Columbia Montrail Mountain Masochist IV Review | Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics

Hi, I’m Ryne from Kintec. Today we’re going to review the Montrail Mountain Masochist, version 4. This shoe has been a huge staple and success in the Montrail line for nearly a decade. This update has a couple new things to it: They’ve gone to a speed-lacing system, which just helps adjust and tweak the shoe on the fly with respect to fit, and they’ve also gone to a more breathable upper, as well. Some of the traditional features of this shoe that are consistent: Trail Shield both in the rear and the front of the shoe, to give you a little bit of protection on those rocks and jagged surfaces, and the Fluid Foam, and Fluid Frame on the medial side, is exactly like it’s predecessor. This shoe is a low-stack shoe, which is great for a nice, responsive feel while out on the trails.

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