Danielle Bregoli Musical.ly Roast | Bhad Bhabie

Hey bitches Today I have straws in my hair because i’m going out and my hair needs to be really, really super curly cause I feel like it Today i’m doing a video where I react to some musical.ly’s i’m so excited for this video, I love musical.ly so much like it’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world I love all those people like, no I don’t. What do you think this is? he’s like one of those fuckboys who thinks he’s cute he’s not oh look, it’s uh baby flounder oooh why you constipated there baby girl? what’s up with dem raggedy-ass facial expressions they’re like *laughing* what are you doing with your life holding salt oh look! it’s Johnny Tampa big ass eyebrows I don’t really want to talk about eyebrows cause mine used to look like this but ugh, i’d rather have none than that much whoa look at them cheeks looks like a fucking elf on the shelf face head ass you don’t even smoke stop he looks like he stuck his face in a pile of poison ivy like, what’s wrong with his face why do you.. why do they do this like oh! what is that *giggles* well… i’m gonna stop you cause you need to stop ok? k who shoots a gun like this? *laughs* the fuck? wow she’s really fucking pretty this is, uh, another white girl whoa, that looks like fucking ratatouille why do all musical.ly boys have that fucking pineapple hair that was an old thing that used to be cute it really used to be, like we not… we not doing that no more ya’ll need to fix something like, split it down the middle, pull it to the side do something, we not doing this pineapple hair thing anymore why do they always say that white bitches do coke like, iv’e never done coke in my life why? what is? like what is that? whoa her mom looks like mr.krabs! whoa look at them ears he really looks like an elf bro! he got a fucking dumbo head ass and looks like fucking… he needs to fly away he looks like taylor kitsch but a really bad version oh now we’re spanish what is this? i see how her and her mom are related with that crab hand ! are you driving? who’s driving this fucking car? Is this like a fucking… you know if you do this enough you’ll just disappear you are not Ruby Rose, try again i will beat your ass ohhh! look at it again more fucking pineapple hair where’s my braid i’m gonna do the rest of this video with pineapple haif this what we doing now i wanna be a part of the trend too! i wanna have a pineapple hair too! ohhh! two pineapples! you turned up too hard to this song that sucks dick stop that shit now he tried to pull a me and shave his eyebrow you’re not cute bro stop that shit jacob fucking rextaurus or whatever the fuck his name is woah woah woah woah woah woah woah you just showed me your stomach you didn’t show me no abs you just showed me your stomach you out there thinking you’re cute try to think you’re like strong or somthing and like… try again like no you need to stop that shit, you’re not cute do girls like him? love him why you have nothing on your neck or your wrist what are you talking about he look’s like a lesbian with them fucking glasses on oh he fine in the back who is that i need to find who that kid is just give me like one second well hello there!!! whoa look! he’s hot! what’s this? two nights that i cannot baby girl and i’m the issue, cause you are an issue thank you, goodbye mommy why won’t you do this stuff with me! no ooh look who it is ! whoa whats wrong with her foot you see that thing? okay people thank you for watching make sure you subscribe subscribe, what ever the fuck the word is to my channel


  • I like you but u will NOT insult Johnny Orlando his voice is way better than urs lol

  • What is wrong with yur face then

  • Mdr elle a raison il fait le beau alors qui les moche,Danielle tu et belle

  • She is really rude and annoying

  • You are so rude

  • Stop talking like that you sound like a little girl you what's your results grand in your hair because you really need to take them out and don't talk like that like what's wrong with you stop being rude like change your personality well tell your mom that youannoying about hurting peoples feelings and that's not nice so I want you to shut up and shut your mouth stupid

  • OMG I love you tell you’re so amazing

  • She bothers me so much 😑

  • X had pineapple hair rip 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • She is so Annoying

  • Danielle: "Maybe split it down the middle, pull it to the side."
    E-boys: I've arrived

  • You should never talk about someone's mom

  • Shut the fuck up I'm just 11 you are just 16 bitch stop saying bad things about others fuck u

  • OMG F*ing b*you looking like a elfin*d*ass

  • I’m legit dying baby flounder and Johnny Tampa and you look like elf on the shelf

  • Daniiiiiiiiiiiii
    React ro Danielle 🍦Tick Tock’s !!!!!

  • Jacob is cute

  • You just like him that’s why you being rude

  • I think pineapple hair is cute 🤣🥰

  • I love Daniele for this 😂

  • I’m dead!!!

  • Danielle, chances are you'll never read my comment out of the 1,000s of other comments, but you are very smart, clever and charismatic and ever since you went on Dr. Phil you have obviously blossomed into a better person. But with that said, please don't become another one of the countless child stars who gets ruined by fame, you have your whole life ahead of you so don't do hardcore drugs or become a alcoholic like other child stars. You are a very sweet person and the music industry needs more positive people like you. I think you have the potential to set a good example to the world 🙂
    P.S: I love your videos, keep up the good stuff!

  • Judging ass bitch fuck you who do you think your are .
    Stop fucking judging people

  • Elf on the shelf head ass

    Okay that got me XD

  • Your video are so funny😂😂😂😂

  • And why dose your bitch ass look like your on crack you dumb hore

  • React to Danielle Cohns Music..

  • Your channel is bad be the hero not the bully you are making people feel bad and be nice to the Dobre brothers

  • Danielle pls do not ever disrespect baby Ariel or Johnny orlando like that

  • Ur mom don’t do stuff w you cause you 2 rude period you know I can beat you in a fight ur not tough ok get ur act together you stupid amateur 🤬🖕

  • girl i am a kid you saying all them bad words read dis girl

  • She always roasting people who don't see her .

  • Baby flounder SENT me

  • I remember watching this in 2017 when I had musically lol 😂

  • Don’t talk to people like that cause you wouldn’t like if someone said that about you

  • I love u sis but girl u can't be talking bout ppls momma's pooh

  • She's just a bully!!!

  • Watch JacintaCarr08

  • Salve Brasil


  • They’re amazing!! Yes, they are.

  • You need to stop you look like a freaking hover board

  • haha when musically was a thing

  • U need to stop fucking hating on ppl

  • U ain't perfect neither no hate tjo😅

  • jacob sartorius is cute

  • im such a big FAN danielle

  • She’s the baddest most funny botch ever

  • Why you always gotta diss people not everybodys perfect as everybodys different in there own way

  • Lol

  • U are so rude like ew

  • You look good but I thought you had
    Pens in your hair

  • Hey b###


  • Your rude asf like I used to like you but … ummmm

  • Mean bitch

  • I love your tic toc

  • Omg my favorite part was 5:10 "mommy why dont you dl thoes stuff with me.."

  • 💪💪😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤣🤫

  • Pineapple hair 😂🤣😂🤣lol

  • 🍍

  • I laughed throughout the whole tging

  • Yasmin Brewster the 😎 😎 😎 😳😱😷😪

  • Орууу

  • Bro bhad baibe is a bitch ugly ass


  • 1:13 I died X_X

  • If you talk about someone constantly then you will get it too and stop acting getto because you ain't cute either so get it straight honey

  • Your funny

  • Gurl your not even doing what the title of your video says your just judging people and you take the songs way too serious. Gee gurl there just songs!

  • jaycob saggitits and babyariel Aka: a robot btw react to daniel chon shes fucking hallarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Bitch get your facts straight you are trying to act like a black girl

  • And u are not

  • Jacob is cute

  • And us white girls aint talking black so u need to stop❗❗

  • 3:50 ohh to pineapples
    I love how she says it

  • 2019?

  • Who else thinks Bhad Bhabie should do a video with Billie Eilish

  • Youa are Amazing g i love you😚

  • Omg im from Germany End than ,,Was die beleidigt Mustafa“ germans know it

  • The fact that her and Baby Ariel are good after this whole roast, says a lot about Ariel.


  • 😂
    You funny 😄 !!!

  • She literly just saying that cause she likes those boys

  • You’re beautiful AND i want pod sister Like you

  • Nobody:

    Danielle:OH LOOK! It’s johnny TAMPA!

  • This is Why i love BHAD BHABHIE💜💜💜💜💜😊

  • that looks like fucking ratatouille lol

  • does a tik tok
    bad bay reacts
    watches vid
    >:O ok ok I,ll show her 🙂
    reacts to her tik tok and rec

  • Johnny’s eyebrows are perfect


    (No hate i like u but pls dont cuss.:() )


    Danielle:oH nOw wHerE sPanIsH

  • I love you sm ❤❤

  • Does She Like Anything?

  • ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  • Whatching this in 2019 lyy

  • How old are u btw?

  • I love her laugh

    Edit thanks

  • GO ON TIK TOK!!!!!!!!!

  • You are so rude please stop 🛑

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