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Cheap thrills. [MUSIC]>>Greetings, my relatives. It is I, your colleague Nathaniel,
also known as Tabasko Sweet, and you’re watching
Affordable Excitements. I believe you’re already familiar
with the format of the show. I’m just [BLEEP] with you,
family, it’s Tuesday, my guy, you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You guys aren’t even gonna believe this,
the other day, a true Cheap Thrills fam OG pulled up one time, paid your boy
a visit straight out of New Hampshire. I’m talking about my
boy Yungavocadodagawd. This dude is the real deal, cuz he’s
got a tattoo of my mug on his leg. Now you know there was no way your boy
was going to pass up a chance to see this ink in person. Had to peep the portrait, family. All right, what’s up family. Here with my girl Trill Tina right here
and we got my boy Yungavocadodagawd.>>Gang.>>He got a tattoo of my face. About to sign it and he is going to
get a tattoo, so let’s get it, family. You already know what it is. [MUSIC] All right, let’s get it!. All right, moment of truth. [MUSIC] Damn, very clean. That was heartwarming as [BLEEP]. Cheap Thrills fam affiliate for
life, gang! Anyway, I thought I
already knew what it was. And tell us all the shoes that I’m
shuffing up for you guys today. You see me make a Gucci flip flop and
a belt bag, but what we’re making today is like these
two things got together and had a baby. [MUSIC] We’re going full freak mode, family, I’m talking about the new
Nike Benassi Fanny Pack Slides. These unhinged sandals come in
a few different color waves. So, I had you guys vote for which ones
I’m going to shuff up for you all. Black and pink or green and blue. Well, the results are in, family,
looks like you all wanna go green. TBH I [BLEEP] with it, very reptilian. These multipurpose slides
about to pop off this season. Nike Slides are already
a summer chilling staple. And they throw a fanny
pack on top of that? No way! Now, these slides have some major
coach stashing capability, family. You can fit a nugget as big as your foot. It’s like they took a basic slide,
and then they freaked it. Now these things will run
you about $50 retail. Now, that’s not as expensive as
most of the things at DIY, but these things were so full-freak mode,
I couldn’t pass up the challenge. They’re practically begging for
the Tabasko treatment. So who’s with me, family? Here’s what you’re gonna need. Generic Black Slides. Black Zippers. Light Blue Fabric. Black Leather Patch. Green and White Acrylic Paint and
a green Paint Pen. These generic black slippies are going
to be the base for our slides. So first things first, we’re gonna bust
out our neon green acrylic paint and cover the base with a few coats. [MUSIC] It’s gonna take a few coats for
it to get an even color, but this is what it should look like
after it dries a few hours. Now that we’ve got the base
slides painted green, it’s time to move on to make
our fanny pack for our strap. [MUSIC] Now let’s get cutty, family. [MUSIC] It should look like this once you’re done. Now that we’ve got our fabric cut out, it’s time to measure where
we want our zipper to start. Now cut a strip off the top of the fabric,
about an inch wide, that’s gonna be the top of our fanny pack. [MUSIC] Now, cut the zipper length to
the same width as your fabric. [MUSIC] Now we’re gonna attach our
strip to our zipper, and for that we’re gonna call in the guns. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Now that you’ve got your zipper attached,
fold the fabric in half and glue down the top to the bottom. This is gonna make the pouch for
our fanny pack. [MUSIC] Now, I know this seems like
it’s taking a long time, but it will all be worth it when
you can hide your cush later. [MUSIC] Now, we’re gonna take the top of our fanny
pack and glue it to the top of the strap. [MUSIC] Next, you wanna glue the folded over
bottom of our bag to the bottom of the strap. Don’t worry if it bunches up,
we want that extra space. It’s all about that volume, family. [MUSIC] Now we’re gonna glue the sides
to close our bag up. [MUSIC] Go ahead and cut off the excess fabric by
trimming along the edge of the sandal. [MUSIC] Almost there family, just finish gluing
off the sides to the base of the strap. [MUSIC] Now, once you’ve spent the better part of
your day putting together the first shoe, go ahead and hit the second one. Now that we’re done assembling
our fanny pack strap, we’re gonna add this white
string to the top for an accent. Now, in the original shoe, the string
starts at the edge of the fabric then eventually comes down at
the top of the zipper. [MUSIC] Now that you finished gluing it
on one shoe, cut off the end and do it on the other. [MUSIC] All right, now that we’ve got our
accents in place, it’s time for the final step, which is our Nike logo. I cut out a little square
of my black leather and now I’m gonna draw on the Nike
logo with my paint pen. [MUSIC] Once you have both logos done, stick them
in your shoes and we’re done, family. [MUSIC] And there you have it family,
a pair of Nike Benassi Fanny Pack Slides. Now, these were only $50 retail,
but they’re all sold out now. And the cheapest price
I saw online was $150. So I think it was worth our time. Perfect for chilling, relaxing,
and you know I’m stashing. Thanks for
requesting these joints in the comments. Keep hitting me with your ideas,
you know I’m out here doing it for you. Stay boosted Cheap Thrills fam. Gang gang. [MUSIC] Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fam. Who else is going to keep
you as strutted as your boy? Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe,
show your grandma, show your mom, show your cousins. Click here for some more in here,
make sure to tune in every Tuesday for some more wholesome time with your boy.


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