Cinderella Princess Pretend Play Missing Glass Slippers!

– Maybe we should check the forest? – That’s a great idea! – [Narrator] But little
did these friends know that a princess turned rotten awaited them in the deep dark forest. Princess Mischievous! – Hi, I’m princess Mischievous! And I’m going to hide
all Cinderella’s things! (happy music) – Hi, I’m princess Faithe. – I’m princess Charitey. And I’m princess Joy. – [All] And we are the Royal Beverlys. – [Narrator] Once upon a time, there was a princess named Charitey, and she was good friends with Cinderella. Cinderella texted the princess. Can you please help me? I can’t find my slippers,
wand, or dress for the ball! Princess Charitey replied, of course! I’m always available to help a friend! – Cinderella! – Hello princess Charitey. – Hi! Are you part of my princess lesson? – I got an invitation to the royal ball, and I really want to go but I
can’t find my glass slippers or my dress, or my magic wand. – Oh no! Well, where did you see them last? – My glass slippers I last saw here, at Royal Toy Academy, in the courtyard. – Well, lets go check there! – [Narrator] Princess
Charitey and Cinderella searched high and low in the courtyard, but couldn’t find anything, so they went down the stairs to the
royal tennis courts. – Hm, I don’t think they’re here. – Oh no. – Maybe they’re by the royal playground? – Lets go check. – Yeah! Hmm. I don’t see it! – Neither do I. – This is a big tree. Do you think it’s up there? – No, I don’t know how
to climb trees very well. – Me neither. – I think we should go back up. – I think so too. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Cinderella
and princess Charitey even checked along the royal road, but still, nothing. – Maybe we should check the forest? – That’s a great idea! – [Narrator] But little
did these friends know that a princess turned rotten awaited them in the deep dark forest. Princess Mischievous! – Hi, I’m princess Mischievous! And I’m going to hide
all Cinderella’s things! Because I don’t think she
wants to be my friend, so I’m going to hide everything from her for the royal ball. I’m going to hide her wand behind a tree. Ha ha! She’ll never find it here. – [Narrator] So the friends
set about their journey into the deep dark forest. (creepy music) – Oh my. Are you sure we have to look
in the deep dark forest? – It’s the last place I had my wand. – Oh no. It’s really scary. – Ha ha ha! Maybe some acorns can slow them down. – [Cinderella] Oh, goodness! – Is it a spider? – No… – No, it’s just… – They’re pine cones. – Just a pine cone. I think we’re okay. – We should be. Lets go. – Oh, this is really scary. – It’s okay. – [Narrator] And even though
they were a little afraid, they felt safe using the buddy system, so they pressed on. – Do you see my wand anywhere? – I don’t think I see it yet. (suspenseful music) I think I see it! It’s over there! We did it, we found your wand! – Thank you! – All right, one down, and two to go! – I think maybe we should
get on top of the waterfall so then we can see everything. – That’s a great idea Cinderella, lets go! – Ha ha! Missus Cinderella’s shoes I’m going to drop them
off the deepest side of the pool. She’ll never find them there. Ha ha ha! – Are you sure about this, Cinderella? This is really high! – We are on the top of the waterfall. But as long as we stay safe, and maybe take off our shoes. – That’s a good idea. Right, I got my shoes off. – Got mine off. – All right, I’m going to roll up my pants just so I don’t get wet. All right, I think I’m ready now. – Are you guys ready? – All right, lets do this! – I think I see them! – Your glass slippers! Oh no, your glass slippers are at the bottom of the royal pool! – I’ll jump in and get them. (upbeat music) Item number two, found. My glass slippers, now I just
need to find my dress and… Oh no! I only have thirty more minutes
left until the royal ball! – Oh man, you found everything! – Princess Mischievous,
you were the one who was behind hiding all of my things? I should have known that you were the one who stole all of my things. Were you trying to make
me late for the ball? – I hid everything because I thought you didn’t want to be my friend. – Of course I would be your friend. All you would have to do is ask. But I’m going to be late for the ball. I need to find my dress. Would you like to help
us find my dress, friend? – Yes! – We found my glass slippers, and we found my magic wand. But we still haven’t found my dress. Did you hide my dress too? – No. – Hm. – I think I have an idea! My sewing machine! One princess dress coming right up! – Yay!
– Wow! – All right. Okay. I think I got it. All right, lets do this! – [Narrator] So, princess
Charitey got to work she sewed as fast as she could. – Whoa, how cool! All right, and this can go here. All right, I think I’m all done! – Yay! Okay, here goes nothing. – Bibbity, bubbity, boo. – Whoa! – Oh my gosh, now you’re
all ready for the ball! And you look perfect! – Thank you royal court, and
thank you princess Charitey. – I’m sorry for everything you guys, I hope you can forgive me. – Of course I can. I hope you learned a
valuable lesson today. Where there is kindness,
there is goodness. Now, I’m going to be late for the ball. My chariot awaits. Goodbye everybody, goodbye princesses. – Bye! – [Both] Princess lesson complete. – Oh I got to go too, bye! – Bye. All right guys, if you liked this video, make sure to like, subscribe, turn on your post notifications, so you’ll be notified every
time we have a new video! And make sure to comment on our Instagram what kindness means to you. All right guys, bye! – [Narrator] Remember royal court, where there is kindness,
there is goodness. The end.

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