Have you ever tried to dye a pair of shoes have you done it successfully before do you want to do it? I’ve always wanted to I’ve always wanted to try to I’ve seen it online. I’ve never done it. Well today I Have an all-white pair of shoes and I have some dye So looks like we’re gonna be dyeing these today and hopefully it comes out good So stick around and see if this ends up coming out Welcome back to the channel everyone if you are new. Hey, what’s up? My name is DJ and if you haven’t already hit me on instagram as well And you can follow me on there and hopefully see some more stuff like this and different Attempts at customizations and different samples and PDS and whatnot But today this is our chance to try to finally dye a pair of shoes. I’ve always wanted to do this and I Can’t lie. I’m pretty excited But I’m also nervous at the same time because I have a strong feeling I’m gonna mess this one up So let’s just talk a quick quick back story. I ended up getting these for $37.50. Yes. It says a size 10 on here, but they’re actually a size 13, which is my size So I go up walk up to the shoe. I see the size 10. I’m like 37 5000 well, let me do it and then I look and I’m like yo, these are my size The bucks says they’re my size. Let me see the tag. I check the tag. They’re my size So now the day just got that much better because now I have them in my size It’s a white sneaker and there were a little bit dirty dirty on the inside dirty on the out but it’s a white shoe so you should expect that when you get them for 37 bucks at a store, but luckily I used the rejuvenator sneaker laundry detergent and It cleaned them up really really. Well. I can go out on Rockies right now Nobody would even know that I had got these really used like that. They would think that I was my pair They look really really clean. So all I did was stick them in the laundry Let them sit out after they got done air dry and they came out real good So now that the shoes are clean. I think it’s time To get into Picking a color of dyeing these shoes Maybe like a purple to blue or maybe a mine just do like to town What colors would you guys do down below? You see my options right here? which colors would you guys do drop a comment down below and let me know because uh, I Guess I only got one shot at this until I mess it up and then I have to go buy another pair So let’s go ahead and get right into it. Let’s stop with the shenanigans First thing we need to do is unlace the shoe because I want to keep the laces white And I think I want to keep the nets in the back and the midsole all that white as well And I’ve seen some different methods that people have done online. So hopefully My method works and next thing we’re gonna need is some tape. Hopefully I can do this right man. We’re gonna see how this goes So that took me long enough thought it would but I’m trying to make sure it’s not messed up So as you can see, I have it tagged up around The booty and then the net and then Jimmy so not really worried about that Also, let me walk along it anyways, and then I’m not sure what I’m gonna do about the sock liner get Let’s take out this Insole just in case and I didn’t clean these out too. So they’re crispy All right. Let’s get it. Look at this big beam right here I’m gonna put them inside here that way I don’t get nothing all over the table or nothing I got some gloves as well cuz I want my fingers to be seventeen different colors man. There is So looking at the instructions on the packaging it looks like a very simple process All you have to do is fill the water up in the container to the black line from there you’re gonna put the top back on the container shake it up until the powder has dissolved and Let it sit for a couple minutes and then you have your dye. Okay? So looking on the back you can see here are the simple instructions with this these are the three colors that I chose kind of like a red kind of like a turquoise and a purple and I’m gonna just go ahead and get right to it So I honestly couldn’t tell you any rhythm around to this madness that I’m doing I’m just kind of spraying different colors in different spots Basically, just trying to fill up all the white areas. I don’t have any type of plan for this All I know is I put red on one toe green on the other and then I slowly just burst the route So that’s all I can really tell you so This is what I got. Y’all. I don’t know. This is gonna be drunk or if this is gonna end up cool It’s gonna be based on the tape job and how the colors blend together After it all dries up and everything, but I’m telling you right now This is looking drunk Jiminy Christmas. Okay. So yeah. Oh No, I might be cool let’s see, okay. So after you apply the dye it says To wrap them up in plastic for six to eight hours and rinse So we’re gonna have to let these see and it’s night we can rinse them and then tomorrow We’ll see what they look like. Damn damn. Damn Sit right here so I’m gonna let that sit for a while. I’ll be back at y’all a little bit I’m not feeling good about this wood after you let them sit. It’s time to rinse the shoes out and then let them dry Quick update the colors are starting to show a little bit more See a little bit more variation of colors that’s cool. So there look like in the center Is coming together Alright, we’ll see what happens and they dry. I see a car they really are alright Sean, so we’re back and They’re dried up they’re looking a lot better than I thought they would and You know last night there was all dark and just looking at rachie and I wasn’t really feeling too good about it But now this is like the cotton candy customs. That’s what i’ma call them. Would you guys title this shoot? What would you name this sneaker right here. What would this colorway be to you? I got a little bit of red on the toe here a little bit of green on the toe here The blue kind of all over out with the purple kind of hits on the edges and stuff. I’m feeling them I’m really feeling them at first. I didn’t think I was gonna like them, but I’m looking forward to putting these things on So let’s take the first steps. I kept the insoles white. So let’s go ahead and put these in real quick. And then I Get them laced up Let’s get these things on feet and see what they look like man these things is crazy I didn’t think this is the first one, you know So I’m still learning but I didn’t think that was gonna come out this cool. So lace these up real quick. I’ll be right back Yeah Yeah So I like to rock my ultra boots and probably damn near every single one of my shoes Really really loose laced and just straight chillin slip-on type vibes. That’s kind of how I always Rock all my shoes So, how do you guys rock your ultra boost? Do you’d like to tie them up real tight? Do you like the time kind of loose what I’m not on them? Do you like to keep them factory laced with that type of not own? Do you like to loose lay some like this? how do you like to rock your ultra Bruce drop a comment down below and let me know but let’s get into some more detail shots of these shoes because I’m feeling good about these. I really really am feeling good about these. So I want y’all to check these out Let me know what y’all think about these in the comment section down below How do you feel I did on my very first go-around what colorway do you think I should try to do next? What type of sneaker should I do? Should I do the same shoe? I really want to do a presto Air Force one, maybe a converse. I don’t really wear converse that much maybe a ban I’m excited. I kinda wanted to start customizing everything now So let me know what y’all think about these down below in the comment section I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys like this you already know what to do Hit the like button if you haven’t already Smashed the subscribe button join the family. You already know what’s good I’m DJ I’m signing out looking forward to Rodney’s they do mind to go because I’m I’ll probably go end up with the Paige at some point sold. Yeah. Oh And before I forget hold on one sec, I Use the same colors and I made a tea with it So if you guys are interested in confident tea, let me know drop a comment. Shoot me a DM. I Think this thing go hard my first time ever doing a tie-dye tea, so I’m excited buddy. Hi Joe


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