Crapo defends flip flop on Trump support

A flip flop from an Idaho senator made headlines across the country on Tuesday. Infamous comments from Donald Trump made in 2005 came to light earlier this month, in which Trump seemingly brags about committing sexual assault. After those comments became public, several Republicans distanced themselves from the GOP nominee. Among them: Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. On Oct. 8, Crapo said, “I have reached the decision that I can no longer endorse Donald Trump. This is not a decision that I have reached lightly, but his pattern of behavior has left me no choice.” On Monday, Crapo backtracked on his Oct. 8 statement. “The choice we have is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” Crapo said in
a statement. “Given that choice, I will vote for the Republican ticket, Trump and Pence.” KXLY4’s Derek Deis asked Crapo about that flip flop on Tuesday. “The fact is, I support limited government, free market, and frankly, the impact on the United States Supreme Court on the nominations she would make as president make it clear we cannot support Hillary Clinton. And, because of that, I will support the Republican ticket, Trump and Pence.” Senator Crapo said he wanted the GOP to put Pence on the ticket instead of Trump, and now that it hasn’t happened, he says he has no choice but to back his party’s nominee.

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