Customizing GUCCI Shoes and Giving them Away!!!!

– Hey, guys! Today we’re doing our
customization challenge! Today we’re customizing
shoes, but not just any shoes. We’re customizing Gucci shoes! We’ve got a pair of brand new Gucci shoes ready to be customized. Well, you don’t even have to
try, I know I’m gonna win. – Okay, ya wish. It’s in your little dreams, okay? – So the rules of the challenge are we’re gonna be customizing our shoes. We’re gonna do the reveal at the end and you guys are gonna decide
who is the winner and loser. The winner gets to keep their Gucci shoes but the loser has to send
it away to one of you guys. – No! – Speaking of winners and losers going back to the last video, we were customizing AirPods
and we have the results. – Oh, what is the results? – Drum roll, please.
(drum rolling) – I won.
– I won! – What? No! – On the Instagram poll, I won by 77% and on the YouTube poll, I won by 66%. – Okay.
– That means I’m the winner. – Guys, c’mon. I mean you can go outside and you can see a morning
and night every single day. It’s not everyday that you see an angel flying chicken, okay? – That means you have to send
away your AirPods, Ronald. – No, my chicken. My poor chicken! But you guys are hopefully gonna take care of my poor chicken. Okay, guys, I think I
cracked the secret code on why you picked Karina. Because you wanted my AirPods
so much that you picked Karina to win so she wouldn’t have to ship hers so then you would have a chance
of getting my epic AirPods. – Ron, that’s definitely not true, okay? – Yes, yes it is. – You’re just gonna end
up with no AirPods now. Your plan backfired. So, guys if you wanna get
Ronald’s chicken AirPods, go to our latest post on our Instagram and comment there why you
should get the AirPods and we’ll send it to one of you guys. – I bet this is gonna be someone saying, “Because I have a chicken.” (both laughing) – But now, let’s move on to this video. – I’m gonna win. – [Interviewer] So,
tell me how do you feel about winning the last challenge? – Pretty awesome. I get to keep my AirPod Pros and I think they look pretty awesome. – [Interviewer] Do you think
you’re gonna win today? – Yeah, probably. I got a good idea in mind. – [Interviewer] Can you
reveal what you’re gonna do? – No, I can’t! You have to watch the whole
video to find out what I do. – [Interviewer] Do you know
what Ronald is gonna do? – He’s probably gonna do another chicken or like a fluffy animal or something. – [Interviewer] Ronald, I’m sorry. You lost the AirPods challenge. – I know.
(gentle piano music) – [Interviewer] How do you feel? – I feel determined. – [Interviewer] Do you
think you can win today? – Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna crush Karina. – [Interviewer] Do you have
an idea what you’re gonna do? – Kind of. Kind of. I think I have something,
but I don’t know. – [Interviewer] Can you reveal
what you’re gonna do today? – No! You have to watch till the end. I see ya skipping to the end, na. You gotta watch till the end. – So, guys, we’re about
to start the challenge! (Ronald cheering) This is where Ronald’s gonna
be working, the working station and I’m gonna be working in the day room so we don’t see each other’s shoes until the big reveal at the end. – What if I peek? – Well, you’re not allowed to peek. – Yes, I am. – But, before we begin, we gotta open up and see our new Gucci shoes! (Ronald cheering) All right, let’s open. – [Ronald] Okay, no countdown sure. – [Karina] YOLO! Opening the box. – Why is there so much protection? Ah, it smells like
Cabbage plus bad salads. – (laughs) what? There’s so much tissue paper. – Right. (cheers) Nice customizable platforms. – Wow! Look at these! – Look it makes two G’s with the dots. – It almost doesn’t even look like Gucci. It only says Gucci at the back here. You can’t really see it with the dots, but still it looks super nice and sleek. I’m so excited to customize! – You are gonna win the challenge. Do not let me down, okay? – So guys this is my work station where you see the same materials that we used in our last video and we’re all gonna be sharing. We’re all gonna have all the spray paint. I’m just gonna have some markers. We’re sharing, okay. I got my shoes here. But first I gotta take out my laces ’cause I wanna put the spray paint first and I don’t want my
laces to be all colorful. I want them to be white. (upbeat light music) All right, I’m all done. And now it’s time to put
the tape on the areas that I don’t want spray paint, so after we can move on
to the spray painting. (dramatic music) – So, guys, welcome to
another magical world of Ronald shoemaking. Guys, Karina has already won. Well she’s gonna win a second time if you guys don’t vote for me. So guys, vote for me, or else. ‘Cause I have a super master plan. It’s gonna destroy hers. It’s gonna be epic. It’s gonna be out of this world. It’s a joke. But, for I’m planet Earth, vote for me because I’m gonna make a masterpiece. So, let’s begin. Okay, first I need to
remove the shoelaces. I don’t know how to do that. Is it just like this? Oh, yeah. I thought it was way harder than that. Okay guys, so the shoelaces
are off on both shoes because I am a bit too extra. And now, we need to grab some red, and we need to do an outline here and here. Guys, I’m really scared that
I’m gonna mess something up. But I won’t, because
I’m the magical artist. So let’s begin. Scared. (sighs) (dramatic music) Okay, is that okay? Kind of. Okay. Oh my goodness, this is real leather. I’m so scared. Oh, okay. Not too shabby, so far. – Okay guys I’m finally
finished taping all the places that I don’t want any spray paint on are taped up as you can see very nicely. I taped both shoes and I
have all the spray paints that I’m gonna be using. Now it’s finally time to use them. All right, let’s start with
this shoe and it’s dark orange. All right, careful with my sleeves. All right, this is the moment. I cannot turn back. After this, hopefully I’m
not gonna destroy the shoes. All right, make them
better, let’s do this. Oh, that’s completely in the
wrong direction, oh gosh. Oh. That’s interesting, okay. – So guys, the outline is now done. And I pick the thicker side now because now we’re gonna have
to color that all in with red. Let’s do it. (dramatic music) So guys the one side is complete and we still need to do some things here but we’ll get to that later. Now we need to do the next
side of the Gucci shoes. There we go. (dramatic music) There we go. All of this red on both
sides are complete. Now, we need to do red on this shoe. – Let’s put green maybe on this side. Green will be something good, all right. Now time for blue. Nice. All right, now time for
some pink, good old pink. We always love some good old pink. Oh, looking nice. Snazzy. Let’s get some yellow. All right. Wow. All right, maybe some purple. Gotta turn the shoes around. (dramatic music)
(spray paint oozing) Purple up there, some down there. All right, I think I need
to use some more green, I like the green a lot. All right. All right. Some more pink, perhaps. Okay, this shoe is finished. I think it looks pretty good. Now we gotta put it to the side,
and work on the other shoe. – So guys, the outline
on both sides of the shoe are now done, but we need to fill it in. So, I found a shortcut. There we go. Okay, now for the other side. Okay guys, I finished the
red on both of the shoes, just like that on both sides. And now, we’re gonna color in this part, and we’re gonna do that in red as well because too many colors is not that good. Okay. Outline. I think I’m getting pretty
good at this so far. I mean, I didn’t mess anything up. I just messed up there, but ignore that. – [Narrator] A few inches later. – So guys, I am now done
with coloring all of this red and the next step is to get
tape and put it on here, on everywhere, on the bottom, so then I can spray paint this part here. Let’s do it. (dramatic music) Guys, this is gonna take a long time. I just messed up right now. I mean this is gonna be so long but it’s all gonna be worth it because it’s gonna be a masterpiece and you’re gonna vote for me. – All right, which color
should we start with this time? I think orange again. I like some good old orange. Wow. Purple. We love some purple. (dramatic music) All right, we get some pink. Over here we’re gonna have some
blues and greens and stuff. It’s gonna be very nice. Green. (spray paint oozing) All right, it looks pretty good so far. We gotta get a few more colors, make it look a little more colorful. Let’s get some bit of blue on
this side too and mix it up. All right, that looks pretty cool. I like that. Pink maybe on this side. (spray paint oozing) Wow, all right. We’re gonna get a little more orange. All right, these shoes
are looking awesome. All right, I think I am
finished with these shoes. All right, now we gotta wait
for the spray paint to dry so we can move on to the markers! – So guys, the taping is finally finished. That took literal hours,
but it is now finished. The clear tape ran out so I
had to use some other tape that I got from somewhere. You’ll never ever know. So, yeah, I think now we’re
ready to begin spray painting. Okay, it’s time to spray paint. I’m scared, okay. The first color I’m gonna do is blue, and you’re gonna see why in future time. Okay guys, let’s begin. Oh, I missed. (laughs) (gasps) Did I mess up? I don’t know. (spray paint oozing) (laughs) I’m scared. Okay. Is that too much? I don’t know. Probably not. Okay guys so the blue is
done, for this side only. So now, let’s grab the purple. Okay. Hopefully, you can find
out what I’m doing. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Okay. (spray paint oozing) Is that good? Okay, guys, so I put the purple, but I put a little bit too much purple so now I’m gonna have to
cover that up with some blue, but not too much blue, just, that’s blue. Okay, perfect. Now, we need to switch
sides, to the front. No, let’s do the other side first. So we can just make a replica
of what we just did kind of. This is what I have on this side so far. Okay, we’re getting somewhere. Okay, now time for the purple. So guys, to make it a
masterpiece we need more. (spray paint oozing)
(dramatic music) Okay, now for the blue. Okay, perfect-o. You can still see some white spots, but I mean in this area there
is gonna be some white spots. Okay, now time for the front. Okay, should we do something else? Should we add some pink on the front? I think we should. I think we should. Okay, so guys, if you don’t
know what I’m going for so far, I’m gonna reveal it now. I’m going for a galaxy! So, you probably already realized. I mean, blue, purple, I mean. Yeah, that can only mean one thing. It’s a galaxy. So, we’re gonna have some pink as well, but just a tiny, little
bit of pink in the front. Okay, so first blue. (dramatic music)
Okay. Okay now, time for the pink. Oh, that’s so much! Oh my goodness, sure. Sure, we can have a lot
of pink on the front, I’m fine with that. And now, the real challenge
is to make the same on the other shoe. Oh no. Ow. (spray paint oozing)
(dramatic music) Okay! (spray paint oozing)
(dramatic music) Okay, I think we have a replica, just. Okay now we have a
replica of the other shoe. They look really similar. This is good! This is good! I like it. I like it! Okay, now we have to wait for it to dry. – So guys, the paint has dried now so we’re gonna take off the tape. I love how they’re looking so far, but you gotta wait for the markers ’cause they’ll look even better. So, let’s take off the tape. Wow, that looks so good! Yeah, so the tape is off, and look at it. It’s so nice! So I wanted to add some markers, but I think it’ll look
a lot better without it because look at it, it’s a beauty. These shoes are a beauty. I think they’re so cool,
and I love them so much, so instead we’re gonna add the laces, and I’m gonna do the final reveal. Watch for Ronald. – So guys, it’s been years, well not years, but just a few hours and the shoes are finally all dried up and now it’s finally time to
take off the magnificent tape. How do you take off tape? Oh, look, that looks really good so far. Okay, just. Oh la la. (exclaims) Oh! So guys, the tape is now off and you know what that means, (cheers) We’re done! I was gonna put on marker
but it looks really good as it is already and I’m not
gonna show it to you just yet because I want you to be shocked. At the same time I want
it to be a big moment and then you will vote for me. – Okay guys, both of
our shoes are finished. We have not seen each other’s yet. They’re laced and they’re done up, and we’re ready for the reveal. All right, now time for
rock, paper, scissors. Who is revealing first? – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yeah, I’m gonna reveal first! So here are my shoes. It might just look like a box, but there’s something inside the box. – Okay, obviously Ronald. – Okay. (Ronald gasping) – [Karina] Wow. – You like it? – [Karina] Cool. – You like it? – [Karina] It’s quite nice. I like this red, it’s very nice. – Do you like the pink at the front? – Very nice. This is cool, Ronald. – All right, thanks. Okay I’m gonna win this challenge 100%, because if Karina approves,
that means I will win. – Ronald, you have to see my shoes first. – Okay, but before we
move on to Karina’s shoes, you have to appreciate the
magnificent texture on this shoe. We have the white shoelaces with red. And in my opinion, white
goes really good with red. And this marker over here is
not spray paint which is good, ’cause it will go everywhere. But here we have some nice
blue, slightly purple, kind of galaxy. It was supposed to be galaxy,
but it wasn’t really galaxy. And at the other side we have the same. But on here, in the front, we have some extra pink added
to make it more pink texture. So vote for me, or else. So guys, make sure you
go to our Instagram, go on our stories and
vote that I am the winner because I mean, I deserve a win. – Unless you think I’m the winner. (crickets chirping) Okay so moving on to my
shoes, the big deal here. – I wanna see the shoes
that I’m gonna beat. – I don’t know about beating,
but you’re gonna see them. All right, are you ready, Ronald? – No. – Ready to feast your eyes on my shoes? – Sure. (laughs) – Three. – I had a feeling that was gonna happen. (gentle upbeat music) – Three, two, one. – Oh, ew. – Ew? They’re rainbow shoes! – [Ronald] Oh, yeah. Okay, that looks cool. – Each shoe is unique and different. – But that wouldn’t look
good when you wear it. – No! Look, it’s unique and different. – This one’s much more
darker that this one. – I think my shoes are better, Ronald. I mean, rainbow, like c’mon. – This splatter of pink here you can see that they’re very unprofessional. – It’s very professional. – [Ronald] Okay. – So guys, erase everything
you that you’ve seen on Ronald’s shoes, and feast your eyes on the true beauties
that are meant to win, the rainbow shoes! We got some nice pink and purple here, turning to orange. We got some yellow. Ronald. – (laughs) Some easy advertising. – You got yellow going straight
to green and then blue. The most epic rainbow
shoe you’ve ever seen. So, if you think mine is the winner, which it obviously is,
like clearly, look at it. Go to our Instagram and go to our stories and vote me on the poll. – Because her name is Ronald
and my name’s Ronald too. So vote Ronald. – And don’t forget, if you
want Ronald’s chicken AirPods, then go to our latest
post on our Instagram and comment why you should get the AirPods and we might just send it to you. – Yes, we will send the Chicken. – Okay, we hope you enjoyed. If you did, – [Both] Smash that Like button! We’ll see you all later. Good bye! – This one, already. – No, it’s definitely this one. (bright upbeat music)

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