for today and so make sure you go check out some of my
other videos um find any videos that you haven’t watched and go watch them and
keep an eye out for new videos that I’ll be posting soon and I’ll see you guys
next time so it has been a day since I made the flip-flops with the beads on
them or I guess I didn’t make them I since I put the beads on the flip-flops
and I noticed that a few beads were starting to come off like when I bumped
it or something so I decided to go ahead and modpodge it I’m like Mod Podge over
the beads hona straps and the strip of beads still in the shape of the
flip-flop straps started coming up so what I recommend doing for yours
they turn out good is I recommend using the Elmer’s glue to glue all the beads
on to kind of spread the glue around just like we did in earlier in the video
and then pour the beads over it and then go ahead and just kind of lift it up and
if it will lift up go ahead and lift it up and put superglue under there some of
the liquid superglue and if not just find little cracks and like bigger
pockets kind of and just take your liquid superglue and kind of dab it in
there for the superglue to go onto the beads and all the way through to the
strap and then it’ll help it stay on the strap better so just a little tip for
when you guys are doing it so then all the beads don’t fall off they’re very
comfortable if you find the beads are coming off you can so yeah you can try
that if you want

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