David Littleproud’s flip flop on climate science

We’re barely a week out of winter
and Australia is burning. – You say the climate is changing.
And that’s certainly true. The question is, is this man-made
climate change? – I’ve got no idea, but does
it really matter? – You have no idea?
– I’m not a scientist. I haven’t made an opinion one way or another, but I
don’t think it really matters. – The drought minister
is also a climate change denier. It’s not a very good start. – The Washington Post now
leads with a headline: Australia’s Natural Disaster minister
doubts man-made climate change is real. Does the minister still
doubt the science? – Let me make it clear. I accept the science on the man-made
impact on climate change. Always have. The interview that was taking place
was interrupted by division and I wasn’t able to finish
my response. Whether it’s man-made or not
is irrelevant, the facts are, that’s a debate that has extremes
from both sides come out. – David, the fundamental question
is whether man-made climate change is causing droughts like
the one we’re seeing now. That’s what Meg is suggesting. – Um, that’s a big call. [laughter] The reality is, I don’t really give
a rats whether it’s man-made or not. – My question is for the minister
for drought and various other things. And I’ll refer the minister to
an article in the Guardian in which the minister responded
to written questions about whether or not there was
a link between human activity and climate change and he
responded that he was not convinced about that. – I’m just a poor, humble
bloke with a Year 12 education but I’m prepared to accept
what our scientists are telling us. As simple as that.


  • I don't know who this guy is, but from this video he just seems reticent to speak in an authoritative way about something he admits he's not an expert on. There's nothing wrong with scepticism, or with admitting to be uninformed about a topic, it's certainly much better than professing expertise without properly researching a subject.

  • Just moved to Sydney from Auckland. I can't believe the people Australia votes into their government

  • Climate alarmists trying to shut down debate or scrutiny. 99% of carbon emissions are not, man made.

  • David little to be proud of.

  • yes caused by humans, at least it is the result of human activity. directly or indirectly… David Littleproud . wtf name 😀

  • Australia is the shitty America

  • Australian natural disasters minister's complete about face: 'I believe in climate science' ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/12/australian-natural-disasters-ministers-complete-about-face-i-believe-in-climate-science

  • Does it really matter? If its not man made then its agenda driven to tax us for our carbon footprint. This planet has shaken off far worse that our carbon emissions. Id hang this weasel from the highest lamp post

  • He lies, he lies. Boris is proud of that quality

  • He obviously is in the pocket of some corporation now.

  • It would be easier for sceptics to admit to their scepticism if the science against "man made" climate change wasn't suppressed.

  • The current world population is 7.7 billion………………….how could we POSSIBLY affect climate…….or the environment…???

  • Dr Robert Holmes has formulated this equation  T = P/(R.d/n) T temperature K  P surface pressure R gas constant d density n mean moles. It seems to work on planets that have an atmosphere  > 10 kPa to accurately determine their surface temperature regardless of the atmosphere's composition.
    If planetary surface temperature can be determine by pressure density and mean moles what does this say to the IPCC claim that temperature will raise by up 5 deg C with a doubling of CO2.

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