*(Later on)
– [Jo] It’s working! *(Later on) Who likes feijoada? I don’t know! Because I’ve never tried And neither did you I don’t know what… How it’s like Like, I’ve never seen it I saw it once And I didn’t tried it Maybe I have when I was 5 I’ve never seen… or eaten You can’t eat something you’ve never seen Today we are making a very americanized/vegetarian feijoada “vegetarianized” “DamonAndJonized” He’s a vegetarian Our neighbour doesn’t want us to Let’s go Let’s do it! We have an american recipe To make a brazilian feijoada Ingredients: Farofa, do we need it? Later, to put it on top He’s such a brazilian! Rice! To eat with the feijoada Ok. Now on to the feijoada recipe Cilantro What is this called? I don’t know In english, cilantro For a smelly mouth Garlic I don’t know what is called Ground cilantro a cilantro powder Fake meat Fake meat like pepperoni Vegetarian Fake bacon Facon! And I know you are going to kill me because of this But we don’t have a
pressure-cooker Or even 11hours to cook beans Beans Canned I know that all the brazilians will be like “Ew! Who eats canned beans?” Bay leaf Onions! Bay leaf And onions! Onions! For us to cry… …about our feijoada that will taste bad We are starting now – [Jo] Damon, what are you doing? What is feijoada? – [Jo] What is feijoada!? Feijão- (beans) ada! No way! Wow Feijoada is a really famous brazilian dish With beans on it The dish is based on beans The beans are the star of the dish How is this any different from the rice and beans dish? For me it looks the same But there’s a lot of meat on it It’s like 8 types of meat This is great for a vegetarian! That’s why we got fake meat First off: Rice And yes, I’ll use this because it’s much faster – [Jo] This boy is doing everything… …right! The american way Because americans don’t eat rice, so that’s already a problem Let’s boil the rice and then we’ll start to cook the feijoada Directions: Immerse the meats in bath for about 36hours Changing the water several times if you’re in a hot environment or in the summer We don’t have all this time Brazil How to make feijoada in 36 seconds, go! It’s almost finished! But what are you going to do with this water? I’ll put in the pot to cook rice But you’ll light the stove afterwards? So you are boiling the water to take it to the pot And then turn on the stove to boil the water again? – [Damon] I don’t have time! Oh boy! 36 seconds, hurry up! – [Jo] Oh my god… There’s no math here, just put the rice on the pot And then let the water boil, case closed. Go, go, go, go Take off some of the water, there’s too much water This rice is going to get soggy! No one likes a soggy rice! We are supposed to immerse the meat in bath for 36 hours We don’t have all this time This knife is terrible Vegetarians don’t even use knives Because they don’t eat meat – [Damon] Frigideira (frying pan) – [Damon] What is “panela”? – [Damon] Here’s the frying pan “Panela” is a pan – [Jo] “Frigideira” is a frying pan A little oil Where is it? Where is it!? It’s in here A little oil A tiny little oil Olive oil So expensive, I’ve put 5 dollars in the pan already – [Damon] I’ve never… – [Jo] …cooked – [Jo] Why did you let the lid… – [Jo] Oh my god He doesn’t even know how to eat canned beans – [Jo] No, don’t do this, no! – [Damon] Yes! – [Jo] Why are you doing… – [Jo] You are taking off all of the bean broth – [Jo] This is the bean broth! How are we supposed to make a feijoada? – [Jo] Let me do this, please But this is so watery Like, I don’t want… Feijoada is like a soup! It’s supposed to be watery I don’t want a beverage “Comida” (food) comes from the word “comer” (to eat) This is something… Feijoada is a dish, right? It’s not a beverage I don’t want to drink it, I want to eat it What’s a sopa (soup) then? It comes from the “sopar” verb Alright, Can I do this? Ok, good Ok, careful The fire alarm always goes off I love meat but I also like fake meat Ok, I told you that this was going to happen Fire, fire Our feijoada is cooking already And I was looking for information on the Internet I found a recipe called “Sunday’s Feijoada” And here we are in the Damon and Jo’s Big Sunday Look at the ingredients Two pork feets 250g of pork ribs Pork tails Sliced bacon Pork’s ear Is this edible? I don’t know Sausage Like, the whole pork is in the feijoada We don’t have any pork Is it a feijoada? We’ll see Jo, I have a question – [Jo] Yes? Where’s the bin? – [Jo] Behind you Then why is this not in the trash? Shut it, boy! He’s so annoying! I can’t take it Annoying people in the kitchen That’s our next show that we filmed… …No Annoying people cooking Ok, now let’s cut onions, to cry a little bit Onion Garlic But which one? Both, we got to cut both Now what? We put it like this, right? No! I’m joking you guys I love the smell of garlic Specially when you kiss someone and they got that garlic breath You know? It’s so good You guys see this? It’s like my personality that has several layers [Jo] That’s how you improvise people [Jo] You guys may be thinking that we are putting dog food on our feijoada – [Jo] This is facon – [Jo] Or fake bacon – [Jo] I don’t even know… -[Jo] I’ve never seen this is Brazil [Jo] Have you? Yes! There’s a lot of vegetarian restaurants in São Paulo – [Jo] Made with soy, but fake bacon? I don’t know I want to go back there Alright, let’s put this to replace the pork’s foot One, two, three I know that this may not look like a brazilian feijoada But the smell that is in here… It smells like a brazilian house Because of the garlic and onions – [Jo] Damn, this looks so brazilian! How do you cook this? – [Jo] You can toast it, or eat it like that No, but the way it is… The word… How can I say… Oh my god! – [Jo] Who wants farofa? – [Damon] No! How to make feijoada in 36 days! Next step? – [Jo] It’s a bit burned, but let it be – [Jo] Let it boil, let everything boiling – [Jo] Where’s the salt and pepper? – [Jo] Specially salt – [Jo] Because we love our salt – [Jo] You guys, this one has a face of despair Look, I’m going to make a “Farofinha” with eggs Eggs as well? Eggs, you’ve never tried! I think there’s too much eggs Oh my god! How do you turn it off? Put this with the beans It’s working everybody! Oh, guys… Tasty! ♪ It looks so good, it looks so good ♪ No! I took the top layer off It went right on the beans pot After the Havaiana inside the feijoada plot I’ll just add the last spices The bay leaves Did you know that in Brazil my grandmother used to say that if you get a bay leaf inside of your beans It’s good luck Is it? Yes. Let’s see who’s the luckiest Me! Because I’m going to eat a feijoada with Havaiana We are almost finished – [Jo] The moment of truth – [Damon] Should I put it on top? – [Jo] You can put it on top, on the side, do what you want – [Jo] Damn!
– [Damon] Wow! – [Jo] It looks good! – [Jo] Come on, this is vegetarian? – [Jo] And made by gringos? And to finish Let’s sprinkle the dish with a toasted “Farofinha” with eggs Let me tell you, I’m proud – [Damon] You didn’t expect this – [Jo] Ok? Everyone at home – [Jo] I didn’t read a single step in the recipe It smells like nothing Brazilian food! Burns the mouth Too hot It tastes like meat Did you put it? Brazil, thank you again for inspiring another great meal here in the United States in LA Actually, it’s great I think that maybe you’ll need someone that’s half brazilian to help you with that Oh, yeah Good Last thing everybody We are here eating this feijoada That end up being quite good It’s good We are making a poll right here Do you think our vegetarian american feijoada looks good? Yes or no? And also, leave a comment down below to next Big Sunday What do you want to see next? Perfect Kisses, bye! See you next time, bye!


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