Dads Review The Trendiest Dad Shoes

– Excuse me? $1,800, Versace. (hip-hop music) Today, I’m gonna be reviewing some of the trendiest dad shoes. – I am an actual father. I have two sons. One is 20 and one is 23. We’ve had a lot of experience
with shoe shopping. – I mean, we used to
pay like, $12 for a pair of shoes, that lasted a long time. – I always thought dad shoes
were supposed to be super lame. I try not to wear lame shoes. I’m very excited. – These are actually Kanye’s shoes? – Five-one-five? For a pair of shoes? – Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. – These are gorgeous. Look at the colors. – The orange, and the turquoise, and the blue, and the yellow. – These are amazing. – For myself, I like
pretty outrageous shoes. – It’s pretty frickin’
hideous, to be honest with you. – I would wear these. These are nice. – I honestly, I think these
are way too cool for my kids. Yeah, for sure. – Wow, whoo. There’s a lot to take in there. – They have the soft thing here. Dads like that. – Those are amazing. I love these. I love ’em. – I could see my sons wearing these. – They say famous on the sides. So, I would wear them
purely for that reason. – I like the, they’re shiny. I like shiny objects. Shiny objects make me happy. – They’re really leaning
into this dad thing, of just not knowing what the style is, so they just throw all
the styles in together. – I actually, you know, I’d probably put the blue shoelace on, too. – $1,800, Versace. – Wow, very nice packaging, okay. – I’m big on packaging. This would make me so
happy to come home with. – Holy moly! – These are wild. Oh my God, these have fur on them? – Oh my God. (laughs) These are crazy. I’d have to go big no on these for me and for the boy, there’s no (laughs). – I feel a little too low to the ground. Six inches of white
nothingness, is just not enough. – Oh look in this, here. This is probably why it’s so expensive, because it has Braille on the sides. It probably says, Versace. In case a person who’s blind falls and grabs you by the foot, there you go. – I would love to show up to a barbecue in these, and just not
address them at all. Just not even talk about it, and just have my friends be like, “What are those?” And I would just be like,
“What are you talking about? “What are your shoes?” – These are the heaviest shoes
I’ve ever held in my life. – Okay, these. What are these? Are these supposed to be for style, or for like, actually for hiking? – Here, I can see
there’s like real leather infused with this
material here, that like, breathes, you know, it has that
breathing kind of material. – Um, no. No, I can’t. (laughs) And then, my children, no way. I’d have to pay them to wear these. – The sole is broken down
into areas of your foot, which probably is really comfortable. – I don’t hate these. Never mind, I do. I hate the yellow. – These are funky. It looks like it’s like a face. It looks like an animal. I see these like, in a
second hand 99 Cent Store a few years down the road. (laughs) – All right, it has the number 43. Is it ’cause it’s like a 43 pound shoe? These kind of seem the most dad-ish to me than all the other ones,
though, which I appreciate. – It’s a beautiful shoe. I’m not saying it’s not. And it’s a lot of money. So, close that one up. – I’m pretty out there, and I’ll wear some interesting stuff,
but only two of them I would actually wear,
which I really like, the other two, the early ones, but those last two, I
just, not gonna happen. – If my kid got me those
shoes for a present, I would have the biggest smile on my face, and I’d say, “You’re
like the best kid ever. “Thank you!” And then, as soon as he started looking up at Paw Patrol on the
TV, I’d look at my wife, and be like. – I don’t see either of my
sons wearing the Versace, but overall, I thought
the first two, I would, if they were reasonably
priced, probably will. Reasonably priced, based
on the high price of this footwear that they’re doing today. – It was a great experience. Thank you, GOAT, for
these wonderful shoes. I couldn’t wear them all,
but it was really good. Thanks, GOAT. (grooving electronic music)


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  • "Thanks GOAT" gets a stockx add

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