Custom $10,000 Shoes!! ??

This are cool shoes the ones that cost alot of money


  • for the people that say im giving to homeless people for views and subs, its more than just that. I genuinely love giving away and I have even before I started youtube! It just so happens doing something I love can also help me grow so I can give even more away so I think its a win win for everyone! and I thought why not have the loser do some nice things too? I just wanna do more positive things! Love you guys and thanks for supporting me❤️


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  • You

    Read firs word

  • Whoops, wrong video. I was looking for Mr Beast.

  • BaLEnCiaGAs yOu KnOW ThE onEs tHAt looK lIKe sOCkS
    Comment plz if you get the reference

  • Are you hmong

  • Those shoes are not even close to the most expensive shoes

  • Mr beast is a beast

  • Can I please have 3 k because my family is struggling for money at the moment

  • Hey ZHC I wanted to drop a Hello! When I first started to watch ure videos I was curious because I was a great artist and was getting ready to go to school for it… I was shot and ran over by a car and I'm disabled now and seeing that u was throwing money away had me confused because if I had a way to get money like that I'd get my surgeries done and go back to school,But then I realized u r a blessing to so many Homeless and up and coming artist and hey ure young have fun ! That thought made me smile and I wanted to say God bless and thanks for what u do for the community ,i love ure art work and wish u the best

  • Why not in the trash!?

  • Can i get one Balenciaga

  • Pleassssseeeeee

  • Zhc can you get me a pair of those for my b day

  • I can’t afford Adidas and zhc out here painting on 23 pairs of belenciagas

  • I feel like an ass hole for asking for money but can I have some towards a decent pair of shoes? I’ve had 2 pits for about 3 years now

  • The hiding place should be the same

  • bro you draw with a shoe better then me!

  • Wow turkey is called blue according to luar diy

  • such a nice guy ❤

  • Yo
    Can I have 1 million pennies

  • Hi Sir ZHC i really badly needed a vlogging camera so that I can make a good content and make people happy can you help me to get a vlogging camera? You really motivate me and it will be a huge help for my family if I get succeed in youtube industry heart this comment if you notice me, thank you in advance. ?

  • Lol these are my dream shoes rn actually

  • I can use 3000$ i can buy lots of ps4 games

  • I love your video very much i have watched all of your videos if you are giving away the balancia shoes plz if you can provide me too

  • Love your work man you are a big influencer ! Im trying to get out there as well ?? any love and support yall can give is much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

  • I liked ur hoodie and I was like lemme go see and that shi said $950… it hurted??

  • Hey ZHC i love all your vids keep it up and i have a video suggestion. maybe you could do a turkey battle royal when the first one to collect the most turkeys then draw whatever it says on the $100 note most accuratley wins? kinda a dumb idea. Anyway i hope you make a video about it and keep up the good work!

  • My dad has that type of shoes and they cost him 2000 dollars ?

  • I will sub if you draw a really cute animals and send one to me

  • I want one 🙁

  • Can I have one of those pair of shoes

  • they all look like crap, waste of a custom shoe

  • I wish I had the talent to draw like you but I don’t even have tools so yeah.. nice vid

  • Could I get one of them balenciaga

  • ZHC made a grate of white one I love it

  • Imagine you give me 1000 dollars a you would be a goat ?

  • There not the most expensive shoes

  • 10:38 fed up – song

  • Know one cares about the homeless

  • Yo can I get a pair

  • I want money ???? imma greedy bastard

  • I'm pretty sure balenciaga shoes dont cost 10,000

  • Do you have more balenciaga because i dont have enough money to aford them please!!!!!!!!

  • Could I have some money bro I just had an operation in the uk on my arm and don’t enjoy myself rn ☹️

  • It would mean so much i don’t mind if it isn’t a lot of money it will help me out

  • Can I have 200 hundred for my art suplise

  • Are you trying to flex on us?

  • hey if you have any extra balenciaga shoes left you don't want i'll be happy to take them

  • Can i have a phone please

  • You are so kind zhc and the other boy

  • What are Mr. beast now

  • ZHC: hides marker behind turkey

    Turkey: listen u beat me up when everyday now ur trying to probe me

  • They’re literally wasting money to ruin shoes

  • Can I have 1000 pounds pls

  • RIP Turkeys shoes

  • This is not one of the worlds most expensive shoe. not at all

  • Nobody:

    Me: … nice

  • I need a new phone u-u


  • I want to buy a skeatboard but I don’t have enough money please

  • These shoes look weird as hell.

  • Regardless of whether or not you think hes doing it for likes/ comments, atleast hes DOING SOMETHING. Most of yall avert your eyes when you see homeless folk.

  • Hello

  • What if mrbeast had two dimension's ? The artist one and the donater one?

  • ?

  • Hey zhc i am a young YouTube artist but i lack copic so if you could please giveaway your copic set to me

  • 1 like and turkey kiss turket

  • can i get 1000 dollars

  • ZHC: draws on the shoe
    Turkey: OOF
    ZHC: steals the money from Turkey
    Turkey: OOF!!!!!!

  • ZHC your drawings are the best in the world

  • This A Mr Beast a YouTube channel now?

  • Me: poor as flipps
    Zach: paints with an Balenciaga shoe

    R.I.P me and the Balenciaga shoe

  • whare did you buy turkey

  • ????

  • Now we know why the dinosaurs froze to death. They didn't run fast enough


  • Hello

    Read more

  • Throwing out Copics like it’s water ! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    PICK ME!!!!!
    (BEEN….) Subscribed !!!!!
    I’ll pay for shipping and everything! …. even for the copics itself! I’ve always wanted copics but waaaay too expensive for me! Pleaaaase hook ya girl up?!
    With MUCH love…. from SEATTLE!!!!


  • Pray for turkey??

  • ZHC drawing on shoes
    Wait a minute… Tik Tok?

  • can I get some money I am a brocke family no money or food I rily need money
    amd I cant go to school I don't have cloes

  • Those shoes are too ugly to be $800

  • This guy is mr beast mixed with art

  • Im crying omg i wish i owed a pair ?

  • Great video though!!!

  • I come from very low income family.can I have some money.anything will do.i love drawing ,mostly sketching and anime.i also love cycling but my cycle is repaired.please any amount would PayPal no:+919994089554.i love your videos and that you help people.bye.

  • @ZHC i am an upcoming artist and i am trying to get a studio started but am felling to find a job. My phone plane ends at the end of this month and i am just asking for a little bit of help thank you for reading i love your videos-jonathon

  • Just for putting oof jn the thumbnail I will expose you and get ready for a apology video

  • Rip tot the poor sneaker heads watching

  • can I have no money plz someone help me I have been wanting to get nothing I come from a low family jk not trying to afend anyone

  • I love ur channel #artistarmy

  • I could use the money ?

  • Love watching

  • Can I have Mooney

  • Yo I’m going back to college in a couple weeks and nobody at school will hire me Bc I go to a university in a very conservative area and my name is very asian and so am I. Pls help me out

  • ZHC is a artist version of Mr beast

  • Can I have 1k ? Lol

  • Awesome video ZHC you are a really talented. As a young artist you are probably the artist I most aspire to and it would be really cool to have a pair of the Balenciagas challenge shoes or even just any art from you would be really cool?

  • How much for your shoe painted ZHC?

  • When none of the videos in the recommendation bar are ZHC content.

    RIP Turkey 🙁

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