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Cheap Thrills. [MUSIC]>>Yo, what up? It’s your boy, Nate, a.k.a TabaskoSweet
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is. Today I’m gonna show you how to make
your own Gucci flip flops without having to drop some serious coin. The Gucci flip flop is a staple
of any decent shoe collection. These iconic slides started first
gaining popularity in 2015, when they made cameos on the feet of some
of my favorite real ones like Kanye West, Soulja Boy, and DJ Khaled. While there are hella lightweight
slide options out there in the market, the swagger of the Gucci
flip flop remains unrivaled. Now how about that slapper
by Future Hendrix,>>I just [BLEEP] your [BLEEP] in some Gucci flip flops.>>But on the real, some guy
really did steal my girl once, and he was wearing Gucci flip flops. Uncool, man. But that’s about the time I decided
I really needed some of those bad boys in my collection. What sets this slide apart from other
sandals on the market is the highly recognizable green-red-green three
stripe marking on the strap. Whether you go with the black or
the white base color, these legendary slides can
pair with literally anything. It says like, I’m chilling,
I’m relaxing, but I’m hard as [BLEEP] so don’t beef with me. Now Gucci flip flops run for about $190. Personally, I’ve not [BLEEP]
up any condoms yet, so I gotta shave off that extra zero. You feel me? Today I’m gonna show you how
to bless your feet with some totally convincing Fuccis for $19 or less. So here’s what you’re gonna need,
some black shower sandals. [NOISE] Some red and
green electrical tape, black puffy paint and
a pair of scissors, pretty simple. You’re gonna start off with
your basic black shower sandal. And you’re gonna use your tape to get
the three stripe marking on the strap. I found it easier to use the red tape
to start with the center marking. Then you can use your green tape and
work it out from there. So, I’m gonna start by going
across the length of the sandal with my red center stripe. You wanna make sure it’s smooth and
there’s no creases. Like I always say no crease, bad piece. Don’t worry if there’s
a little extra hanging off, we can always trim the fat
with the scissors. Now I’m gonna add some green tape to
the bottom and top of the red stripe. So now I’m gonna carefully lay out this
green tape on the top of the red and you wanna make sure that you leave a little
bit of black on the top and the bottom. [MUSIC] In the world of premium footwear, you gotta be able to spot
your reals from your fakes. Now how can you tell a real one,
Nate, you might ask. If there’s gaps in between the red and the green stripe that
sandal’s definitely fake. That’s a dead give away. Now we’re gonna add our
second green stripe, now be careful because placement
is absolutely crucial. [MUSIC] Cut off that extra tape. Now, we’re gonna move on
to our second sandal. We’re gonna bring it all the way
across the length of the strap. Now, we’re gonna add our third
green stripe on the bottom. Once we’ve got our stripes
in optimal condition, then we can move on to adding the logo. Now we’re not done with the tape yet,
we’re gonna take a little bit and mask off the sides where you’re
gonna put your Gucci logo. Here’s where it gets really serious,
the logo can make or break your Fuccis. You wanna have a nice,
steady hand and patience is key. Usually when these are drying I like to
open up FL Studio and work on some beats. [MUSIC] All right, it’s been about 20 minutes. So there you have it, green, red,
green stripe, and the 3D logo. For maximum authenticity,
always photograph from far away so they look more real. It’s why I always carry my extendo,
very clean, swagger boost. Wear your Gucci flip flops and
some clean white socks, the ladies love a pair of clean white
socks, that’s what my moms told me. As you can see right now, I’m rocking
my fimbs, but now I’m ready for a more laid back and relaxed look. [MUSIC] [NOISE] So what do y’all think? Who wore it better,
Soulja Boy or your boy?>>Versus.>>Maximize your swag by pairing
these flip flops with a gold chain. Maybe you can even go shirtless, but
I don’t know if I can do that yet, I’m not inked up like Souja Boy is. Even Souja Boy knows that you should
take your pics from a good distance. I mean,
I can’t even tell if his are real or fake. Vote in the comments, my dude, if you [BLEEP] with the vision,
please try this at home. And make sure to #CheapThrillsFam,
my next video I’ll choose my favorite one. Make sure to peep my SC too,
always making beats, if you want one from me,
hit me up, serious inquiries only. Ladies, 1-800-HMU-BABY. [MUSIC] Wasn’t that nice? Subscribe to Super Deluxe for more.


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