Dillard’s sandals for the summer season | SA LIVE | KSAT 12

well it’s time to step out in style and comfort with some great summer sandals and you can find them right here at Dillard’s Northstar joining me today is Melissa Adair communications director these are some incredibly pretty sandals but they’re also incredibly functional that’s right you know there’s no better way to update your summer wardrobe than with new Footwear I’m just really changed the way it looks altogether head to toe yes yes so let’s talk about them so you know a big trend that we’ve seen across the board and sportswear in Footwear it’s kind of that Moroccan you know kind of just a really almost boho vibe and you see that here on these two shoes here this from Vince Camuto and then here on the spam element even got beating and raffia details so that’s just a lot of fun and then we recently started carrying katy perry’s line of footwear and just like her her Footwear is so much fun and then just you know espadrilles people think of espadrilles being wedges but i love it on a great flat as well a flat sandal it just has that nice summer vibe and then of course on a bright color from bents camuto another big trend we’ve been seeing is gingham and here we’ve got a nice louise at see some gingham style with just great little walk heel so it’s still casual but it can be polished and a little more dressed up you know the pool slide it’s been a staple for summer you know this year last year and even the year before when we saw it introduced and so it’s just been updated a little bit now I love this one from Gianni Beni I love the floral detail and you know what’s great about them is you wear to the beach wear to the pool you’re still cute comfortable and get it wet and it and then Birkenstock has a new Eevee a style so if you love Birkenstock this is a great option it’s a much lower price point and then a different take on the full slide you know I love this for Lucky Brand with the oversized bow detail we’re seeing oversized bows on Footwear on sportswear as well we all love our brow right it’s a neutral here in town so I love this from Steve Madden and being as it’s clear gonna go with everything and it’s gonna look you know just let your foot it’s just plain it’s just really cute really rings on your toes exactly so in addition to all of these great trends you know you mentioned comfort so one of my favorite comfort vendors is Bionic and Bionic offers comfort and fashion and we’re actually in the middle of vionic week it’s May 20th through 26th so wanted to show some of these Bionic shoes so we’ve got a great beaded phone here from Bionic wonderful flip-flop even this fun little slide here and then some great colors as well from Bionic now what I love about Bionic is that it was created by a podiatrist so they’ve got your posture and just your overall comfort and stability in mind so it’s great for you it’s great for your feet it corrects over pronation it really gives your foot stability it can even help with knee pain and back pain so here at Bionic we can also get a clutch with your purchase come see the new spring styles here at Dillard’s Northstar through May 26 remember you get a free clutch with regular price Bionic super cheese

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