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Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Sup family? It’s your boy Nate, A.K.A. Tabasko Sweet. And you’re watching Cheap Thrills. And you might already know what it is. But do you know what it was? [SOUND] Or what it will be? Probably not, but it’s all Gucci, family. Speaking of Gucci, your boy took to Twitter to see what
iconic pink bag you wanted me to make. The MCM back pack, or the Gucci belt bag. I’m trying not to say fanny pack anymore
because I heard it means something else in different countries. But let’s be real. That [BLEEP] is a fanny pack, family. Anyway, the results are in and
the people have spoken. Looks like you guys want more Gucci,
or should I say hoochie. Honestly I’m happy to be
working on Gucci again. A little throwback to your
boy’s humble beginnings. Shout out to my day ones, who have been
with me since my electrical tape days. [SOUND] You wanna make sure it’s
smooth and there’s no creases. Like I always say, no crease, mad peace. For maximum authenticity,
always photograph from far away so they look more real [SOUND]. Very clean. On the real,
some guy really did steal my girl once and he was wearing Gucci flip flops [SOUND]. We’ve come a long way Cheap Thrills fam,
damn, I know I said I wasn’t getting all sentimental and [BLEEP], but your boy’s
getting all sentimental and [BLEEP]. Get it together, Nate. Anyway, it’s 2018. It’s time to get you a man bag, my guy. Now, all the realest real ones
know how to rock a swag satchel. From my boy, Rich Brian,
to the legend, 2 Chainz. Not only will the right belt
bag increase your clout, [SOUND] it’s also practical as [BLEEP]. Now I got my eye on the pick
Gucci belt bag, but there’s no way your boy’s
dropping 1,300 bucks. The dudes at Gucci are clearly trying
to troll us with these prices. So what do you say family? Should we secure the bag
without poping tags? Here’s what you’re gonna need. Fake leather fanny pack,
I mean, belt bag [BLEEP]. Plastic wrap and some masking tape. Green and red paint,
pink fabric spray paint [SOUND]. As you can see, this Coachella-looking-ass
fanny pack is not the right color for a Gucci bag, but don’t worry,
your boy’s got it covered. Speaking of covered, your boy’s gonna use
this plastic wrap to cover the strap and any other parts we don’t want pink. [MUSIC] Just tearing off some plastic wrap and
then I will secure it with my tape. [MUSIC] Now I’m just using my tape
to cover up the closure. And the same thing on the other side. [MUSIC] And just to be safe, I’m adding one more
tape in the middle to secure the plastic. [MUSIC] Now I’m just gonna use the tape and tear it into a skinnier
piece to put over my zipper. [MUSIC] Finally cover up the zipper pull tab. [MUSIC] Tight, as you can see I’ve got a surface
laid out cuz I’m not trying to piss off the moms. Now it’s time to hit our bag
with the pink spray paint. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Make sure to hit it with
some nice and even coverage. You can go full freak mode since
we covered everything up [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Damn, this pink,
it’s louder than your boy’s Kush. [SOUND] That’s some high visibility swag,
gang. Now don’t try to move on to the back
until the front is completely dry. To make this process quicker, I brought
some extra reinforcement [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Tight, the front is technically dry. Now we can move onto the back. [MUSIC] [SOUND] make sure you
don’t miss any spots. That’d be a dead give away. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Now it’s time to add our iconic
Gucci logo on the front with our green and red paint. I’m gonna start with
the stripes on the bottom. Your stripes are going to be about two
fingers up from the bottom of the bag. Just gonna come in with
my red paint first. And as always your boy is kicking
it straight from the dome. [MUSIC] Just starting with my red stripe,
then I’ll come in with my green stripes, and my interlocked Gs. Now remember,
the stripes are rounded on both ends. [MUSIC] Tight, got my stripes and my G’s locked
in and they’re looking very clean. Now it’s time to lock in that
classic Gucci text right above it. Now the text is centered above the logo, you should have about two
fingers of room on each side. [MUSIC] Whoo, fuego alert! [SOUND] Are you seeing this? I’m well on my way toward a $1,300 bag,
family. Now I’m just gonna remove the plastic
wrap so we can start painting our strap. [MUSIC] Now I’m just loosening my strap
to get ready to paint it. [MUSIC] Now if you’re a true OG you remember it
from my Gucci belt video that we could just go full freak mode with
the red stripe in the middle. Then we’ll get more precise when
we bring in our green ones. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Once your red is dry,
take a long, skinny piece of tape and cover it up so
we can start locking in our green stripes. Make sure you put it right in the center. [MUSIC] Tight, now that we’ve got our
center strip all locked in, it’s time to come in with our green paint. And the tape will protect
our red stripe so we can go full speed mode with the green. [MUSIC] Now detail is everything, don’t forget to
paint in the strap between the buckle. [MUSIC] All right, last step,
hitting it with the blow dryer and then let’s get this tape out of here. [SOUND] All right, moment of truth. Let’s see how we did. [MUSIC] Fuego season. Damn, very clean. And there you have it, family. The iconic Gucci belt bag. [MUSIC] Woah, fuego alert. Someone call 911,
this thing’s actually on fire. [SOUND] Talk about some serious heat,
family. I’m already thinking about all
the [BLEEP] I can fit in here. My vape, my kush, glue gun, extra clips. Call me the trap game Mary Poppins my guy, chiefing back blunts to the face
like a chim chim chimminey. Now before we go and flex this [BLEEP] on
the Gram you’ve gotta remember, family, this is some highly versatile
utility gear my guy. You need to figure out
your satchel alignment. Are you this guy, [SOUND] or this guy, [SOUND] or maybe even this guy?
>>Yeah.>>I’m not judging. Swagger boost. Pair your belt bag with your other
Gucci items for a fully slammed rig. [MUSIC] Damn, it’s almost been a year since
we’ve been doing this [BLEEP], family. It really warms my heart. [MUSIC] It makes me feel like I
have some kind of purpose. I don’t know,
must be God’s plan or something. [MUSIC] And all the shorties sliding in
my DMs asking if I love them. I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry. Just kidding,
Cheap Thrills Fam worldwide, gang gang. [SOUND] You thought that was fuego. Wait till you see my freaking app [SOUND]. Come back next Tuesday for
some more heat and I wanna see all this smashed out like and
make your boy proud in those comments. Click here for
some more serious fueg, gang gang.


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