Converse Jack Purcell® Jack Leather Ox SKU:8809586

Hey! How’s it going guys? I’m Joe, and this is Jack Purcell® Jack Leather Ox, this’s from Converse Now this is one of those shoes I wish we had feel-o-vision so you could reach right in and just feel the softness of the leather they used on this sneaker Still have that classic low top silhouette going on, the classic Jack Purcell “Smiley face” up front the rubber toe cap as well, they’re all that flexibility, you’re going to get a super sticky rubber on the outsole Adding in the footbed is gonna be super comfortable like you know and love from Converse and the lining is very soft, you’ve got a fabric, it’s very breathable The perfect upgrade any sneaker collection, give these a try! They’re from Converse

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  • look at those

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