Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press

Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel. Today, we are going to try crush this adamantium ball… And it is by far the hardest bearing ball type of thing that we have crushed… And you have to know some really strange people to get hold of one of these, so I’m very excited about this one. But I think I’m going to just place it here, and let’s see… And here we go! WHAT THE FUCK?! It’s not doing anything! We have 150 bars and we didn’t do shit, so let’s crank the machine up and use 300 bars. And I think it didn’t explode, so let’s raise the tool up and have a look. Holy fucking shit what happened there?! So the ball is deep inside of my hardened tool and I spent all day making of this so thanks very much. And I think it’s stucked there. And, no, you can not take it out. And I haven’t seen anything go into the hardened steel like this, so it’s really tough. And I think I have to make new tool for the next one. So the adamantium ball didn’t explode or get destroyed, but luckily we have our friend here with these sharp adamantium things, which should be much more interesting. So here we go. So let’s go with the full power. Holy shit, I think you’re stuck there. What the fuck?! Now you are not! That was strange! Holy shit that was intense. I have no idea what happened there. Yeah, it actually cut it into four pieces. The steel baseplate is in four pieces, which is really strange. And holy shit they are clean cut. Yeah, these are all different pieces now. That adamantium stuff has to be really tough shit to be able to do this. And sharp also. Yeah but, I think we haven’t- -we don’t have any more tools to crush, so we have to stop here. So that’s all for today. Thank you for watching and have a nice day!. And for todays extra content We have this Sabretooth Tiger It has really large and sharp teeth and it can attack with them at any moment So we must deal with him!


  • When I watched this video before, I totally missed the reference with the extra content.
    Wolverine and Sabertooth.

  • 10000% FAKE

  • Why did you only advertise in the description

  • 0:53 1:13 wat da fuk and holy fuking sheit

  • Cool now do it with vibranium caps shield vs the press

  • Can't get enough of this shit

  • 1:13 my moms reaction when 5 year old me showed her my art class painting

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  • What a lame bulshit was that…

  • Only fake Admantium is available on earth

  • Pls make more like this

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  • what's with the accent

  • Aint that the shit from terraria

  • This chanell are very boring🤢🤢🤢

  • WTF is this metal

  • "I tink u ar stok-VAT DE FAK, NO U AR NOT"

  • Would like to see you press some cannotcrushium or unobtainium!

  • Obviously fake but they made it look so cool👏👏👏 well done

  • Would hydraulic pressure destroy Thor's hammer

  • Got to be my favorite episode on this channel. Additionally, OH NO, KITTY!

  • Wat da fak

  • They are pushing stuff into a very weak metal like tin

  • Why you said " i will make new steel". You could use the other side of the steel

  • Oww sh*t are you kidding us🤨😂

  • sounds like h3h3

  • because it’s aluminum and not metal

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  • PressTube and TheHacksmith want to know your location

  • 2:10 Vat ThE FuCk U

  • That was before Disney bought 20th Century Fox. Fuck you Disney

  • Why we not using Adamantite armor

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  • No one:

    Dutch subtitels: HEILIGE NEUKENDE SCHIJT!!

  • Obviously fake but cool special effects

  • Remember when vibranium used to be adamantium

  • Wolverine promotes your channel

  • Thats not real but it looks cool

  • it´s like, u knew like the Logan

  • dude you swear too much i wanna
    this for enjoment not to hear cuss words every 2 minutes

  • So funny. Thanks guys

  • I know its a joke but how?

  • 2:08 well that person cut the bottom half of the metal like a piece of cheese with his arm strength? lel

  • 1:03
    Are you even pressing??

  • Fakeee

  • the people who think this is real : 🤡🤡

  • Stop cursing you suck


  • Lolllllllll im dying
    His voice is killing me.

  • If that ball does that then… what will Flex tape do?

  • WHAT THE FUARK button 2:08

  • This is adamantium real

  • That steel looks like cheese :))

  • Don't fool me please xdddd

  • can someone please tell me if thats real or not?? like the wolverine sward bit like wtffff

  • mario in real life….

    here we go

  • Adamantanium is a fictional element……

  • So THATS how you kill the turtle

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  • Best Ad ever.

  • This guy’s reaction

  • I love you men… You are so funny ,you always make up my day… Thank you

  • Was the plate/block of metal gallium or something soft beqcuse that isnt possble irl

  • how did you edit this video so well

  • 00:52 WAT DA FAK

  • 1:09 HOLY F***ING S**T

  • 2:06

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  • *Me checking if it was made on April the 1st*

  • that claws thing from wolferine is Made from Nokia

  • WolfMan is now scared

  • I love how despight this is a joke it’s realistic to marvel. Adamantium is the strongest material in, I believe, the multiverse

  • Lol

  • Fake. Hydraulic presses aren’t real

  • Terraria players be like:,,huh''

  • Him cussing is thhe funniest shit ever

  • Is this real

  • Got us in the first half… Not gonna lie…

  • that was funny as hell,, good vid 😉 love the way he says holy shit, man lol

  • 2:10 I just want to say he sounds a lot like my grandfather.


  • "Hawly faking shet dat was intens"

    me after an intense seks

  • Adamantuim is not real

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  • where is the claw sold

  • The voice of yours remind of a game and is about crushing stuff with a hydraulic press

  • dislikes are from dc's fake accounts

  • 0:52

  • 0:53 I didn’t expect that

  • I liked this channel more before the people would talk in the background

  • Fuck

  • what if you try to force opposite poles of a neodymium magnet to attract with the press

  • This is awesome video but #fake

  • 1:50 what you wanted like this

  • Wow use the cut parts as mirrors

  • Wtf😂😂

  • Dislikes are those who got clickbaited
    Likes are those who find him saying cursive words and think it’s funny

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