Hi guys! Today we’ll be making… Something for me! Ugh! Sam! Selfish much? Today I’ll be making… A gift for me! Sam, you’re despicable! Despicable MEE! Despicable Meeee! Everyone can see that. You won’t even let me tell what I’ll be making today. Hmph! That’s easy – something boring, of course… No! Boring, boring… na-na-na-na-na! Phew… Sam has finally calmed down, at least, for a while. And I can show you what I’m going to make today. Oh, it’s suddenly become so cold here and I really need slippers to wear at home! I’ll make them from these materials! Bananaaaaa! Sam! Oh! You are not on the water to go for a banana ride! Wheeeeeee! Sammy, what is up with you? It’s because of your slippers! They’ve awoken something despicable in me. Oh really? These are just slippers. They couldn’t have awoken anything like that. Guys, do you wear slippers at home? Write in the comments! Looks like Sam has finally calmed down and now I can start. I need to sew this part to this one. But first… Would you like to try a banana with cream! Oh? Thanks, it’s so sweet of you… Mmm….Ewwww! It’s toothpaste! Hahahaha… bananaaa! He has no control! Passing toothpaste for cream is very naughty! Alright, I’ll continue. I’ll take some of this purple wool and wrap it around my fingers, just like this… and that should be enough. Now I’m going to take it off. Attach it right here to give the wild minion some wild fluffy hair. Now we’ll stitch it together, just like this. Stitch by stitch. And some more here. Almost… Now I’m going to add some red to give it a little more decoration. Does this hairdo suit me? Look! Look! La-la-la-la… Well…Though you are wild, I think you’re better off without it. Hmph! Well, fine! But this wild minion does need a hairdo. So I’ll take these scissors and cut the wool, very, very carefully. Then I’ll fluff it up with a toothbrush to make it really fluffy… It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!! Please, don’t. It’s SOOOO fluffy! II went ahead and made the second one as well. But, er… wait!Where’s the first one? Er… Sam? Zzzzzzz…. Sam, wake up, it’s not a bed! What? Where? Oh. Well, I’m off… Go on… And I’ll attach it to the top of the sole… I need to do it very slowly, to make sure it doesn’t get all distorted. Hey…uh Sue! What would you call two bananas? Uh…I don’t know. Just bananas, I guess… Wrong! A pair of slippers! Haha… Well, that’s what I’m making here. Right. Just a little bit more… And one slipper is done! Yeah! Now I need to make the other! Ah, come on! Get in there! Agh! I need to save it for the sweet day! Ugh! Come on!! Dumb banana! Oh, Sam! It’s additional decoration for your slippers! Thanks, but I’d rather do without it. Why can’t you do without slippers? I can! Well, I won’t make slippers for you, then. And mine are ready! Warm and cozy. Now my feet won’t get cold! Rhaaaaar! Haha, hey guys! If you like these slippers like Sam does, give a thumbs up! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Bye!

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