Deutsch lernen: Schuhe & Einkaufen im Schuhgeschäft / learning German: shoes & shoe shopping

shoe This is a shoe. pair This is a pair of shoes. a few These are a few shoes. boot This is a pair of boots. These are a few boots. leather – Is the shoe made of leather?
– Yes! sole The sole is made of rubber. heel My shoes have small heels. shoelace I need shoelaces for eight holes. shoe shop This is a big shoe shop. Here there are women’s shoes, men’s shoes and children’s shoes. – Excuse me, where can I find children’s shoes? – On the right-hand side. – Thank you! shoe shop assistant (m.) shoe shop assistant (f.) Shoe shop assistants sell shoes. to cope / manage – Good day! Do you need any help? to look around – I’m fine, thank you. I’m just having a look around. size – Do you have these shoes in size 38? – I think so. One moment, please. I’ll have a look in the storeroom. to measure – Can you measure his feet, please? – No problem! Please stand here. He has size 29 to try on I’ll try the boots on. – Do they fit?
– Yes, they fit. too small They are too small. Do you also have the next size up? too big They are too big. Do you also have the next size down? just right They are just right. expensive The boots are too expensive for me. good value for money These here are really good value. price Where is the price? Ah, here! to cost The boots cost 25 Euros. offer The shoes are on special offer this week. checkout I pay for the shoes at the checkout. shoe box – Would you like to take the shoe box? – Yes, please! shoe spray – Would you also like some shoe spray? – No, thank you. cobbler (m.) cobbler (f.) Cobblers repair shoes. – Hello! I would like to have my shoes repaired. insole I need insoles for my shoes. lining These winter boots having lining. frills The boots are decorated with frills. velcro strap Velcro straps are great for small children. bow Can you tie a bow? knot I tie a double knot. That holds better. zip Oh no, my zip is stuck. strap Be careful that the strap doesn’t rip. buckle l like shoes with buckles. low shoe In spring and autumn I like wearing low shoes. Those are good shoes for the time between winter and summer. trainers The children need trainers for sports lessons. boots Those are elegant boots. ankle boots In winter, I like wearing ankle boots. rubber boots When it rains, he puts his rubber boots on. sandals In Germany, people like wearing sandals. ballet flat shoes In the summer, I like wearing ballet flat shoes most of all. flip-flops I wear flip-flops on the beach. flip-flops I take my flip-flops to the swimming pool. walking boots Walking boots are very robust. slippers Slippers are very comfortable. stilettos Stilettos are not very comfortable, but very elegant. to put on I put my shoes on. to take off I take my shoes off.


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