Competitive Cross Country Running : Shoes for Cross Country Running

Hi, my name is Peter with Expert Village.
Today I’m going to talk to you about competitive cross country running. In this section I’m
going to talk to you about fitted shoes. The reason why you want to make sure you get a
good fitted shoe is because everyones feet, there are about three types of feet’s out
there as far as wear, your feet hit on the ground. So what you’re going to want to look
for is like any type of running institute around your neighborhood or just a big shoe
store that has where they can sensor what type of shoe is going to work best for your
foot and where to put the most pressure. The reason why that is important is because you
want to prevent injuries now in the beginning and not have to worry about later when you
can actually get any type of shin splints since we’re all familiarize with. So shoes
are definitely one of the key elements towards cross country competitive running. With shoes,
little do a lot of people know is you can just go in and get a shoe that is your size
but what you really want to do is go to a expert place where they have a platform you
can walk on it. It will actually sensor the different positions on the bottom of your
feet to see what shoes are going to work best. There are usually three types of fitted shoes
out there and they will let you know which one works best. I have a type of shoe that
I got fitted at a running institute these work really great, they help me prevent any
type of shin splints when I’m running.


  • and what kind of brands good?? asics,nike,puma???

  • asic i highly recommand its the best new balance/nick will work well don't get puma, puma isn't for running and theres many more that i forget about but like i said i use asics and it has really good performance

  • He sucks so bad at talking.
    And obviously knows shit all about distance running.
    Real dissapointment.

  • dude r u crazy no dont!

  • shoes are the devil, run barefoot

  • asics or brooks are the way to go

  • @suxctf ya i know we've screwd ourselves hard, i still run in my trainers but im trying to switch to racing flats

    but i totally agree with u

  • so are nike free- runs good cross country running shoes?

  • @harshw16 I've recently bought Nike free runs 3 they are great for track but don''t have the best support, I'm getting inserts but get a more sturdier shoe hope this helps! Reply to me for my own experience if you would like

  • The three things best thing to look for in a XC shoes:
    1: Weight
    2: Comfort ( If you don't have the right comfort you can get really injured or really bad blisters.)
    3: Flexibility

  • i just going to repeat myself…   NO HELP WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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