Das Boot – Johann……English [CC]

Sh!t fog. Sh!t weather. Sh!t damn patrol. None of our folks back home know where we are. No mail, contact forbidden, nothing. I guess when we`re sunk, we`re reported missing, some months later. Married yet, Kriechbaum? I didn`t waste any time, eh? We`re working on the fifth one. Johann, it`s good for you, fresh air. No. They`re strange, these machine room people. “Aid to cleanliness”, four letters. Bath. Thank you. “Deep affection”, four letters. Love. Perfect. Intellectual starvation, I would say. Decoded signal, Captain. One moment. New course , Captain? One minute. Can I see the message Captain? Convoy Square at AK 2246. Mean course, 60 degrees. Speed, 8 knots. U-37. U-37, that`s Martin`s boat moving in to attack. Too far away. We`ll never make it. Damned! When do we get some orders? Well, Johann? Captain. What`s up with the diesels? The diesels seem satisfied, Captain. Satisfied and all full. The chief is worried about our fuel consumption. The chief is a careful man. What`s your opinion? The chief knows what`s best. Funny times, Johann. To be careful means very little. They need heroes…. …and they are not too particular. They make use of a broken hero. Like Thomsen. Or a dead hero. Like Kelsch. A good seaman is also a careful seaman, right Johann? Says as much in naval regulations. Isn`t that so? On these diesels you can depend, Captain. It`s all right, Johann.


  • Das Gespenst.

  • johann is halt der geilste char in das boot

  • Und da sag mal einer das Marmelade keine Kraft gibt…

  • Dann hab ich die ungeschnittene Fassung wohl nie gesehen. Keiner der Dialoge ist mir bekannt o.O.

  • 💦….. Na! Geilste Typ 😂

  • So the captain asks johann what he thinks about the fuel situation/running the heck out of the diesels and he somewhat sides with the chief/doesn't really want to say anything. Then the captian tells him all this other stuff. What is the captains point to johann with what he tells him? I never understood this scene. By the way, I can't speak german so I am only going off the english subs on my dvd. Obviously the captain is not annoyed with johann at all in this scene. So what is he trying to say?

  • I've seen this movie dozens if not hundreds of times, and TODAY August 2 2019 is the first time I realized the 2nd officer is plugging away at an Enigma machine. I'm a bit slow, I guess.

  • Johann gets into view at the bridge looking somewhat okay, then very quickly he looks so angry he could kill someone! "Like the air out here?"
    "….NO." Take a chill pill!
    Such a good movie/series!

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