Dead Man’s Shoes 2004 Full GQ

� I can’t be
held responsible �
� For the things I say �� For I am just �� A vessel in vain �� And I can’t be
held responsible �
� For the things I see �� For I am just �� A vessel in vain �� No boat out
on no ocean �
� No name there
on no hull �
� And it’s not
a strain at all �
� To remember �� Those that I’ve
left behind �
� They’re all standing �� Right here beside me now �� And most of them �� With a smile �� My ideals �� Have got me on the run �� Towards my connection �� With everyone �� My ideals �� Have got me on the run �� Towards my connection �� With everyone �� My ideals �� Have got me on the run �� It’s my connection �� With everyone �� Such free reign �� For a vessel in vain �God will forgive them.He’ll forgive them
and allow them into heaven.
I can’t live with that.Fancy
you don’t mess about with that fire, mate. No. Here you go, mate. I’ll help you in. I’ve got to go to– Oh, you did
well there, lad. You’ve really
earned that. Anthony. Anthony.
Hey, all right, mate! Just do me
a quick favor, mate, on the way down
to the shop, all right? Oh, no, I’ve got to go
towards Stiletto. It’ll take you 5 minutes.
Now, come here! Here’s one, bro. Morning, Gage. All right. Fucking great
pills, man. Yeah, I’ll have
to do you for that. That’s 15 for
the single one. Fucking go
gambling, mate? All right, man. Enjoy yourself, man. Okay, Weir. Yeah,
can I have two? Sweet. Cheers, Gage. Can I help you, mate? Sorry? What the fuck
are you looking at? At you, ya cunt! See you
in a bit, yeah? Hang in. Hang in. I ain’t gonna
fucking do it, am I? Don’t worry. I likes you anyway. � Sonny. Cheers, man. Have any more? No, I don’t, man. Taste that beer
before you drink it. It just isn’t
enough, admit it. Just seen old Jane in town. Have you?
Mmm. Good man.
Deal ’em out. She had a hot
skirt on. She’s
randy for you. She might as well
not wear anything. Really? I’ll be on my floor
tonight on that skirt. See you happy
chaps later. 10:00 about. Don’t get pulled.
I won’t. Take it easy, Herb.
See you, mate. Sorry about
over there, mate. I really just
lost the head there. I don’t know what
happened to me. I just don’t know
what come over me. Sorry. Shouting at you
was the wrong thing. It’s all right, man. What’s your name?
It’s Herbie. No. What’s your name? No, it–it is.
I’m called Herbie, man. Whoa, me, I’m really sorry. I’m really ashamed of myself
for losing control. Okay, mate.
All right. Under the bridge water. Yeah. Let it flow. All right, mate. They spit-roasted
me on video. Sense of life, man. He’s still alive– “Janie and Rebecca
loving– “getting each other off
at the shower time, and they really want
you to join in.” I would if I had a shower.
You know what I mean? Oh, Jesus.
I love English cock. Do you? You guys have
really tasty spunk. Oh, she’s
a little slut. Dirty cow. Not today, thanks. Herbie, dickhead. Yeah, all right. Herbie. “Janet loves
alfresco fun,” so why not join her
as she spreads herself “wide in the open air?” What’s alfresco? Alfresco, that’s
up your anus, ain’t it? Is it?
In the anal. “Fancy a tit fuck?” No, thanks. “I love taking
his cock deep so his shaven balls
are in me face.” Hi, chaps.
Righto. Herb. Herbie.
Herb, Herb. Hey, I’m all skin up.
Man, I got some gear. Yeah, put it together. Let’s do some
of Sonny’s gear. You need to chill out a bit. Don’t take fucking
much elation. Uh, you’ve had
enough of that. He’s checkin the stuff
and don’t touch the acid. Don’t touch the acid. Fuckin’ hell. I was
in farm today, man. Listen, Tuff.
Was in farm. I’m listening.
I’m listening. Doing me dealing, right?
You know what I mean? Had to scout about and stuff, and as soon
as I waltz in, there was this
fucking bloke having a bit of
a butcher’s at me. Went over, like, “Do you
want a fucking picture?” What’s going on?”
He’s like, “Huh?” Mongrel can hardly speak. And then I says,
“Listen. What the fuckin’ hell
are you looking at?” He goes,
“You, you cunt!” Get out.
Seriously, man. So I go down to club
seeking Sonny, don’t I? So I’m coming out– coming out back
of the club. You know where
the stairs are? Yeah. Was on me phone. Next minute, “Aah,”
he’s right there. I’m fucking
like a ghost, man. What that? Faint now, dead.
Know what I mean? So I faint now.
Know what I mean? Were you sweating,
though? I was like whoa, but he
starts apologizing. The guy comes
up to you, more or less
threatens you. Then he jumps
out on you going to fucking work,
and you shake his hand? That’s what I mean.
Freaky, innit? No, you’re
fucking freaky. You know what
I think it is? I’ve been racking me
brains all bastard day. Yeah, it’s a local
lunatic, innit? Hey, Tuff.
Anthony’s brother. It was Anthony’s
brother, man. Stop it!
Don’t crowd him. Don’t crowd him,
all right? You’re making him
nervous. I know you got to go, but let me just say
one thing, all right? I don’t mind. I just don’t like when
people are just fucking rude. You know what I’m saying? I’m sorry I hit you before.
I didn’t mean to. Yeah? There’s no
blood, is there? Huh? Huh? Yeah! That isn’t a bloodstain. That isn’t
a bloodstain, is it? At this pace,
it’ll give you the appetite
of an artist. No, no, no.
Trust me. I don’t like
one of these things here. Blow for me, mate. I don’t want him
to do any more. Oh, come on, man. He don’t want
to do any more. No, but listen. What you got to do is,
if you do want… Has he gone?
Did I miss it? Did I miss
the other one? He’s real
fucking paranoid. Come on. Keep your hands
off of him. It was weird in town
today, weren’t it? Weren’t it? Don’t change,
does it? No, sure as shit no. No, it weren’t. What are them little
lines in your hair? What, them?
Mm. You did them. I certainly did not.
Yeah, you did. No, I didn’t.
When you cut it. Are you trying to
look like a gangster? No, I’m gonna
grow it anyway. What are you
growing it like? Don’t know. Long hair. Like Bon Jovi. No. I’m gonna have to go back to town in a bit,
mate, to sort some
business out. I don’t want
to go, Richard. You don’t have to. Is that Sonny’s
stuff, yeah? He’s gonna go mad. He’s not gonna
go mad. Sonny can share. Oh, no, man. We got to do an experiment
for the mix. And you have been chosen
as the lead astronaut. Fucking opinion
as a connoisseur. Go on, have
a go at that. Whoa, what you up to? Come on, give me it.
Come on. Come on. Let me into
your thoughts. It’s an interesting one,
this. Give me your thoughts.
Come on. Don’t think
about it too much. Byzantine period. Byzantine period. I’ll give you
a clue, man. Italy. Italy?
Italy. It’s for the Italians.
It’s for the Italians. But you say that now.� It’s amore �It’s fucking
parmesan cheese! You dirty bastard. Fuck off. Fuck you. All right, I’m off. I’m off, Gage. Are you sure
you can make it? Yeah. I’ll strut my way
and all that. You must be
fucking cursed. I’ll fucking
nightmare you. See you in a bit, yeah?
See you in a bit. Hey, take care. See you in a bit. Say hello to Sonny. Yeah, I will, mate. Oh, man, he’s off
his fucking trolley. Have you seen him? Fuckin’ hell. Fuckin’ hell, man. Fuckin’ hell! Tuff! Tuff! Listen! There’s a man
standing at the door with massive eyes. It looks like his
fucking eyes are on fire. Come on. Come on. He was still down there. Shh! He was–He was
still there. He had a mask.
He had a mask. His eyes were massive! Like an elephant. Well, where is he? He was still there
when the door closed. He had this big
suit on, man. Massive eyes, man,
I’m telling you. You think this is
funny, Herbie? You guys really run
around like fools, either of you. I ain’t jokin’. What can I say? I’m not
making it up! He had massive eyes! I’m stopping
here tonight. You’re not stopping
at my house. I’m stopping here. Just let me
stop here! I’m not gonna
piss about, am I? Get your fucking
stuff and get– Fuckin’ hell, man. What the fuck’s that? What the fuck was
I telling you? He fucking broke
into me fucking flat. Hey!
Hey! Where’s Sonny’s gear? We’ll find you,
bastard! What’s up?
Where’s Sonny’s gear, man? We’ll find you! Fuckin’ hell. Where was it, man? It was on
the fucking table. Where’s Sonny’s gear? Check your pockets.
Check your pockets. I don’t fucking
have it. I didn’t go out
with it, did I? Check ’em anyway,
you twat! These just fell down. Haven’t got the food. What was her name? Cynthia. No. Ruby. Ruby. No. She had a break,
and it broke in two. That was a dog. She’s a fucking dog! Spoke with her
for 2 1/2 hours. You lay the fuck off. You fell asleep.
You fell asleep. Fell a-fuckin’-sleep. Get in the door. You fell asleep. Listen, you fuckin’ A.� It’s all right �� I’m feeling strange �� When monkey ran high �� I feel it coming �� Something new �� Never thought I’d find
another man like that � � Yeah � � Man, I was
enjoying that. Right, Herbie, I think you
better tell him, innit? I’ve gotta tell him? It’s your story. Well, I know.
You guys can help tell it. Well, we don’t know it, do we?
We don’t know the story. Just tell him
the gear’s gone. End of story. Full stop.
Straight in with that. He’s gonna think
I’m on it, isn’t he? You’re supposed to give him
the bad news first, man. ‘Cause you can’t
do anything about it. Just tell him
about the drugs, man. He’s figuring it’s funny.
He’s gonna go apeshit over that. The flat’s been trashed,
it’s been painted on the wall. Yeah, tell him about
the elephant, what? Don’t mention
the elephant. Don’t mention
the elephant, Herbie. Honestly. Give a shout.
Give a shout. Sonny, mate?
Sonny, it’s like an emergency. Gotta tell you somethin’. Well, he’s banging about
now, is he? We’re coming back. Banging?
What are you– Who’s banging on
the fucking door? You, eh? What’s all here? I didn’t bang
on the door, man. Well? Are you all right, mate? I’m all right.
What you want? Sonny, we need to
have a word inside. We’ll have a word.
What you want? Well, go inside, eh? Best we go inside, Sonny. It won’t take long,
mate. Get in. We need to speak
to you. Eh? Not out here, man. All right,
who banged on the door? I didn’t
bang on the door. Herbie, don’t–
Who banged on the door? I don’t know.
I didn’t bang on the door. Herbie, I’m gonna
ask you one more time. I didn’t do it, man.
I didn’t bang on your door. Fucking pills
and everything. How many pills?
What are they? Put a few of these in? Yeah. Do you know why people
give kids drugs? So they can
control their minds. Because they’re fucking
weak-minded themselves. They’re not even
animals, mate. Fuck it.
I’ll just put all that in. Look at that, mate. Fuckin’ hell.
That’s acid. Yeah. What you gonna
do with it? I’m gonna give ’em
a super-duper fuckin’ dose. I’m gonna send ’em
to space, man. Yeah.
Mmm. This spaceship ain’t fucking
coming back though, baby. -No Cheeky bastard, though,
wreckin’ our flat. Did you see
what he did to his face? Come in and
put that on his face. He don’t even nit-know,
do you know what I mean? You know what I think,
he’s maybe fuckin’ mental bastard– If he can get in here
and do that one– He can do what he wants.
He’s trained, man. I told ya. He’s not gonna
buy this story anyway. He’s pissed off. Oh, here
he comes. Aye, Sonny.
How’s it goin’ now, man? Still a little bit there. Well, I thought
we had a deal, fellas. What do you mean, a deal? That’s not us.
We ain’t done that. He came ’round me flat, man.
He came ’round me flat and wrecked it. Put all this writing
on the wall. Smashed me lamp. Have you touched my gear?
Have you been using my gear, mate? We went out the flat,
left it on the table for five minutes. Hav you been usin’–
I’m not asking you that. I’m askin’ if you’ve
been usin’ the gear. No, I don’t get off
your gear, we sell it. I don’t touch it. Tuff? I ain’t touched it, man.
I ain’t touched it. He’s seen the geezer.
Tell ’em, Herbie. That’s what I’m sayin’.
This guy follows us all day. We go bang off the edge,
we see the elephant– It’s an elephant? Eh? Elephant? Fuck. Fire away, mate.
Fast as you can. Go on. So, at the club,
the other night, and he said
that and stuff, he followed me–
Said what? He called me a cunt.
Okay. And I saw him
earlier in the day, mate. Out the back of your club
when I come and seen you. He was at my club? Yeah, he was
at your club at the back. Same fellow?
Same guy. But I’m thinking
about this all day, man, ’cause it’s weird,
you know what I mean? So that’s when, you know,
I went to Tuff’s to just chill out, man,
you know what I mean? Sort me head out and stuff. And that’s when
I come downstairs, and this thing’s there,
it’s right there at the glass, mate. What’s this thing? This elephant thing. Fuckin’ hell. I told him not to mention
fuckin’ elephants. Now, the problem I have
is my gear’s gone, and you’re talkin’
about elephants, okay? Just nice and easy,
tell me what it is, and we’ll deal. I’m saying– Who is the elephant man? It’s– It’s–
Anthony’s brother, innit? It’s Anthony’s brother. I swear man.
I swear, it’s Anthony’s brother Richard. Hello. Hello. …and you talked to me,
and you become my friend, and then you let
these fucking idiots maul you and touch you
and feel you? What’s wrong with you? You know why
your brother left? Because you are a retard. That’s what he told me.
That’s what he told the neighborhood. “My brother Anthony
is a fucking retard, “so I’m going to go
into the army and I’m gonna run
a fucking million miles away.” I’m telling you,
you are fucking difficult to deal with. And when you’re here,
you’ve got to abide by my rules. Okay? Well, here I have
a special game for you. It’s a very special
game, okay? We play Anthony
sucks Sonny’s dick. I put this big cock
in your mouth and you suck it. You wanna play that game? Or if you don’t
wanna play that game, you can have
the mystery prize. Now what’s it gonna be?
Huh? What’s it gonna be? You have got
three seconds to answer. It is suck my cock
or mystery prize. What you wanna play? 1, 2– What is it?
What do you want to play? I’ll play the mystery– You’re such
a fuckin’ idiot. Does it work? No, it’s
a piece of shit. Oh, that’s
a shame. Don’t go climbin’ in it. No, I won’t. Look at that. I think I could use that… for somethin’. Proper, that. It’s a bit blunt. Blunt.
It’s old. Did you see him? Well, I didn’t
actually see him, no. But Herbie saw him. I mean, he was
fuckin’ scared, man. I’ve not seen him.
We were outside the flat when he did it. It’s only Herbie
who’s seen him. I mean,
how did he get here? Do you know what I mean?
He’s clever, man. How’s he got in here? How clever is that?
Do you know what I mean? He’s done his flat
in three minutes. Sorry to barge in. Just want a quick word
with these three twats! What the fuck
are you on about? We had an agreement.
No pissing about. Right? Well, who’s
done that, you twats? What’s so
bloody funny, eh? It’s not just that. Find out how did that,
you fuckin’ twats! Find out– Leave him alone!
Leave him alone! Shut up, will you?
Shut up! I’ll tell him
in me own time. Herbie tells us
we have a little visitor in town. Tell him what
we have, Herbie. Anthony’s brother’s back.
That’s who it is. He’s messing with us. If you’re winding me up,
you twat… No, he’s like a commando, man. Hang on.
Hang on. Coming through
the window. Sonny, are they
telling the truth? Are they right or what? Who’d have the balls
to do that? Eh? What’s it say, man? Never mind what it says. Eh, listen,
you pikey cunt. Shut up. What about the girl? Aye. Patti? Yeah. Where’s she? She’s a fucking slag, man.
Big-mouthed slag. Yeah, big mouth.
Someone’s… You’re having a laugh. No, I’m not. I’m not fucking Norma. I mean–
No, I’m not doing it. Now can I go
downstairs, please? If that is your choice,
what can I do? What can you do? Get out! You give my fucking
set of keys? What keys? No, Sonny! Please! Don’t lie to me, Patti.
Don’t lie to me. I’ll do it! Ah!
I’ll do anything! You wanna fuck him?
Huh, do ya? Hey. It’s been
a while, hasn’t it? There’s all my boys. Yay! That’s a cute
little urchin. She’s a sweetheart. What are you doing there? What are you doing there? Get him out of my home. Where’s your key? He’s behaving.
He’s sane. Just do as your told.
Tell me the truth. Ah! What are you doing? Not shagged.
No one’s squatting. Please, just– You look your age. You can piss off, you. She sounded honest, right? Cow! It’s only
a fucking shag! A fucking shag
with a–fucking hell! Congratulations. No, you ain’t going anywhere.
We have things to do. Whoa! Slow the car!
Slow the car! He’s fucking there! Go down there, boy.
Back up. Just stay here, all right?
I’ll do this. Hey man,
how you doin’? Rich. You okay? Mm-hmm. Yeah? You know the lads had
this ridiculous idea th– Yeah, it was me. Oh, it was? Thought so. What are you up to? Moochin’ about. Moochin’ about?
In my house? Mmm. Do you always
paint men like women? What are you doin’,
lad? That’s my concern. Not with me in my house.
Where are you staying? Motson’s farm. Gonna come
and see me, are ya? Maybe I will. Oh. You’re not
afraid of me, are ya? Why doesn’t he
just chin him? He’s weighing him up.
He’s weighing him up. Shut up. You’re making me
very nervous, Richard. Well, you should be. If I were you, I’d get in that fuckin’ car,
and I’d get out of here, man. I’d gather them goonies
and get whatever you’ve got, and come at me… ’cause I’m gonna
fucking hit you all. I don’t like being
threatened, Richard. I’m not threatening
you, mate. It’s beyond
fucking words. I watched over you
when you were asleep, and I looked
at your fucking neck, and I was that far away
from slicing it. You’re fucking there,
mate! So get in that car
and fuck off. You get to me first. I just might. What’s he doing? He’s coming back.
He’s coming back. Is that it?He ain’t goin’ away, fellas.It’s that simple. I saw him. I looked
right in the eye, and he ain’t
the same guy that left. Did he mention us? Yeah, he did. He invited us all
over whenever we wanna go and see him. Said, “Please
come and see me.” Invite the lads.” Quite poetic,
isn’t he? Fuckin’ invited us. Mental. Where’s he at? He’s at Mottson’s. The farm?
Yeah. Well, what you
want us to do? Yeah, I think we just
go up there, and we– we get him out
of the fuckin’ house, and I take a pop and– Gonna fucking shoot him? Anyone who’s got any better
ideas, I’d love to hear ’em. And what will you–
How we gonna get him out? You can say, “Please come out,
I’m gonna shoot you.” I don’t know.
You tell me. Just say to him
we want the gig. Offer him some money to– I think just knock on
the door, get him out, and I just take a pop.
It’s that simple. Serious shit, Sonny. What are we gonna do?
What can we do? Just warn him or something. He ain’t goin’ away. He’s gotta get done. I fucking can’t
believe this, man. I can. I been awake a bit
too long, I think. Got any– Sandwiches’d help,
John. Like, food and– Yeah. Yeah. Help yourself
down at the bar. Bring some up, will you? You know I’m
with you, Sonny. All the way. You know that. It’s fucked up. Oh, for fuck’s sake,
let’s do something. I’m gonna go
fucking stir-crazy. Man, come on,
something, anything. Cards. Come on. Sonny, game of cards? Sorted. Come on, John. Yeah, why not, eh? Might as well
find us some jelly. Seems like shit-all
for dinner. Sonny! Come here! It’s– It’s Timbo, man. Oh! Oh, God. Take care of the latch. Take care of the latch!
I’m doin’ it.� Watch the dark
clouds bruising �
� Bellies flushed
with water �
� They swell
above your heads �
� Pull your coats
around you �
� Feel the wind
cut through them �
� Scraping at your bones �� Hold her in
the falling rain �
� Hold him like
you’ve never done �
� Let this be a moment �� That you won’t forget �� That you won’t forget �� That you won’t forget
all your life �
� Till you die �Good luck, Al. See you in a bit,
Al, yeah? Good luck, man. All right, man. Oof! Hello,
pig mud. He’s got an ax!
A fucking ax! We’re sortin’
this out, man. I’ll say when
it’s sorted. We can–we can
sort this out. We just need
to talk about it. You’ve got some guts
coming to my door in that shape. I’ve got money
for you, man. Sonny, fucking
nail him, will ya? Fucking nail him. I’m gonna take
your fat belly and I’m gonna rub it
in the fucking mud, you gack! You fucking shot Al,
you twat! You shot fucking Al! What the fuck? You fucking
shot him! Drive!
Al! Okay, now. Al! Alan! Fuck this whole thing!
You shot him– Alan! Alan! Go on, suck it,
suck it, suck it. How you feeling? You can’t be sick
off that hit. I’ll sit with him. Make him stand up. He needs to get up. Let’s see
if he stays, okay? The fucking gear box is gone, man. We’re fucked. We’re fucking
stranded here, man. We’re gonna have to
walk back into town, aren’t we? What are you talking about, man?
He’s waiting for us. He’s gonna fucking
kill us, man. Well, where are you
gonna go, man? There.
Where? Fucking there, anywhere.
I don’t care, man. That’s off in the fucking
middle of fucking nowhere. We’re in the middle
of nowhere with him. Fucking– You shot Al, man! It was an accident. You saw him, Herbie! You saw it! He’ll be calling
the police, man. Herb, come on, man. Herb, fucking
go with me. We’re better off
in town, man. Soz, man, come on. Let’s fuck off. Tuff, man, what am I
gonna do out there? I might as well be walking
off the edge of a cliff. Fucking come on! Tuff, get a grip,
will ya? Come back
to town with us. We’re all gonna
fucking die with him! You…fuck off! You’re gonna
fucking die! Tuff! Do you remember when
you came to our school and did that run, Richard? I do, yeah. Good day that was,
wasn’t it? Mm. You was the best. You made the most money,
didn’t ya? About 300 quid, I think. Do you remember
when you played football? I do, yeah. You was the best then
as well, weren’t ya? Who was that little lad that kept showing his arse
whenever he got the ball? That’s Michael.
Michael Parks. They tried to hold me hand,
didn’t they, mate? Yeah, didn’t they?
They all held your hand. I didn’t. I know you didn’t. Don’t need to, do I?� When the dust
has settled �
� Will you make it back �� Our days were numbered �� Our days were wrapped �� We fall and we’re lost �� Through alien nights �� Today’s darkest cloud �� Was yesterday’s light �� Afterlight �Now we should check
this place out. Make sure
no one’s in there. Fuckin’ hell,
mate. Here you are, mate. Sonny, have you
got one bigger, man? Huh?
Got something bigger? That’s the whole
point, though. The thing is with this little
fucking thing, these aren’t– You can’t see.
You got it? You know what I mean?
You just put it here. Just fucking
got it here. And you just– No fucking nasty cut,
you know what I mean? It’s proper
army edition there. We’ll have a look up here. He’s in the fucking
army now, innit? Huh?
He’s in the fucking army. Yeah. All right in here, mate. Sonny? What’s wrong, mate? Here’s not in here, mate. There’s nothing there. Are you sure, man? There? What’s going on?
Hmm. Fucking Tuff, man. What’s he run off for?
What a fool. Do you actually think
he’s coming to town? Yeah, I bet he turns up in a bit. Shouldn’t have fucking
left him, should we? He’s a fucking lazy bastard. He wouldn’t walk
that far, now would he? Do you want some
in there, Gage? Just put some
in there, yeah. Just up to the line.
You see that line. To the line–Stop!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Yeah. Ohh… Okay now. I can’t me head around it. The soldier here
is fucking rank, man. That’s disgusting.
I could taste that. Fucking hell. I can
taste it in me beer. I still don’t feel well
after sitting here. I’m not fucking going
downstairs on me own. Got any more
pots for washing? Here. Put that in. Right, that’s
the recyclin’. Put them up
for tomorrow. You may wanna keep
things like this. Want all of this
to go in the washing? That’s a washing.
They’re clean. They’re not
smelly, mate. Oh, no.
That one stinks. If I can only
savor this one… You could if you want. When your friends
were pot leavers and you kept half
the things like that, there could be
a corkscrew there. What? You drink those
from the pint. Well, isn’t it
for lager? Ahh. For lager. I used to do this
all the time, you know. Not much lift
in their bollocks. We’ll turn ’em up. …you behemoth. Come on. Now, if you get the plastic,
you see, the plastic’s 5– 3 pence, and the glass
is 5 pence, so if you put the 3
to the 5, you lose fuckin’ money. You gotta put the 5’s
and the 3’s separate. So remember,
the glass is 5. Have you fed
these fish? I fed them
this morning. Yeah?
Yeah. Does my face
look all right? I don’t feel good, man. Huh?
Take it off of me, man. I don’t need it.
Take it off of me. Take it off of me.
I don’t feel good. Take it off.
I don’t want it. Hang on.
I’m done. I’m outta here. Sonny, what does
my face look like? Feels like–loose.
Is it blotchy or something? That’s a bit red,
this eye. I’d go and get that eye
checked if I were you. Have you fed the fish? I fed them
this morning, man. One of ’em looks
like a shark. Raaah!� Sunny sunny sunny
days with you �
� Sunny sunny sunny
days with you �
Help. Help me. You’re the devil. I wish I fucking was. Jesus.
No. You a devil? Jesus. Don’t–
Don’t touch me. Do you like to party? Get up and fucking dance. Get up and dance
at my party. Get your fat up.
Look at ya! Come on. Come on! Have a dance. What you laughing at,
ya cunt? He doesn’t know.
He’s just trying. With a mind that’s
fucked up for ages.Did you think you could
get away with it?
You fuckin’ did, man.You can come with me.Help. Up. Sit up! Fucking chin up.
Sit up, man. Pay attention. Up on your feet, you. Whoa. Don’t you know
who I am? Can I go? Well, you’re going.
You’re going. Are you going?
No. I’m gonna do it all
for you now. I’m gonna take it
all away from you. You just look at me
like that. That’s it, mate. That’s it. You just stand
there and don’t move. I gotta fuckin’
shut you off. Hey. Sit there. There’s something
I want to show you. It’s just
between me and you. Just stay there. Wipe your nose. Open it. Open it. What is it? Open it. Who is he? That’s not Joe. It’s hard to believe,
isn’t it? Do you want
to give him a kiss? No. Say something to him.
It’s your last chance. Are you frightened? Want me to close it? I’m sorry, mate. Yeah. It’s hard losing
somebody close to you, isn’t it? Do you want me
to show it to you? Yeah…
Yeah. What did you do that for? He tried to run away. Do you know
why you’re alive? You’re a good man. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. I’ll give you a deal.
You tell me what I want to know, and I’ll let you live. Will you?
Mm-hmm. There’s one more. Where is he? Where he lives? No. Fuckin’ hell. That’s them. That’s them in there.
Where’s you? Where are you? I’m here. Yeah. You’re here. Tell me I can go. What would you have said?
I’ll help ya. Well, then… I’ve gone all straight. That don’t matter. West End. You fuckin’ lying to me?
No. I’ll come after ya. Aye. I know it’s West End. You know I’ll come
after you, don’t ya? That’s why I know you’re
telling the truth. You’ll let me live,
won’t you now? I promised you.
You did, didn’t ya? Yeah. And I don’t go back
on my word, mate. Honest?
Mm. Put it there. Eh?
Yeah. Not this time, pal. That’s it, mate.
Let it out. Let it all out.
That’s it. Is that for me? No. Tell the truth. No. It don’t matter
anyway, does it? Does it, now? Well, no, not now. I wouldn’t have done that. Oh, no, mate. Fuck it. Come here. Uhh!� There is blood on my face �� There is cursed in my eye �� There is no one
in the place �
� But no one said good-bye �� This is how I start
another day in my kingdom �
� There is hate in my heart �� This is how my day starts �� There is blood on my hands �� From the murder of a man �� This is how I start
another day in my kingdom �
Yeah. Here now. I told you an hour.
Where have you been? The park.
What’s that? A mask. Take it off. What are you doing
with that on? Where’d you get that from? A soldier. What?
A soldier. What is that?
A knife. I know it’s a knife.
What you doing with a knife? Soldier gave us them. What do you mean,
a soldier gave it to you? He said he knew Dad. He said he knew Dad, did he? Really? Mark! – Mark!
– What? Come down here now! Come on. We’re gonna
drive down there now. Definitely not
trash diving, is it? No. Come on, mate. You’ll know him
if you see him? Yeah. Hi. Can I help ya? Hello, love.
Is Mark available? No, he’s just gone out
with the lads, actually. Oh, that’s a shame. Can I tell him
who’s calling? Yeah, my name’s Richard. I’m an old friend of his
from years ago. Was you in the park
this morning? Yeah, yeah. Did you meet my lads? I did.
Absolutely brilliant lads. Yeah.
Crackers. They are crackers. Yeah, they’ve been
shouted at today. Oh, right. Yeah, ’cause they
came back with a mask and a knife. So I was a bit upset,
to be honest. It was blunt. I know, but it’s a bit
irresponsible, isn’t it? I was really worried. You’re a good mother. Yeah. Yeah, I am
a good mother. Good one, then. Sorry. Can I ask your
name again? My name’s Richard. And…just tell him
that you called, yeah? Yeah. I’ll be around anyway. Right, okay. Anthony’s brother. Anthony’s brother,
right. Yeah.
Yeah. Ta. Hello. What are you doing
sittin’ there in the dark? I’m waiting for you lot. How you doing, lads?
All right. You gonna go upstairs and play
on your computer before tea? Okay. There’s no one up there. No, that’s ’cause
he’s been here. He what? Do you mean
he’s been here? No, as soon as you left,
he came. What? Been inside? No, he didn’t come inside. He was fine.
He wasn’t–he wasn’t… It was a bit weird. What’d he say? He said, “Tell him
Richard called.” And you don’t know him? No, I’ve never seen him
before in me life. Never. But he did ask for you. He said, uh, “He used to knock about with
his brother years ago: Anthony.” Leave him alone. What? Hey, soft, man. What is it, babe? What’s wrong? I do know him. Get off! Get off! I know who he is. Anthony. He was just a kid,
just a…young lad. I mean, he was a simple kid.
He wasn’t… Do you know what I mean?
He wasn’t as– He was just… too simple to know
what he was doing. Until Rich
went in the army. And Anthony used
to hang about with us, like… We just had a laugh with him,
we had a laugh with him. But Sonny was just… just everything.
Everything was too far. Everything he took too far. And Anthony just didn’t know
what was happening. He didn’t know where he was.
He was– He wasn’t like– He just didn’t
understand at all. He just–just… He didn’t understand
any of it. We… all got in a van and… we were dropping acid and… And Sonny gave him some… And I could see
it was going wrong. I could see– I could see
Anthony’s face, and it was all… He was tripping
out of his mind, this kid.You’re all right, mate.
He don’t mind me. Fall in!Aah!No! No!Aah! Anthony, stop shouting. Because every time you shout,
your mother gets sick. And then Richard might
get a bullet in the army. And we don’t
want that, do we? Move from there,
you’re dead. Don’t fuckin’ move! Come on!
Get a move on! I was the last one–
I could have stayed. I could have stayed.
I could have kept with him. But everybody got
back in the van. Left him. I didn’t want to leave him.We found him. He’s killed himself.
He’s done himself.Get up. Don’t make a noise. Get up. Where are your
car keys? If you make a noise,
I’ll push this in your spine. Get in. Here. Do you remember me? Yeah. Why have I brought you here? This is where
Anthony was– Was? When he what? Come on, have the bollocks
to say it. Where he hung himself. Why him? ‘Cause he was weak. ‘Cause he was a spastic. He wasn’t a spastic. He fuckin’ was a spastic. He was a fuckin’ nana. He looked up to you. Well, he was a fuckin’
embarrassment to me. What did you do to him? What did you do? We were–
I said you! What did you fuckin’ do?
Not them cunts. I didn’t stop it. I didn’t stop it. Well, I wish you had… ’cause you could have stopped
a lot of carnage. What do you mean? They’re all fuckin’ dead. I executed them. And you’re the last one. Now I’m the monster. Was he calling for me? When you were torturing him,
was he calling for me? Yeah. Was he screaming my name? Yeah, he was. He still is. I love you, Anthony. I love you, kid,
but I can’t do him. I can’t do him. I’m sorry. Take this from me. No.
You take it. No. I don’t want it. If you don’t take this
knife from me, I’m gonna do something
awful with it. Take it. Take it. Take it. You… you were supposed
to be a monster. Now I’m the fuckin’ beast. There’s blood on my hands. Look what you made me do. No. No. Come on. Stick that knife in me. No. I can’t. Please. I don’t know what else
I’m capable of doing. I’ve got kids. I’ve got children. Hyah! I just wanna lie
with my brother. Where are you? No.
Yeah. It’s okay. It’s okay. Come on. Please. Please. Please.
Look what I’ve become. I’ve done terrible things
with it. Please. Think of your children. Think of your children. That’s it. Come on. I want you to help me. Come on. Come on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Put that fuckin’
knife in me. Come on. I need you to. There’s no
other way to end it. Think of your children. Think of your children. Stick it in me, please. Come on. Please. Please. Please. Come on. It’s over.
It’s over. It’s over. Yeah, yeah. Yes.� Dead man,
dead man don’t cry �
� Dead man,
dead man don’t cry �
� Don’t cry �� When you die
it ain’t the end �
� It ain’t the end
when you die �
� Dead man,
dead man be brave �
� Dead man,
dead man be brave �
� Be brave �� You shall be saved
by and by �
� By and by you
shall be saved �
� Dead man,
dead man believe �
� Dead man,
dead man believe �
� Believe �� You’re a free man at last �� At last, dead man,
you are free �
� Dead man,
dead man don’t cry �
� Dead man,
dead man don’t cry �
� Don’t cry �� When you die
it ain’t the end �
� It ain’t the end
when you die �


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  • I see a lot of " oh, we Brits do it better" & a lot of smug patting on the back. Please get off your high horses. As a person who watches movies from not just big bad Hollywood, but from around the world…including Asia, East Asia; I've seen some stupid movies every place & some absolutely great ones. Yes, stupid ones includes Britain too. Every darn sentence, with a cuss word. What happened to the "Queens English" exactly????
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    shit proceeds to gets real

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  • Wow! 2019 and I have only just seen this film and I have to be honest, very few films I have ever watched have totally blind sided me in the way this film has. I was gripped start to finish and by the end I was deeply, deeply moved by the powerful performance of the entire cast, Richards journey and how the story unfolds, the real characters and the physiological effect Richard has on sonny and his gang of very real to life thugs as he unpicks there awful backstory and seeks revenge for his brother. It has left me with chills. It is a masterpiece of British cinematography, chillingly real and powerful!

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