Comethazine – “Piped Up” (Official Music Video)

Oh! BITCH! bitch bitch i’m piped up sippin’ sizzurp (bitch im piped up sippin’ sizzurp) (bitch im piped up sippin’ sizzurp) Bitch im piped up sippin’ sizzurp That bitch said I’m icy like a blizzard I hit her Bitch im piped up Smoking boofy Told that bitch nigga he a goofy, he losing Aye, ooh, I smoke that Nigga like a dooby Bitch I’m piped up in a two-seat I can’t fuck with you if you a groupie Bitch I’m piped up toting weapons Choppa on me fuck a Smith & Wesson, I’m wrecking hop up in the jag I left him, Bitch I’m piped up poppin’ xannies Made that Asian bitch give up her panties No this ain’t no tussin’ this is Wockhardt That bitch tryna fuck me ‘cuz my Jaguar I just piped down on a model Now I’m tryna fuck Demi Lovato ( I’m tryna fuck Demi Lovato) Canary diamonds on me and they blingin’ Book a flight to Dubai for the weekend, I’m geekin’ Bitch I’m piped up sipping sizzurp That bitch said I’m icy like a blizzard, I hit her *inattuabile screeching* Bitch I’m piped up smoking boofy Told that bitch nigga he a goofy, he losing I smoke that nigga like a dooby (like a motherfucking dooby) Bitch im piped up in a two-seat I can’t fuck with you if you a groupie


  • Please remove the the ooh ayy yah someone please

  • Ay ay ay two hours later ay ay

  • Lil pump

  • Every time he say something it sound like the begging

  • But he dope though

  • Sippin sizzurrrrppp


  • My mom told me to stop watching porn so loud

  • Who need porn a girlfriend or pussy when you got COMETHAZINE

  • When your free styling with peanut butter in your mouth.

  • The beat drop at 2:35 ?

  • this man should win an award for making the same song over and over

  • Lmao this is trash

  • This motherfucker sounds like he’s from chiraq and New York and Florida and Atlanta all at the same time. That’s how you know his whole shit fake as fuck.

  • 145

  • I feel less intelligent after listening to this ??

  • ?

  • this song so lit look like he was wasted when he wrote it
    Manager : u write your lyrics
    comeethazine: past me the lean

  • This what u sound like after listening to carti and xxx

  • When does it start

  • Why do u sound like smokepurp

  • Not gonna lie video better than the song

  • Those shoes go hard doeee?

  • lol what is this

  • That jacket is lush

  • mom: we've got smokepurpp at home
    smokepurpp at home:

  • U realize that hes one of the few rappers who had a music video on here and blew up???

  • Just found this again I’m speechless

  • Nice jacket BUT the song is str8 garbage

  • Hair looks like popcorn seasoning

  • HEAT NIGGA !!!

  • bruh been a fat minute since i’ve been here

  • Smokepurp def wrote this lmao

  • Play this with 1.5 or 1.25

  • i really felt it when he said ah

  • ooooooooououououoououououououoououo ay
    lyrical master piece

  • The photo for the video I thought it was gta

  • why does this just sound like purp?

  • When he said "bitch ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ooh " at 0:17, I really felt that

  • Comethazine that nigga and you knew that

  • This shit garbage

  • This is trash

  • I hated this song at first but it grew on me

  • yeet

  • Worst song I have ever heard

  • so when does the song start?

  • The base literally made my house shake

  • How do I erase this experience from my mind.

  • Comethazine: makes song
    Ohtrapstar: It’s free real estate

  • When he said aay ouuh ayy ah ua ya
    I felt that

  • me:around a girl
    some random ass dude:yall look good together
    her: 0:19 ew ew (chase the money chase the money)

  • Playboy Cart purp smoke and tay-k combined

  • Jaden Smith evil twin

  • Mumble rapper

  • Smokepurpp has joined the chat:
    Comethazine: can I rap like you?
    Purpp: ay yeah
    Comethazine: ay yeah

  • Ohtrapstar: lemme copy your homework

  • I cant believe foos lyric skills now days beats r tight but mcs r weak now days

  • 0:40 how i roast my cousins

  • Comethazine Shoot Me

  • This song is ok, but definitely doesnt hold up to bands

  • ive played this a thousand times in a row and im not sick of it.

  • better than tupac

  • the key to raping is grab your balls and say yaa oyu ayyy ayyyy ayyyy ayyyy groupie

  • He smoking boof?‍♂️

  • The real?

  • Not trying to hate but this the worst song comethazine has made

  • bitch I'm piped up sipping sizzurpp

  • Bitch im band up
    Smoking Uzi green glitter

  • This song a whole vibe

  • "I'm tryna fuck Demi Lovato"
    life goals fr

  • 0:52 fucking crow outta no where ??

  • Demi lavato lol

  • When nephew resembles this

  • comethazine: delivers piped up for us

    ohtrapstar: time to take the formula

  • Trash, ay, uh, ya, yuh, Derp…

  • Speed 0.75 is fuckin fire

  • Who knew we was all finna be waiting for him to drop music??

  • IKEA coat having ass

  • Looks like a Magnolia ripoff

  • bitch

  • This is youtube money laundering at its finest. Take dirty money from illegal activities, fake the views and likes counts, send person big paychecks from youtube, now you have clean money….ding! This character gets a small fee for his part.

  • I thought this was by smokepurpp

  • So no one gonna talk about how he tryna fuck demi levodo

  • This whole song is an Intro…

  • Just noticed the instrumental sounds extremely similar to carti’s woke up like this

  • Lol

  • That bass is so peng. Feels so fucking good in my ear

  • When he said "ay, yuh, ay yuh" i really felt that ?☝️

  • Everyone that is saying OhTrapStar stole this from Comethazine is a dumbass

  • This beat is like a earthquake ????????????

  • This nigga here

  • And now he exclusively raps about murder

  • song starts at 1:59 ends at 2:05

    thank me later?

  • It really hit me when he said “ouu” ☺️?

  • 0:42

  • ay ouh ya

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Scissorrrrrr

  • Still here after bawskee 3.5‼️❤️?

  • Piped up

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