Craftsman Workshop -Moroccan Leather Slippers- Babouche Chausson Marocaine

legrini lmaati, i’m a craftsman I have been working as a craftsman for 40 years now That’s a long time, this work is inherited from Moroccan ancestral know-how but unfortunately this job does not end to attract counterfeiters who damage the image of the Moroccan slippers. Counterfeiters harm our image, they provide poor quality without using real leather for slippers Today I am proud of this partnership, I work with people who work in the standards. who are grateful to this work. We make slippers with genuine leather and we provide an exceptional quality. These slippers are made of genuine leather, we carefully choose the leather and the material for the sole A particular care is taken to the preparation of the sole, to the “Barchman” embroideries and to the finishing of the slipper. All this work is made by hand. We make thick,soft and durable sole to the slipper, by hand, to provide you with authentic and refined fair-trade slippers. The last step involves removing scrap leather, drying and dying until it reaches the right level of softness to give the slipper a more aesthetic appearance.

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