Crankbrothers Shoe Shields Review

Hi, this is Jeffrey from My MTB Guide and today we’re looking at the Crankbrothers Shoe Shields. Protection isn’t something that first comes to mind,
but if you have carbon soled it really should. Shimano’s SPD’s aren’t that harsh on
your soles but other types of pedals are, for example Crankbrothers Eggbeaters or Time
Atac pedals. These use a bar style mechanism to clip in, but these bars rub against the
sole of your shoes. Eventually causing some serious damage to your expensive carbon soled
shoes, or to lesser extent on regular soles. And that’s where the Shoe shields come in
to play. These Shoe Shields come in a very simple packaging
with minimal but required information about the product. An image shows you how the shoe
shields need to be installed but it’s pretty self-explanatory. In the packaging we find
the two shoe shields and that’s it. There no specific left or right shoe shield. I can be short about the specification of the Crankbrothers Shoe Shields because there
isn’t much it. The Shoe Shields are made of stainless steel and are intended to be used
with Crankbrothers pedals, but they do work for similar style pedals like Time Atac’s or
Look S-Track’s. The shields should, according to Crankbrothers, weigh 4grams, but according
to my scale it’s 6 grams. And the shields are 0,8mm (or 0.03inch) thick with a slight
curve to follow the shape of your sole. Installing these shields is really simple.
Remove your current cleats, place the shields and reinstall your cleats again. Note that
you might want longer bolts for installing your cleats again since you add about a mm
thickness because of the shoe shields. Something that’s not directly clear is that
your position on the bike slightly changes because of the shoe shields. The 0.8mm thickness
of the shoe shield decreases the distances to your pedals by the same amount. To compensate
for this you can raise your saddle a bit After using them for a few months I’m quite satisfied. The shields are still in great
shape, but more importantly the soles are well protected. You can see where the pedals
were rubbing against the Shoe Shields but there aren’t signs of the pedals digging in
to the shields. And in this case the Shoe Shields perform as you would expect.
However, the thickness can be an obstacle when clicking in your pedals. If you slide
your shoe over the pedal to clip in, the bar of the pedal can catch on the edge of the
shoe shield, making it difficult to clip in. Also, when using pedals with a larger contact
area you’ll notice that the thickness of the shoe shields causes a small gap between
the shoe and the pedal. Combine this with the steel on steel interaction between the
shoe shields and bars of the pedals and you have a slippery feel when clipped in. This decreases over time but it takes some timegetting used to. My biggest issue with the shoe shield is that I had to adjust my setup, my seat had to be
raised a tiny amount and the position of my cleats slightly adjusted. Finding the perfect
setup again for me took a fair amount of time. Maybe that’s not the case for you, but I’m
quite particular about my setup. Looking at the overall performance of the
Crankbrother Shoe Shields do protect the sole of your shoes really well. The price of €10
for just 2 pieces of metal is an okay price to keep your expensive carbon soled shoes
in good condition and keeping constant pedal engagement. If you have a bar styled pedal,
like Crankbrothers Eggbeater, Time Atac or Look S-Track combined with carbon soles, then the Crankbrothers Shoe Shields are definitely something you’d want to look in to. Thanks for watching my review of the Crankbrothers Shoe Shields. If you liked the video please
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  • Crank Brothers cleats are made of soft metal, they wear out quicker than Shimano, Wellgo SPD cleats.
    If you walk a lot in SPD shoes(commuting etc) you'll keep replacing the cleats quite often.

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  • They follow the shape of your soul. That's so cool.

  • nice review!

  • Great review. well done!

  • when there are gaps between the cleats and shoe, crank brothers provide a traction pads and traction slevees from 1 mm to 3mm for candy 2, 3 and eggbeater, to avoid these movement

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  • Thank you. Your video was just the right info I needed. Ready to install my cleats on my new carbon sole Lake shoes!

  • Wonder what he's talking about,when he keeps mentioning "shuttle" and how he's particular about it?

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