DIY Barefoot Running Sandals (Huaraches) with **Flip-Flop Lacing**

Hi everyone! Today I will be demonstrating to you how to lace up this flip-flop style lacing for these barefoot sandals. They are partly inspired by the Ultra-Minimalist Fisherman Style that I found on Xeroshoes website which had one strap on the top of your foot instead of two. But I found it to be very floppy under my toes so I decided to create my own style. So let’s get started with the video! First, you start off by cutting out the sole
from your vibram sheet. And then, you locate the holes between your toes and on the side of your foot as you would with the Ultra-Minimalist Fisherman style. And then, you put two strings instead of one inside the hole between your toes and use the lighter to secure it (and make it as flat as possible). And then you take the two strings
and put them through each side, from top to bottom. And loop it around like so… Do the same on the other side. And then loop them around the back of your foot. Instead of tying them off then and there, I found that to make it more secure you can feed them through the holes that you created before. So it will bring the shoe *together*. You might have to adjust the ropes a little so that they are not tangled up. To finish it off, you tie it up like you would with the Ultra-Minimalist Fisherman style,
except this time you do it twice. And here I am showing you that the lacing
is adjustable and that you can adjust it to how it best fits your foot. And this is my awkward modelling 🙂 I hope this helps you somehow and good luck with your barefoot sandals! Thank you for watching:) PEACE OUT!


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