Dark Corners – Attack of the 50ft Woman: Review

Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘Why! Why!’ Even if you’ve never seen The Attack of the 50ft Woman, chances are you’ll recognise it’s poster. The single most iconic image in the history of the B movie; ‘Can’t go there! She’ll kill me, she’s crazy.’ An image which, if I am honest, it fails to live up to. Big time.’ ‘You’re the deputy, do something.’ On the face of it, this is the story Nancy Archer ‘Mrs Archer, what’s the matter?’ Who, following a close encounter of the third base… catches gigantism and then grows into a 50 ft woman – ‘Dr Cushing! Something has happened to Mrs Archer!’ without ever leaving her bedroom. ‘Something’s happened to Mrs Archer’ Something which is never explained. ‘I just don’t know.’ But there’s also a morality tale at work here about a jealous woman, ‘HARRY!’ who won’t allow her hardworking husband to blow off a little steam. S’Nancy calm yourself. More morphine. Harry is asleep in his room, he’ll be right here.’ ‘Harry, what would your wife say?’ ‘Harry!’ ‘Now, where were we?’ ‘Here.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Harry, I need you all to myself.’ Selfish bitch. ‘My gigolo, that’s what you are.’ Although it’s not all her fault, she is pushing 40. ‘When women reach the age of maturity, mother nature sometimes overworks the frustrations to the point of irrationality.’ Yes, really all women should be committed once they hit middle age, it’s a wonder we let them wander free. ‘You think I’m drunk don’t you.’ ‘All of you, I’m not drunk, I’m not.’ The message of this film is clear- women, don’t throw a tantrum just cos your husband is having an affair, ‘You keep away from that girl, you hear?’ he doesn’t complain when you cook on your own time. ‘I’m sorry Harry.’ But this relentless sexism is a small price to pay for what I’m sure will be an epic rampage. ‘She’s lose!’ Although a brief one, since she only leaves the house 9 minutes before the movie ends. That’s not a rampage that’s a stroll! ‘She’s down!’ ‘She finally got Harry all to herself.’ Jealousy, even if entirely justified can only lead to you turning into a giant and getting killed. Last episode we looked at the Amazing Colossal Man, which is a deeply flawed film, But at least we don’t have an hour of just looking at the giant’s hand.’ ‘Here comes the giant!’ ‘A 30 foot giant! On no.’ Still, shame those two never met. Song – Something Stupid, by Nancy and Frank Sinatra. If you good a movie is like us to review leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.


  • Watch War of the Colossal Beast. Sequel to the Colossal man and in my opinion, a much better movie.

  • I can confirm that this is coming before the end of the year.

  • Watched it yesterday. Watch this space for our review.

  • Pushing 40? Middle age??? Allison Hayes was 28 when she did this movie.

  • USA, Chicago, IL

  • I think you missed the point of the film entirely. Her husband is emotionally abusive, taking delight in her misery. It's not sexist, it's a depiction of a victim. It's no coincidence that she grows into a giant the same night her husband's shenanigans become known to everybody in town. The truth is empowering.

    Plus, we have mentions of her being happy before being married. And that nobody believes her about the giant because a screaming woman must just be crazy. They accuse her of being drunk and delirious. It's like when they would diagnose outspoken women with "Hysteria." Is she crazy, or is she the sane one in an insane system?

  • harry was a scumbag

  • You should review "The Birds II: Land's End." It was not received well in 1994.

  • Love it USA , Chicago, IL

  • Dark corners really

  • a few scenes from : ( ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN . )

  • i use to jerk off to the 50 foot WOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • you should check out the 30 foot bride of candy rock

  • Great use of a classic love song at the end.

  • She should have been the 50 foot naked woman, busting out of her clothes…

  • Sounds to me like someone should remake this and take more advantage of its silly premise.

  • Yeah, it's campy but, damn, it's got Allison Hayes AND Yvette Vickers, two of the most beautiful women in B-movie history.

  • dark corner. > this is one of the best movies ever… !!!

  • While the "review" seems nearly as "campy" as the movie…intentionally I'm sure (no, I haven't watched other such reviews from Dark Corners), I do have to say that reviewing such older "B" movies in general is…well…rather pointless. The simple truth is that MOST B movies, particularly those from the 50's, really weren't worth the celluloid they were printed on (like "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" or "Attack of the Giant Leeches")…and I say that as a person who does in fact rather enjoy them! In a way, it's like comparing the garbage in your own trash can to that of your neighbors…one MAY stink a bit more than the next, but both ultimately are destined for landfill, LOL! Such movies really are a cultural phenomenon more than anything else…it's something you either enjoy or you don't and such reviews are unlikely to change that much, if any. And for what it's worth, the remake of 50 Foot Woman with Daryl Hannah, really wasn't too much better…although I enjoyed that one too.

    Now if you really want to review a sensationally trashy B movie…that happens to be a fair bit more contemporary…I'd suggest taking a look at "Bitch Slap" from lunatic actor/director Michael Hurst. It's a lot like watching a train wreck – as truly horrible as it was, I just couldn't stop watching! LOL!

  • How are they suppose to EXPLAIN something they DONT KNOW anything about anyways, I loved this outrageous movie in my childhood, if you were our age you'd UNDERSTAND this was great back in the days.

  • Ha! I remember when I was little I actually shipped the colossal man and the fifty foot woman sorta like in the end of the video.

  • A gave it a thumbs up because someone finally said what we’ve all been thinking, women need to be locked away after menopause.

  • who is the black women in the intro

  • An early 21st century soyboy, trying to apply today's Social Justice morality to a 1950's movie.  It only comes off as preachy and whiny.  So just sit back and enjoy a typical 1950's B movie and laugh a little!

  • Yvette and Allison were two of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood. Allison Hayes was very ill the last years of her life, dying of leukemia in 1977.

  • They should remake this though.

  • Now you see, Hollywood, THIS is a movie in need of a remake / reboot. Go all feminist empowerment and #metoo on it (sorry, but it's a hook after all) and give her some kick-ass lines, with updated budget and effects. You see, Hollywood, we should only remake horror movies when we can IMPROVE on them!

  • Among the things I love to hate about this movie: The alien spaceship is referred to several times as a "satellite." I guess a year after Sputnik some people thought that this was just a more scientific-sounding word for spaceship. And that hand! That horrible, horrible papier-mâché hand! Though I shouldn't criticize — I'm sure it's better than anything I could have done if I were given a budget of $25.

  • I suggest watching "The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock". In my opinion, its a much better movie, and has the bonus of starring Lou Costello.

  • Allison Hayes was not much on talent, I still love her.

  • It was shot in one week. Grossed 12 dollars and 50 cents.

  • I have a nightmare about it

  • Not bad acting especially from the principals but the special effects must rank among the worst in movie history.

  • AOT50ftW(1958) has a very good story and dialogues.
    The poor Nancy is being programmed to be committed by a scheming husband who ogled but her father's money.

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