Dishes of adidas


  • Очень крутые видео я подсела на тебя! И кажись я одна русская…

  • Cleeks don’t watch this ok

  • サッカーやってる友達にこれ見せたら

  • ちょっと旨そうなんだが

  • 1:20 부학 부헉 부흑

  • 1:15 🙁

  • これ最後食べるなって書いてあるけど

  • True Slav Feast

  • R.I.P. Adidas

  • Do you still have money?

  • Pauvre baloon😥😥😥😥

  • Ебать лучше всяких асмр

  • Как такие видео называются?

  • 편집실력이 대단하네요~🇰🇷🇰🇷💋❤❤

  • This is mi favorite asmr

  • What americans see Brazilian eat :

  • OMG

  • все так реалистично кнш

  • すげえ美味そう

  • Xxxxxxxx

  • АSMR

  • 나:엄마!내가 아디다스 요리해줄게
    엄마:이녀석이 진짜

  • Wohl eher Fußball Küche
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Du hast einen deutschen Kommentar gefunden😉

  • 배고파..

  • Poor trainers. Abibas

  • Yes, I too strain my spaghetti on a table instead of the sink…

  • なぜ1年前の動画にこんなに最近のコメントがたくさんあるのだろうか…

  • That knife so sharp tho😂

  • Why does it look delicious tho

  • when you don't know how to cook

  • This is a waste of shoe xD

  • 謎に外人が多い

  • finally some normal food on the internet

  • It is really clever what you have done with the cups for the boiling water, and i also admire how sharp your cutlery is

  • وين العرب

  • 2:07 oh well …

  • DUDE DA SHOE!!!!

  • 1:08 R.I.P adidas….

  • 1:30 물을버릴거면 씽크대에서 해야죠,,,,

  • 축구화 익히니까 홍합되는건 누구 아이디어여? 참신하고만

  • Hola/hello

  • Pls upload more

  • If adidas comment I bet he would be like

  • три полоски три по три полоски
    (only russians will understand)

  • How to edit

  • OMG

  • How to edit it?

  • 혹시 한국인을 찾았나요? 네 저 여깄어요.

  • 저사람 한국사람인가요? 냄비가..매우 한국스러운데…?

  • サッカーボールがァァァァァァァァァァもったいなーい

  • 반가운 한국인

  • recommend again huh

  • okay but honestly these videos are so cool

  • BruV

  • You are very strange😂😅

  • Holy snap why is this so satisfying

  • I can literally feel the amount of effort it takes to make these kinds of vids when you're cutting the objects

  • R.I.p To ThE sOcCeR BaLl dIdnT ExPloDe

  • please please upload more vids. This is soooooo satisfying.

  • Dia orang mana ya in koq judulmya bahasa indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Thats one expensive noodles

  • this is so guuuuuuddd

  • 1:31 do people actually

    U made 2x harder to clean up the liquid

  • new asmr

  • adidasになにされたんや。。。。

  • Quick face reveal 2:07

  • スゴすぎる……

  • ASMR해도 되겠어요

  • こういうの、フツー食わねーだろ。ヤバイ😅

  • やっぱこれは低評価多いな

  • You waste our money adidas is expensive u know

  • Is he Asian cause I saw his fave when I pause it I don't know

  • adidasに親殺されたんか?

  • มันคืออะไรคะ

  • ทำอย่างไรถึงตัดทุกอย่างได้อะครับ งง ตัดต่ออย่างไร และใช้เครื่องมืออะไรตัดของพวกนั้นคับ

  • На это больно смотреть.


    Do not cut or eat soccer equipment.

  • No apto para fans de pes

  • 最近こういう動画にハマった

  • I want Try This in Home

  • I’m thinking about how much money it takes to do this, especially because he’s destroying shoes…

  • Since your seeing my comment cuz YouTube is being weird might as well turn the thumb blue

  • I wonder if he can collab with HowToBasic…

  • 하, 한국인?

  • 食べてる音が気持ち

  • Ебать всем так интересно слушать как какойто перец чавкает

  • Gopnik food

  • slav approved

  • chop chop chop

  • Has any of you wondered if he actually chopped it.?

  • I wonder how long it took them to finish this

  • Это как

  • You are making very nice videos

  • Creative

  • does anyone else get 2 fps?

  • 何故か美味そうに見える不思議

  • 音が良い‪w

  • 봉골레스파게티네 ㅋㅋ

  • America: do you like spaghetti?
    Russia: yes
    America: shows him this vid
    Russia has left the chat

  • British people are quaking

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