Clothing for Men: Tips & Advice : Choose the Right Shoes & Socks for Men’s Social Attire

Hi! My name is Janie Yasko-Mangum and I am
with Successful Style and Image. Today on Expert Village we are going to talk about
shoes and socks for social attire. Now you see me holding here some loafers. Loafers
are great shoes to wear with slacks. Wonderful, wonderful shoes you can tell. It has beautiful
lines to it, a great caramel type of color. Caramel colored shoes are very versatile.
They can work with a lot of lighter or taupe colored pants even some navy blues; they will
work wonderful with. This is a very casual loafer but it still has some sophistication
to it. Other types of shoes that you can wear are darker. If you are wearing a darker pair
of slacks, of course you want a loafer that is a darker black loafer. If you are wearing
navy and the top is very dark too, your shirt, you’re short or long sleeved shirt, you
want to stick with the darker shoes. Let’s say you are wearing shorts. When you are wearing
shorts, you can wear a loafer type of shoe, you can wear a tennis shoe that looks nice.
Not one that you go whatever your sport is, but a nice looking one that is reserved just
for a social occasion. You may also want to wear with your pair of shorts some nice looking
thongs. Thongs are fine as long as they are not nice looking, not real cheap thongs. You
are going to have to put a little money into your thongs but that they look good. Always
for men a darker colored thong looks better. But when you have your shoes make sure that
they look really nice. Thongs, your loafers, you may want a little tassel. Those look good
with socks. The best type of socks to wear with slacks has a nylon blend to them. They
are thin socks. They are not thick socks. Those look nice when you are wearing a loafer
with them. If you are wearing a solid pair of pants, you may want to put a little bit
of design in your sock but make the pattern very small. Your shoes should always match
your belt. That is very important. Even in your business world, shoes should always match
the belt and that also goes with your slacks. Same with your thongs; should look real nice
or you tennis shoes, you don’t want to wear the beat up shoes that you wear in the garage.
Wear something that has some class to them. So you need to remember with your shoes and
socks, take care of those. Thanks.

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