Complex Closets : DJ Khaled Shows His Sneaker Closet

In this scene, you might be wearing these, but then I’ll do this. Don’t let me go in the box. You got my name on there. Kiss the ring. I still can’t believe I have them. I call these Bahamas. Every time I look up in here, I can’t believe
this shit. Then I remember, we have a mall. What’s up everybody, as you can see you know
where we are. after months of proving. Yes Everyone hitting this man up to get access
to this closet yes He has blessed complex with the exclusive Everybody has been hitting me up. we have
complex doing it, 60 minutes, every sneaker blog, everything dealing with life, Has been trying to get in this room. and right
now were going to do an exclusive. DJ Khaled. Greatness We promise you’ve never seen anything like
this. Let’s do it. I don’t even know where to start but were
going to try. We’re going to start. you see what’s going
on. you see this is one side of the room. hopefully the camera will get a full 360. You see the energy in this room. you see the
passion. you see the blood, sweat, and tears in this room. you see this wall. Look at this from top to bottom. you know
what I’m saying. I call this don’t ever play yourself. I call this wall, I call war ready, in case
somebody want to sound clash. We clash anytime, you know what I’m saying. Everybody always wanted to get that Yeezy.
I call these treadmill. you know what I’m saying. You know of course, you go to the classic
ones that broke ground that made it really like don’t play yourself. You know what I’m saying. and of course you
know, how it all started. you gotta remember we have a mall. You know what I’m saying. and if you notice.
you notice, right? You notice right? That’s stock. that’s stock. That’s what I’m trying to show you. And of
course. you know. Those. It’s very important when you see that. It’s very important when you see that. You
call that a fragment Yeah I call it give thanks for the stamp. you see
what I’m saying. that’s what we do it. if you notice before we get into detail. My MCM bags are filled with Jays. My Louis
Vuitton bags are filled with Jays. Don’t let me go in the box. Special we’d the best Miami heat edition box.
You know what I’m saying. We just got random sneakers, But these sneaker right here I got a gift
from Jordan. Um Reggie uh brand Jordan jutman 23, they put my logo on these. They know I love them. They put my name on
there. You know what I’m saying. They came in this box. A leather box. With the Jump man 23 logo. DJ Khaled. Leather.
the Vibe They made another pair. these are one of my
favorite Jordan’s of all time. I just like having these. These are so like
clean and fresh. you see that logo. this ain’t no costume. uh. God. No. This is Michael Jordan. This is Reggie. This
is from Brand Jordan. This is Jump Man 23. Don’t play yourself. What do you call those? I call thesthese. Give these thanks. and thank
you and I’m very grateful. How do you decide what shoes you keep in the
grab and go bags? Well, the grab and go bags because you know
when I travel Uh huh I got to be cautious on the road. it’s a red
carpet event. it’s a show. you might be in the studio with Jay Z one day. You know what I’m saying. I know they’re coming
with their kicks on. that’s why I have the mcm bags and the big duffle bags for. to pull
out something like this Yeah You should Yeah You should saying it like you might be wearing
these. I don’t think Jay Z has these But listen, you might be wearing these but
then I do this. Right. You see what I’m saying? I do it humbly. Aye,
aye, what’s up what’s good. they notice. Each of them have a story. You know what I’m
saying. Each shoe. I remember wearing this shoe. You know what I’m saying when I made this
record or what video. you know what I’m saying. I remember which one got the most talk when
I hit the red carpet with this stuff. You know what I’m saying? Yeah You see these things? Wow OG These are the OG Chrome sixes. You know what
I’m saying. You see these babies. Carolina Blue sixes. yeah I mean come on, bro. Like like you know what
I’m saying. we champions up in here bro. Kiss the ring. Know that. Bow down and kneel
to your inspiration. Now I rep 305 Miami Day County. When I walk
in with these its shut down. I call these summertime 305s. Look at this See that Florida sign. Then look at this one.
It’s got 305. These shoes mean so much to mean. It’s incredible. And then I call these. The You. Uh huh You see that. That’s Day county man. That’s
305 for real. You know what I’m saying. I take pride in these. You know what I’m saying. You know in time when I got older I realized
I had so many sneakers in my closet and I took pride in them so I needed up being I
guess a collector Yeah You know what I’m saying. But this is more my passion and my love this
ain’t no just happen two three years ago. I’m a classic. Icon. A legend. Let me ask you. If there’s a show missing.
You walk into this closet You immediately see there’s a shoe missing? Right now we have an investigation going on.
A street investigation. There’s five sneakers missing Really I hope it’s none of my friends. Uh huh I hope we miss placed them on the road. But the five sneakers that are missing are
like five bangers. so it’s kind of like suspicious. Okay But we got you know what I’m saying. We like
doubles and triples. You know the cool grey we got the OGs and the regular ones. Dogs okay. OGs. Give Thanks when you don’t
want to wear the OGs You know what I’m saying What I’m saying is like We’re going to find that person. Right When we do find them. Once we get them back.
I’m going to give them right back to them. Really and say, congratulation. You played yourself.
I hope these sneakers last forever for you. Wow And do yourself the biggest favor and bow
down. So Joe yeah You know we got this ladder you see this Carolina Blue fives More than Carolina blue fives. Joe do you
know what these are? These are the motor sports. Thank you. Motor. Motor sports fives Listen guys guys you have to be educated and
if you’re not it’s cool. I call these Bahamas Baby Blue waters. That’s what I call them. People call them
the motor sports. I call em Bahamas. Alright. Shout out to Drake. I call these
the OVOs. I have another pair of OVOs I’m not allowed to put in this room Wow Well, they’re in this room, I’m not allowed
to show you. Political reasons. Okay. Listen, all y’all watching this. You know
about this. But do you see what’s going on in here. Triplets. Doubles. Do you see the passion of the wood. I had
a special designer put a special wood in here. I didn’t want to put them in boxes anymore. I felt like you know what this is my home.
this is my life. I want to see my hard work. You know what I’m saying. Every time I look
up in here I can’t believe this shit. Do you think you have the best sneaker closet
in the world? Of course I do. but let me be humble because
I am humble. But I’m very confident in what I do and what I represent. We The best. but notice how I say we the best. Uh huh You know the reason why you’re here is because
you’re part of the best culture. Complex is part of the best culture. That’s why my brand is called We The best.
My fans they the best. My fans and my support might have a room like this and I can’t leave
them out. because they might have one like this. If not I want to inspire them to get one like
this. uh huh But yes I feel like I have the best sneaker
room because it’s a lot of a lot of vibe a lot of culture a lot of energy. now you see these sneakers right here? One of my all-time favorites. This is called
you wish you had these What’s the story behind those Well the story behind these is I still can’t
believe I have them Out of the corner of my eye I saw these Oregon
Dion Sanders I love them How did you get these? Well this was from a secret connect. I got
two of my guys who if you ever have to get sneakers and you can’t get em and you’re trying to
get something come to We The Best. We the Best Lifestyle but give thanks because
hell pull out thing like this and you have to get them. Lets talk about this section. You have you
shimmies, valenciagas Well yeah you know A little more of a high fashion look yeah, this is more of a high fashion look
this is like you know what I’m saying. I don’t wear too much high fashion sneakers unless
they dope These right here classic this is like you
gotta have every time I see a pair of these I buy them These things. You know the story behind these I want to hear it They only gave it to like I don’t know the
exact number I call these all eyes on me 2Pac voice. Okay You know what I’m saying? It’s a Five You
know what I’m saying These Supremes be crazy Supremes Supremes that’s like that’s hard You know random Air Force Ones the daylight
soles are up there you know what I’m saying Tiffany’s yeah You know what I’m saying yeah. Then you got
these in case you want to let people know get your money right. Crocodile you know what I’m saying. There’s
so many different sneakers man You notice on this wall right here these are
the every dayers but I will always buy as many pairs of These or try to ask for some as many as I
can get it so five man. Its DJ Khaled Boy Khaled I want to thank you for inviting us
into your crib and more special Thank you your closet Thank you man appreciate it This is going to be big Guys this is going to be big. Shout out to
complex y’all look out for my new album its coming out this year it’s called I changed a lot I changed a lot.
You know what I’m saying. I just thank all y’all for making my records
go number one and supporting my music supporting my team. if you ever come to Miami come to Miami finger
licking have lunch with me. You know what I’m saying? Thank you man Joe appreciate you man. Lets do it again. Yes I’m going to do part two were going to show.
you know when we’re leaving here well show them a glimpse of the old room that’s still
filled with sneakers Okay


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